Julius Made in Chelsea: What Do We Know About the Reality Star?

By Sarah Jones

18th July 2021

Julius Made in Chelsea: What Do We Know About the Reality Star?

Julius Made in Chelsea: The star attends a red-carpet event.

(Image/ Source: realitytitbit.com)

Julius Cowdrey burst onto the Made in Chelsea scene in series 12 of the E4 show as a friend of the feisty Liv Bentley. And during his time on the show and beyond, it seems like the star is making quite a name for himself.

Despite taking a break from the show, Julius has been trying his luck at success, and has continued to pursue his passion for music.

So what has the reality star been up to exactly?

Let’s take a look…

Julius Made in Chelsea

Julius is the grandson of the late Lord Colin Cowdrey, a former England cricket captain. His dad Chris also captained England and Kent and his twin brother Fabian now plays cricket for Kent.

But despite his family’s background, Julius decided to take a break from tradition and find his own path.

He joined the Made in Chelsea cast as Liv Bentley’s family friend, and became one of the show’s most popular characters.

Julius and Liv starring in Made in Chelsea.

(Image/ Source: dailystar.co.uk)

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After setting his sights on JP’s girlfriend Binky Felstead, he was later called out by JP’s friend Sam Thompson, who famously called Julius “a rat”.

The reality star also went on a cringeworthy date with Stephanie Pratt- but things didn’t go too well.

After their get together, the American starlet said she regretted going on a date with Julius after the 30-year-old learned that Julius was seven years her junior.

Julius Cowley then started dating co-star Ella Willis, who became the star’s long-term girlfriend.

But after rumours began circulating that Julius was cheating on Ella, things fell apart. The couple’s split was played out on Made in Chelsea.

But when speaking candidly to the Daily Mail, Julius said all wasn’t what it seemed on the show.

Julius Made in Chelsea.

(Image/ Source: metro.co.uk)

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He said:

‘I have been heartbroken not just by the music industry but also by the girl I thought was the love of my life. But I am proud to say I have come out on the other side a stronger and more mature individual.’

I never expected it to happen, but I got cheated on”.

While the star left the reality show in 2017, he made a return to MIC earlier this year. And right on cue, Julius immediately got into a heated argument with former best friend Liv Bentley. It’s like he’s never been away!

Singing Career

Julius from Made in Chelsea isn’t just another rich TV star- he also has a few talents up his sleeve.

From a young age, Julius Cowdrey was wild about music, and enjoyed singing in the choir while at Tonbridge School.

He went on to study at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London- but then left after a year to focus “100 per cent on my music: gigging, writing”.

At just 16, Julius was already busy crafting songs, and was a regular performer at swanky West End nightclub Mahiki. At this point, the singer songwriter was dividing his time between London and New York.

He then released his first-ever track 7 Roads while he was starring in the hit reality TV show. His single even reached Number 1 in the UK official iTunes singer-songwriter chart!

This was the year before the star decided to take a step back from Made in Chelsea.

The star’s hiatus from the show allowed Julius to continue to explore his talent, and try his luck at being a successful singer and songwriter.

Julius Made in Chelsea: the reality show star auditioning for The Voice.

(Image/ Source: mirror.co.uk)

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So much so, Julius even auditioned for The Voice last year, where he performed his own song  Take Me Home. While none of the judges turned for him, Meghan Trainor did say he had a ‘beautiful voice’- which is something at least!

He’s now also the director of social media agency Creative Cow, based in London.

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