Keith Atack: Age And Twitter Shenanigans

By Tharmini Kenas

6th January 2020

Keith Atack: Age And Twitter Shenanigans

We are all more familiar with Emily Atack through her participation in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and way before that when she played Charlotte Hinchcliffe in The Inbetweeners as Simon Bird’s crush. 

Fun Fact: She is also the first cousin twice removed of the Beatles Sir Paul McCartney! 

But you would be surprised to know that they are not the only ones who are famous in the family. Emily’s father is the famous musician Keith Atack! 

Who is Keith Atack? What is Keith Atack’s age? What is he up to now? 

Keith Atack’s Age And Other Interesting Things About Him…


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Old hag 🕺

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Keith Atack’s age is 60 but he is as feisty as ever!

In his Twitter account, he described himself as ‘Touring guitarist, composer, dad to Emily, Martha, George, and Nancy, huge fan of after-show entertainment, airports, restaurants, and bars’. 

Quite an interesting description, we would say! 

Keith Atack was a member of the pop group ‘Child’ in the 1970s. 


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Bridge of sighs shows underway #

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Interestingly, he started out as a bassist before switching to guitar while playing with the group. 

Upon getting success hits with the group, he became session musician for artists such as David Cassidy, Rick Astley and Bonnie Tyler. 

Besides that, he also composed and created music for British film 16 Years of Alcohol in 2003. His other well-known works include Cemetery Function in 2010 and Wayland’s Song in 2013. 

Being a guitarist, he was on a US tour with singer John Parr earlier this year. 

Fun Fact: He has a twin brother named Tim Atack! 

He May Have Paved The Way For Emily Way Back When…

Having parents who were heavily invested in the music and entertainment industry, it seems natural for Emily the eldest kid, to venture into music and acting. 

But, Keith may have unintentionally influenced her to be who she is today! 

Emily has revealed that a tape recording she did with her siblings when they were little children is among the most priced possessions she own till date! 

keith atack age

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She said

“My dad Keith [a musician] used to let my brother, sister and me use his studio to ‘lay down some tracks’ when we were children. 

“On this cassette recording, I’m singing a made-up song, my sister is trying to copy me and our brother George is blowing raspberries. I know it by heart.”

Who Was He Married To And Are They Together Now? 

He was married to Kate Robbins for 19 long years before getting divorced in 2008. 

keith atack age

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Kate Robbins is an actress, musician, comedian and singer. Some of her remarkable achievements include grabbing number two spot on the British charts for her song More Than In Love and her work in her show Spitting Image where she parodied major political figures such as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. 

The couple had three children, Emily, Martha and George. 

Fun fact: Their son George Atack looks exactly like Keith Lemon


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Weekend at home in London❤️ Please stop farting, and copying my outfits @george_atack

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Keith has a four-year-old daughter named Nancy with his current partner Claire Furley and surprisingly, Kate is also a fan of Nancy and her antiques!

Apparently, the whole family follows Nancy and her precious moments through a Whatsapp chat group. 

According to Emily, 

“She’s four years old and, as we don’t get to see her all the time, it’s really important that we never miss out on those special moments.

“Like her first day at school, or if she’s trying something for the first time, like horse riding or riding a bike.

“The group is basically just filled with videos and pictures of Nancy. My mum loves it – and she loves Nancy – it’s a very modern family situation.”


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Three cheers for Keith for keeping it real and lovely! 

Keith Atack’s Twitter Shenanigans

Keith Atack is super active in Twitter and his tweets are mostly furious and emotional! 

He especially shows his support to Emily Atack’s ventures in the industry through his retweets.

A thoughtful citizen and a proud father is the best way to describe Keith Atack’s Twitter account! 

Well, you can see for yourself! 

His Enthusiastic And Adorable Retweets To Support His Daughter…

Well, that’s all for now folks! 

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