Simon Bird Net Worth: How Rich Are The Inbetweeners?

By Juliet Smith

22nd October 2019

Simon Bird Net Worth: How Rich Are The Inbetweeners?

The Inbetweeners actors have earned themselves a fortune – so, what’s James Buckley, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison and Simon Bird’s net worth?

It’s been over 10 years since Jay Cartwright, Simon Cooper, Neil Sunderland and Briefcase – I mean, Will Mckenzie first hit our screens. Over the years on The Inbetweeners, we’ve watched (and cringed) as the teenagers flirted with grannies, punched harmless fish and embarked on a (hopeless) quest to bag themselves a girlfriend.

But there’s no doubting that the cringe-worthy teenagers have now grown up into responsible adults who have earned themselves an absolute fortune from playing Jay, Simon, Neil and Will.

So, who’s the richest Inbetweener of the lot? Let’s find out…

Simon Bird Net Worth


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Simon played the nerdy Will McKenzie in the show. But his career didn’t end at carrying briefcases, Simon went on to write and host the comedy panel show The King is Dead before going on the star in the Channel 4 comedy Friday Night Dinner.

And it certainly didn’t stop there for the former briefcase w***er, he also wrote and starred in the comedy series Chicken, adding to his (very) substantial net worth.

Simon didn’t only showcase his talents on TV, but on the big screen too. Bird had roles in The Look of Love, The Harry Hill Movie and last year’s You, Me and Him.

For the iconic Inbetweeners Movie, which was released in 2011, Simon and his co-stars originally only bagged around £100,000 each for their roles in the film. However, after film’s huge success, they four of them earned a hefty £400,000 bonus – which, considering the film’s £45 million earnings, was probably fair enough…

When it came to making movie number two, the four were in line for a cool £2.5 million EACH!

So, when it comes to his net worth, you’ve probably worked out already that Simon isn’t exactly struggling for cash…

With a successful career in writing and acting, Simon Bird’s net worth is approximately £5 million!

How Much Is James Buckley Worth?


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James Buckley played the wannabe-womaniser and compulsive liar Jay Cartwright. But before Buckley played Jay, he’d already had a pretty impressive acting résumé.

He appeared in ‘Orrible, Teachers, The Bill, Holby City, Skins and Sold before he hit the jackpot by being cast as Jay. Like Simon, Jay’s been busy since The Inbetweeners finished; he’s starred in a whole host of shows and films, including Red Dwarf, Charlie Countryman and The Pyramid.

Although it’s not as much as Simon’s fortune, Jay’s earned himself around £2 million.

How Much Has Blake Harrison Earnt?


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Harrison is the lovable (but very dim) Neil Sutherland. Unlike Jay, Neil is often surprising his friends by hitting it off with women (especially with his dance moves!).

Blake’s TV career started with a stint on soap The Bill before he joined The Inbetweeners.

After his role as Neil came to an end, Blake wasn’t short of work; he starred in Prime Suspect 1973, A Very English Scandal, Houdini and Doyle, Death In Paradise and Trust Me.

Blake’s talents don’t any lie in front of the camera, he’s also stepped behind the cameras, directly the short film Hooves of Clay.

When it comes to money, it’s fair to say that Blake isn’t struggling… his net worth is estimated at a whopping £18 million, making him the richest Inbetweener!

What About Joe Thomas?

simon bird net worth

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Thomas played the lovable (and lovesick) Simon Cooper.

Unlike Blake, Thomas didn’t have much experience in TV before he joined The Inbetweeners, aside from a few minors roles in theatre.

Since playing Simon, you’ll probably know that Thomas moved on to big things – Channel 4’s University comedy Fresh Meat.

His net worth is now an estimated £4 million!

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