Keith Lemon’s Wife: Story Of The Childhood Sweethearts

By Tharmini Kenas

29th October 2019

Keith Lemon’s Wife: Story Of The Childhood Sweethearts

Celebrity Juice, Keith Lemon’s LemonAid, Through The Keyhole and The Keith Lemon Sketch Show will all remind you of Keith Lemon-a familiar face in the British household.

Despite being a well-loved comedian, he has kept his personal life exceptionally private. We bring you his childhood sweetheart (his wife), his family and the man behind Keith Lemon…

A Multi-Talented Artist

Keith Lemon wife

Image Source/Hello Magazine

Keith Lemon has been a multi-talented talent powerhouse for around 17 years. He is a stand-up comedian, actor, director, producer, writer, voice artist, and ex-caricaturist. 

Keith Lemon’s real name is Leigh Francis and he reached his stardom through his Keith Lemon portrayal in several ITV and ITV2 shows. 

His remarkably successful popular game show, Celebrity Juice which he co-stars with Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton has featured celebrity guests such as Joey Essex, Freddie Flintoff, Gemma Collins, and Chloe Sims, to name a few. 


His recent new venture, Shopping with Keith Lemon has brought celebrities such as Amanda Holden, DJ Nick Grimshaw, and Big Narstie on a shopping trip interspersed with Keith’s comedy and interview. 

He Prefers To Be Keith Lemon Rather Than Leigh Francis…

Estimated to be of net worth £8million, Keith Lemon always appears as Keith Lemon rather than Leigh Francis. 

“People have said to me I should do more interviews as myself but I feel a bit egotistical sat talking about myself. I’m not Leigh Francis the stand-up comedian.

“I sell my ideas – so when I’m promoting my ideas I tend to do it in character. I don’t really harp on about my personal life. Not that I’m especially private or anything it’s just I don’t think people are interested really.”

Upon The Request From His Wife…

Keith Lemon wife

Image Source/OK! Magazine

Once, when he gave in to his wife’s request to appear as himself to receive the Best Digital Programme award for Celebrity Juice, he told The Sun, 

“I promised her Keith wouldn’t be there so we could just have a bit of time on our own being normal. You can tell it’s me instead of Keith because I’ve got my hair tied back into a tiny bun… 

“My executive producer, Leon Wilson, said it feels like I’m coming out! But I won’t be doing it again. I don’t want anyone to know who I really am — I prefer being Keith. Everyone goes a bit weird when it’s just me.”

And That Brings Us To His Childhood Sweetheart…

Keith Lemon wife

Image Source/Hello Magazine

Keith Lemon’s wife is Jill Carter and they are childhood sweethearts who have been married for 17 years! 

How’s that for a #relationshipgoals? 

Jill Carter is a beauty therapist and the couple got hitched in October 2002 at Allerton Castle in North Yorkshire. 

Keith Lemon wife

Image Source/The Sun

Currently living in North London, the couple have two daughters, Matilda and Dolly. While they have been spotted living their daily lives, you can barely spot their photos on social media or the Internet. 

Looks like Keith and Jill are hellbent on keeping their personal lives away from the public’s eyes. We can’t really blame them, can we? And, maybe that is the secret to their 17-year-long relationship! 

Rare Yet Sweet Notes Between The Childhood Sweethearts…

Considering his social media is pretty much devoid of his wife and children, this one time Keith shared a rare Tweet during one of Jonathan Ross’s Halloween parties with his wife, Jill was pretty much special to all of his fans!

“What a lovely anniversary evening. Together 25 years! Married 14 years! Love you, Mrs F, ever since we were kids xxxxxxxxxx… Love you very much, Mrs Francis.” 

On a more recent Valentine’s Day post, he wrote, 

“To Mrs. F xxxxxxxxxx love you!”

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