Keith Atack Wife

By Lynda Keleer

8th January 2020

Keith Atack Wife

We’ve recently covered the famous and talented Atack father and daughter. Keith Atack is known for his successful music career, and daughter Emily Atack is well known and loved on the big screen.

If you’re still not sure who we’re talking about, then you must live under rock.

But fret not, we got you covered!

(Click here to find out about Emily Atack).

You’re welcome.

Today, we’re looking into another famous member of the Keith Atack family – wife and mum, Kate Robbins.

Keith atack wife

Keith Atack’s wife has had an equally successful career in music and on the big screen.

With two famous parents, its no wonder where Emily got her talents from.

Keep reading as we learn more about Keith Atack, specifically his talented wife, Kate Robbins.

The Atack Family

Now before we investigate Keith Atack’s wife, lets briefly look at the other two famous Atacks.

If you’re a fan of 70’s British pop, then chances are you’d be familiar with Keith Atack.

Atack family

He was a member of the pop group Child, where he played the drums alongside his brother, Tim Atack.

Child later became more popular, being voted the second most popular UK band amongst teenage girls in 1978, selling out a UK tour.

Keith and Brother Tim Atack continued becoming session musicians.

They even played backup for Bonnie Tyler and Rick Astley.

Although his music career had a rollercoaster start, he has since made his name and is currently still largely involved in the industry.

He became a film score composer, gaining fame for his work on 16 Years of Alcohol, Wayland’s Song, and Cemetery Junction.

Next, lets get to know a little about Emily Atack before we explore Keith Atack’s wife Kate.

Emily Atack is no stranger to the big screen.

You might remember her from the famous comedy series The Inbetweeners, where she plays Charlotte Hinchcliffe.

She’s multi-talented, having been in other films such as Rock and Chips, to Dad’s Army.

Let’s not forget her time on Dancing on Ice!

DANCING, and on ICE??

That requires a lot of skill.

Besides all this, she also regularly appears on talk shows, sometimes with her mum, Kate Robbins.

Keith Atack wife – Kate Robbins

Kate Robbins was born in Margate, Kent, on 21st August 1958.

Kate Robbins

She became popular in the 1980s.

What was she famous for? A bunch of things!

She hit no.2 on the UK charts with the song “More Than in Love”.

At the same time, she was also a regular on the TV soap opera, Crossroads.

Not to mention, Kate Robbins has famous relatives.

She’s the older sister of actress Amy Robbins, The Sheilas singer Emma Robbins, and sculptor Jane Robbins.

Let’s not forget her brother, radio broadcaster Ted Robbins.

Oh, and did we mention she’s a first cousin once removed of Sir Paul McCartney?

Talk about a family of talents!

Kate Robbins Time on the Big Screen

Moving on, let’s learn about Kate’s time on the big screen.

In 1978, the talented singer released a recording of the song “Tomorrow”, from the famous musical Annie.

However, her debut on the big screen was during the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980 where she was part of a group called Prima Donna with sister Jane.

Prima Donna represented the United Kingdom and came in third place.

Besides joining the cast of the famous Crossroads, Robbins has also been in several feature films.

The talented Kate is also known for being a comedian.

She appears in several comedy series such as Dinnerladies, Last of the Summer Wine, and Heartbeat.

Kate even played alongside James Franco and Jean Reno in the film Flyboys.

Today, you might recognize Kate’s singing from a bunch of famous advertisements for Debenhams, Clover, and First Choice Holidays.

You might also recognize her voice from the Capital Radio jingle package.

Keith Atack, his wife Kate Robbins, and Daughter Emily Atack are a force to be reckon with.

We also love seeing Kate and Emily on chat shows such as this one on All Round Mrs Brown.

The two are a comedic pair, bringing warm laughs and positive energy.

Kate said on the show:

“We get drunk together, it’s very important to teach her how to drink Rose!”

We hope to see more of the comedic mom and daughter duo.

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