Wayne Lineker Age: Net Worth, Kids And Is He Single?

By Lucy Cooper

16th July 2020

Wayne Lineker Age: Kids And Is He Single?

wayne lineker age

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Wayne Lineker Age: No Signs Of Slowing

Wayne Lineker age might be approaching the big 60, but he’s showing no signs of slowing his party lifestyle. Here’s a look back at his life…

58-year-old Lineker was born in Leicester city to Mum Margaret and Dad Barry Lineker. Wayne left school at just 14, to help his greengrocer Dad on his fruit and veg stall; learning business from an early age.

Good Genes

Wayne and his older brother, Gary Lineker, both played football as kids- and despite Gary going on to become England’s second top goalscorer, it was actually Wayne who had more talent:

“Wayne was tremendous: he had so much skill – a lot more than Gary Lineker. He had more dribbling ability and that sort of thing whereas Gary is more direct and probably thinks more quickly … Wayne has a lot of talent but he doesn’t like the discipline.”

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The Party Boy

That was until Wayne found partying and girls, and chose that route instead- as you can see on Wayne Lineker Instagram. 

The club owner kicked off his nightlife empire in 1988 with his own brand of sports bars- Lineker’s Bar- across some of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions, including Ibiza and Tenerife.

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Now his most successful and known venture is his world famous Ocean Beach Club, in Ibiza- nicknamed ‘Adult Disneyland’.

World Famous

The well-loved beach club attracts over 200,000 visitors a season, and is especially popular with the Love Island couples and TOWIE cast, in which Wayne attends every one of its parties (despite quickly approaching 60!)


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Wine improves with age.. the older I get the more I like it .. 🤪🍷😍 #vino #wine #ibiza

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Wayne actually appeared on the popular British reality show TOWIE, back in 2013. He famously tried to date Lauren Pope, who was having none of it. He therefore only made a couple of appearances before he was dropped.

Wayne Lineker Age: The Silver Fox

As for his personal life, he’s always been very open with who he’s dating- all of which have been significantly younger than him.

His latest ex- Danielle Sandhu- who appeared on Britain’s Next Top Model- was 31 years his junior.

wayne lineker danielle

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Regardless of their massive age difference, the pair were together for four years.

“I don’t care what people think. I don’t think we look odd together. We are very suited to each other.

“She is an older 25 and I’m a younger 55.”

He’s been single for over a year now, but has no doubt caught a lot of (younger) female attention at his beach club.

Wayne Lineker Age: Father Of Four


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My 3 Sons My Daughter and my now Daughter-in-law Last weekends wedding was the most special day of my life .. #family ❤️

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Ladies Man

The King of Ibiza has four kids, from a few different partners (is anyone surprised?)


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@freddie_lineker you will be smiling when I die and this is all yours 😂🤪

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Keeping It In The Family

His oldest son, Duane, co-founded Ocean Beach with his Dad, while his middle son works in his other clubs.

Lineker’s also got a younger son, who’s only 15, and a daughter- 21-year-old Tia Lineker. She works as an Instagram fashion influencer, often snapping shots in Ibiza.


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all white and a view 🕊wearing @misspap #misspapmuse #ad

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On Good Terms

Wayne still remains friends with his kids’ Mums, as well as his model ex- Danielle. He spoke about his brother Gary also keeping his friendship with his ex-wife, Danielle Bux:

“I think it is a Lineker thing. I keep in touch with all my exes. My ex-wife is friends with my fiancée. As are my other sons’ mums.


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Thank you @duanelineker for the best fathers day gift possible .. #babyaria

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“I think it is important, especially if you have kids.”

Family Rift

As for his rift with football player Gary, things are gradually getting there:

“We are slowly getting there. It’s important. He’s my brother. We were so close. We used to play golf twice a week, go to each other’s houses and speak every day on the phone.”

wayne lineker age

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Uncle Wayne

He still remains close with Gary’s four sons, who regularly visit their uncle’s world famous beach club for preferential treatment:

“All four come here. They always say ‘If Carlsberg made uncles, then I’m the man’. They get treated amazingly. George comes three times a year.”


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Sundays with the elites

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Wayne Lineker Age: Older But Not Wiser

He might be nearing 60, but he’s still young at heart:

“ My boys, believe it or not… Dwayne, my eldest, is like Gary. He is the father of our relationship, not me. My son ends up looking after me. I’ll be sitting on the streets of San Antonio at 7am, acting an idiot, and he will come and say, ‘Dad, what are you doing?’”

All of Gary’s boys also ‘love a party and a girl’, much like their uncle Wayne…

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