Wayne Lineker Instagram: The Man Behind The Parties 

By Lucy Cooper

6th July 2020

Wayne Lineker Instagram: The Man Behind The Parties

Wayne Lineker Instagram shows off the lavish life of the 58-year-old millionaire, who spends most of his life partying on his beloved island of Ibiza.

The self-proclaimed King Of Ibiza owns numerous clubs, bars and restaurants on the island, as well as in other tourist hotspots of Europe.


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It’s just a beautiful island 😍 #sunset #ibiza #ibiza2020

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His chain of sports bars ‘Linekers’, that first put him on the scene, began in 1988 in Tenerife. That spot has since closed, but he’s opened up a handful more at destinations including, Zante, Marbella and Ibiza.


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Tomorrow ☺️

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Adult Disneyland

Perhaps his most successful and known venture is his world famous Ocean Beach Club, in Ibiza- nicknamed ‘Adult Disneyland’.

The well-loved beach club attracts over 200,000 visitors a season, and is especially popular with the Love Island and TOWIE stars, in which Wayne attends every one of its parties (despite quickly approaching 60!)

And he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon…

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Wayne’s life involves residing to his Essex apartment in the winter, prepping himself for a non-stop summer, until he jets off to the island to be the face of the hundreds of  parties thrown each season.

He might seem to be living the high-life now, staying at nothing less than 5* hotels for the entirety of his summers in Ibiza, but it hasn’t always been this way.


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WTF am I doing here 🙈😂🎉 #ibiza #obeach2020 #cantwait

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Wayne Lineker Instagram: It’s Not All Parties

Wayne actually has quite the colourful past. Back in 2006, he was arrested for smuggling £220k of cash, under the tax radar, in to the UK from Spanish islands.

His actions left him with a two-and-a-half year jail sentence that he served from 2006-2008.

wayne lineker young

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Brothers At War

He’s also had a long running rift with his football legend brother, Gary Lineker. Wayne was actually considered a better footballer than Gary when the boys were growing up.

It was only until Wayne discovered the party lifestyle, and chose that route instead; Gary went on to become the 2nd highest goalscorer in England.

wayne lineker instagram

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He might not be a footballer, but there’s no denying Wayne’s built his own successful career, based on his never-ageing love for a party.

The brothers were best friends before their relationship started to crack back in 2008.

In an interview, Wayne recalled the start of things to come- when Gary brought his new girlfriend, Danielle Bux, over to Ibiza to meet him for the first time.

wayne lineker ana

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Danielle was 20 years Gary’s junior, and so was Ana Tanaka- the 18-year-old model girlfriend of Wayne. That’s one thing the brothers always had in common- they liked the younger girl.

Wayne recalled an awkward, tense meeting of Gary’s new lingerie model girlfriend, and admitted that this is where it all started to go wrong.

wayne gary lineker

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Months later, Gary went on to wed Danielle on the Amalfi Coast, but failed to invite Wayne’s other- half, despite them having been together for 18 months.

Wayne therefore also declined the invite.

Gary actually went on to divorce Danielle nine years later, with the age gap being an issue for Danielle wanting to start a family.

gary danielle bux

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Wayne Lineker Instagram: Is He Single?

As for Wayne’s love life- he’s had a number of girlfriends- and one wife- all of which have been considerably younger.

The father-of-four has been single since 2018, after splitting from his ex-financé, 27-year-old model Danielle Sandhu.


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My fav pics 2019 #family ❤️

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The pair had met at his beloved Ocean Beach, when 21-year-old Danielle cancelled her flight home, then moved in with Mr. Ibiza.

danielle sandhu

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“We have had the most amazing, loving and meaningful relationship and has been the best 4 years, but It has come to a point in both of lives where this is the best option for us and have come to this mutual decision due to circumstances out of our control.”

Maybe the next will be the ‘one’, and maybe even a few years older than his usual type?


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