Love Island 2016: Why This Series Was The Best Yet 

By Lucy Cooper

22nd June 2020

Love Island 2016: Why This Series Was The Best Yet

Love Island 2016 was the second series of Love Island following the show’s reboot in 2015 and it’s arguably been the best one yet…

Of the 6 series produced by ITV, their 2016 one was really the first to take off and give Love Island the cult status it has today.

love island 2016 final

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The major factor in this, was really the authenticity of the show. These days, contestants admit to going on the show to find fame and a following, rather than love itself.

As the show was so fresh back then, and no real success had come from any previous contestants (largely because Instagram wasn’t as much of a money maker back then), contestants were just looking for love.

love island 2017
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In It For The Money

These days, Love Island can undoubtedly give its contestants a social media following that can earn them a lot of money, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by most hopefuls.

Brand deals, sponsored posts, TV shows, are just some of the opportunities that have followed. So, can you blame these young hopefuls for using the show for exactly what it can give them?

love island 2018

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The whole concept of being housed in a villa with other singletons and finding love by chance has lost its magic as the series have gone on because of this. Couple’s success rate after leaving the show has just seemed to decrease as series have progressed.

Love Island 2016 gave us some of our favourite Love Island memories, as well as two now-MARRIED couples!

Let’s remind ourselves of some of the iconic moments…

Love Island 2016: The Best Bits

When Scott Put The Towels To Use

scott kady gf

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When Scott Thomas asked Kady McDermott to be his girlfriend, by spelling it out with TOWELS. Nothing says pressure like the whole villa watching…

When The Lie Detector Almost Ruined Everything

The test showed Alex was lying on every single question; and Olivia wasn’t happy…

Video Source/ Youtube

When Malin Had Unfinished Business

Malin Andersson made a shock return to the show to confront ex- Terry, after he soon moved on to Emma Woodhams.

When Rykard Left The Villa

Do we remember Rykard Jenkins leaving the villa when Rachel Fenton was voted off (despite having just cheated on her with Olivia)?

When Zara Lost her Crown

If you watched the series for even five minutes, you’ll have known about Zara’s title of Miss Great Britain; there wasn’t a conversation she didn’t bring it up in…

love island 2016

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But when Alex Bowen spent a night in the Hideaway with Zara Holland, after entering the villa, her title was in jeopardy.

Things went a bit further than expected, ending in Zara ‘Miss Great Britain’ being de-crowned and Alex getting a good telling off from Olivia…

When Kady Forgot About The Cameras

Kady forgot where she was for a minute, calling new girl Tina a c*nt, after she picked her boyfriend Scott for a date.

She also said she looked as if she should be on Made In Chelsea, which Tina actually went on to do…

scott and kady

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Love Island 2016: Who Lasted After The Villa?

So, were there any success stories?

Rykard and Rachel moved in together a few months after the show, but decided to eventually call it quits a year later.

rykard rachel

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The same went for Scott and Kady who also fell victim to the Love Island curse, lasting just over a year.

Love Island 2016: Who’s Still Together?

Olivia Buckland And Alex Bowen

Arguably the most successful product of love island- both in terms of financial and personal success.

Both have gained the biggest social media following since the show, which has of course opened up multiple opportunities for them, including their own clothing line- Exempt Society.

olivia and alex

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Not only have they made big moves in their careers as influencers, having their own TV show and making millions, they’re also happily married in their dream house.


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This right here *This hot tub isn’t hot btw, it’s lukewarm otherwise my dogs wouldn’t be in it. I thought it was just basic knowledge, but just in case, please don’t put ya Pets in hot water. X*

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The couple wed just two years after the island, proving the doubters wrong. Olivia and Alex also share two French bulldogs, and it looks like babies might be their next move.

Cara De La Hoyde And Nathan Massey

Nathan and Cara actually won the show, and have proved they really did find love on the island.

Married with a little boy, and another baby on the way- they’re the ultimate Love Island success story.


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Love Island Tragedies

There might have been marriage and babies, and lots of success since the series’ broadcast, but there’s also been a lot of heartbreak.

Tragically, Sophie Gradon- from the 2016 series- took her own life in June 2018. Just less than a year later, 2017 contestant Mike Thalassitis also took his life.

Controversy surrounded their tragic deaths, with a lot of blame being put on the show and the kind of life it opens its contestants up to.

love island tragedy

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What’s Does The Future Hold?

The show was hit by further tragedy, when its host Caroline Flack, also took her own life.

Contestants gain such a platform that opens them up to shattering abuse and scrutiny, which was questioned whether an entertainment show was worth the risk, even if these deaths didn’t directly link to it.

Following Caroline’s death, producers decided to still finish the first Winter series which was taking place at the start. This year’s show has been cancelled due to the pandemic, but who knows if its future will be in more jeopardy.

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