Love Island Series 2: The Most Dramatic Moments

By Amelia Slater

8th October 2019

Love Island Series 2: The Most Dramatic Moments

I think we can all agree that Love Island Series 2 was full of drama. With muggy antics, lie detector tests and mischief in the hideaway…this series HAD IT ALL.

After the reboot of the show came back for Love Island 2015, we have been in bits both laughing and sobbing since its return. It featured the now married couple Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen, Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey plus favourites Scott Thomas, Kady McDermott, Adam Maxted and Katie Salmon, as well as the late Sophie Gradon who tragically passed away last year.

Producers have stated:

‘As anyone who watches the show regularly would know, Love Island is a combination of reality and produced elements that are reflective of what’s happening in the villa, and is a fair and accurate representation of villa life.’

We’re going to run through the saucy reality show’s most exciting and dramatic moments from Love Island 2016!

Presented by Caroline Flack and narrated by comedian Iain Stirling, you know you’re always in for a hell of a summer when Love Island is back on our screens. Three years on, how are our favourite islander O.G’s doing? Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

Warning: things are about to kick off!

Love Island Series 2

love island series 2

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1. Rykard And Olivia’s Night Of Passion

How can we forget that bizarre moment when Rykard Jenkins and Olivia Buck decided to get it on? The pair had been seemingly ‘just good friends’ throughout the series and so it came as quite a shock to viewers when they seemingly got down to business underneath the covers…

Things were made more shocking by the fact that Rykard was actually pursuing Rachel at this point (whom he had spent a night in the Hideaway with the night before…oooh!).

When Rachel is dumped from the Island, Caroline doesn’t hesitate to share the sordid secret with her…

Rachel later told Digital Spy:

‘I was gobsmacked by it, I never thought he would do that. It was more of a shock than upsetting – I was upset and angry but I was more shocked than anything.

She went on to say how she was disappointed in pal Olivia:

‘I’m disappointed in Olivia. There is such a thing as girl code – when something like happens you should really tell another girl, especially as I’d had conversations with her about how happy I was with him.

And she’d obviously kept that from me and it was quite manipulative because she didn’t have feelings for him in that way, and she was scared that he was going to couple up with me and not her. ‘

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2. Tom’s Ex Emma Walks In And Gets With Terry

Happily coupled up with Sophie Gradon at this point, Tom Powell didn’t have a care in the world…until his ex entered the villa!

Things got mega dramatic when Tom’s ex-girlfriend Emma Jane Woodham rocked up in the villa and was quoted saying:

‘I told him not to cross me.’


Emma ended up hooking up with Terry and causing a massive ruckus as Tez was currently tied to recently dumped islander Malin Andersson, who, unsurprisngly, was not too happy about the blossoming romance.

Men, eh?

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3. Terry Walsh And Emma Jane Woodhams Putting On A Display In Front Of The Other Islanders

In a double whammy, Terry and Emma managed to shock viewers and the other islanders by getting intimate on their first night as an official couple. They were so excited about it that they decided to let the other islanders share the experience!

Viewers were not impressed, with some taking to Twitter to call the pair out:

‘Nah Emma and Terry are disgusting lol how can you have sex with the sheets off while everyone is watching smh #loveisland’


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4. Malia And Kady’s Bust Up

Kady McDermott ruffled a lot of feathers during her time in the villa. The feisty brunette was often in the centre of the arguments and things very nearly came to blows when she ‘accidentally’ spilled her drink on new girl Malia’s dress (who had recently gone on a date with Scott).

Malia, quite frankly, lost her s**t and had to be removed from the villa for her violent behaviour.

Video Source: /YouTube

5. Kady And Tina’s Bust Up

Kady found herself in the middle of another heated showdown after new girl Tina decided to take her man Scott on a date… After new girls Liana and Tina were asked to put two couples ‘on a break’ for the night, they swooped in to take Alex and Scott from Olivia and Kady.

Kady, of course, didn’t take this particularly well…and ended up firing abuse at Tina including throwing the ‘c-word’ out there. Lovely!

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6.  Zara Sleeps With Alex And Is Stripped Of Her Title

Zara Holland was the current ‘Miss Great Britain’ in 2016, a fact that she kept on the down-low for most of her time in the villa (AHEM!).

Sadly for Zara, when things ended up getting steamy between her and Alex in the hideaway, there were disastrous consequences for the beauty queen who was stripped of her title for the naughty on-screen conduct!

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7. Rykard Jenkins Leaves The Villa When Rachel Is Dumped

When Rachel Fenton is dumped from the island, her partner Rykard found himself in a difficult position. Was he supposed to let his girl walk off into the sunset alone?

Ry couldn’t help that happen and decided that his only option was to leave with Rachel – much to everyone’s surprise!

Video Source: /YouTube

8. Alex Fails The Lie Detector Test

Olivia Buck was already feeling insecure about whether she and Alex would be the real deal. I mean, he did sleep with another girl the first day they met. Can’t blame the girl for having her guard up!

Liv isn’t left feeling any more reassured when Alex manages to fail every single question of the lie detector test including whether or not he thinks the couple have a future together…

Knowing that they’re happily married now proves that Alex was Mr Prince Charming after all!

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9. Malin’s Return

After moving onto Emma just days after making things official with Malin, it was time for Terry for finally face the music. In perfect Love Island fashion, they brought Malin back on the scene to confront her love rat ex.

Unable to admit he was the wrong, Terry put up a weak front when Malin called him out on his behaviour. Terry has since deleted his social media accounts.

We think we can speak for everyone when we say good on you, girl!

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10. When Adam Said He Would ‘Bang Liana And Then Choose Tina’

We couldn’t quite believe our ears when Adam came out with the objectifying statement that he would ‘bang’ Liana but choose Tina to couple up with.

In spite of claiming it was just ‘banter with the lads’, this muggy behaviour didn’t go down too well with the ladies in question…

Liana confronted the irishman, saying:

‘How dare you say that comment when you didn’t even know me? What because I’m a stripper and you can say I’m going to chuck her and then have the posh girl? Lads banter? How’s that lads banter? You say you’re a gentleman, how is that gentlemanly? It makes you look like a d*ck!’

She continued:

‘I think you’re a joke. As if you thought you could f*ck me anyway, I wouldn’t even f*ck you. I’m so offended. How many guys say that over girls and it’s such old thinking.’

We couldn’t agree more!

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