Rykard And Rachel Love Island Relationship Timeline

By Amelia Slater

28th November 2019

Rykard and Rachel Love Island Relationship Timeline

Rykard and Rachel’s Love Island journey ended together dramatically in a modern reality Romeo & Juliet.

As soon as Rykard laid eyes on the fair-haired beauty on ITV2 show Love Island, the pair struck up an instant connection. Their romance on the island goes down as one of the cutest love stories of the show.

Fans will remember the pivotal moment in Love Island history when Rachel Fenton is eliminated from the show and, unable to watch her walk off into the sunset alone, Rykard chases her down the beach to tell her that he can’t continue his Love Island journey without her.

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The Pair Found Love In The Villa

Rykard lays it on thick at the start, finding an opportunity to let his attraction to new girl Rachel be known, even going as far as to call her an ‘angel’.

Rykard later chooses Rachel to accompany him for a date in the hideaway and things get hot when the personal trainer decides to give the lucky lady a luxury massage…

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Rykard Jenkins And Rachel Fenton‘s Love Island Journey Ended Together

The Islanders were forced to choose someone to be dumped from the villa and unfortunately, as Rachel was still the newbie, she became the scapegoat.

Unable to watch her leave, Rykard decides to quit the show so that he and Rachel can leave together. Now that’s the stuff of fairytales!

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The Couple Had A Few Bumps

One of the most controversial Love Island moments occurred when supposed bezzies Rykard and Olivia Buckland got up close and personal one night…and definitely not in a friendly way!

Olivia and Rykard had coupled up as friends and spent a lot of their Love Island journey together, so it came as quite the shock to fans when the pair were caught on camera doing the nasty.

It gets worse…Rachel was soundly sleeping in the bed just next to them!

Rachel Discovers That Rykard And Olivia Slept Together

Rykard and Rachel’s love bubble is promptly popped after Caroline reveals the secret tryst to Rachel, who is, of course, furious.

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However, Rachel decided to give Rykard another chance. When she confronted him, the pair were able to talk things out and still make a go of things.

Rachel later told TalkRadio:

‘I’ve tried to forget about it now and move past it. What I always say is we weren’t together when that happened so I suppose he didn’t cheat. We weren’t in a couple at the time when all of that stuff happened you’re in a bubble it was an intense environment.’

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The Love Island couple continued to date for another eighteen months before deciding to call it quits in December 2017. Many were curious as to what the status of their relationship was after Rachel cryptically tweets to fans ‘physically shaking with anger’.

A day later she writes:

‘Rykard and I are no longer together, we have decided to go our separate ways but I wish him all the best with his future.’

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The Couple Announced Their Split In December 2017

Although Rachel’s tweet suggested that the pair had split amicably, Rykard rocks the boat by responding to a tweet that suggests Rachel had been unfaithful. The fan wrote:

‘OMG did @ItsRykard cheat on @RachelFenton_ they were serious goals loved them, they seemed perfect shows you not everything’s what it appears chin up gal 👌#ontobetterthings [sic].’

To which, Rykard replied with:

‘No babe. She secured her thing with some 40+ year old in New York for 2 nights & is also moving in with him. So that’s why I’m not bothered.’

Exes at war?

To add more fuel to the fire, Rykard later tweeted:

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Rachel’s Love Island experience may have well and truly ended but she has since returned to her day job as a trauma and orthopaedic nurse.

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