Bugzy Malone Clothing Line: Bugzy Malone x Supply & Demand

By Amelia Slater

7th February 2020

Bugzy Malone Clothing Line: Bugzy Malone x Supply & Demand

Find out what you need to know about grime artist Bugzy Malone’s clothing line, first released in 2016 in collaboration with Supply & Demand.

The rapper placed his own unique stamp on gilets and tracksuits when he burst onto the grime scene. His specially-designed clothing collection landed a spot at JD Sports as well as other retailers around the UK.

We know the Manchester-born songwriter has been a huge success in the music scene after becoming the first grime artist from Manchester to make it in the big time.

He’s even earned himself the nickname ‘King of The North’ and bagged himself a role in Guy Ritchie’s latest action-comedy blockbuster The Gentlemen.

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The Bugzy Malone Clothing Collection Is Available Online At B.Malone Store

The ‘King of The North’ revealed more about his clothing line to Young Voice late last year:

‘The tracksuit is blacked out, but the material makes it sleek. We’re doing a collaboration with Supply and Demand, but I designed it. This is a tracksuit that is built off of the tracksuits that I wear, and my signature is on the badge.

‘It just makes sense because I have always been about fashion. I’m also the ambassador LSH Mercedes now, and I just got the C63. So the whole Batman thing is going on – my branding is built with the Batman thing sitting in there deep-rooted.’

‘It just makes sense because I have always been about fashion’

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Turnintothedevil.bigcartel.com Is Another Of Bugzy’s Stores

Bugzy Malone has also set up an online store via his website at turnintothedevil.bigcartel.com which stocks hoodies, joggers with costs ranging from a reasonable £10-£38.

In 2016, Bugzy released a second season in JD, featuring an expanded selection of tracksuits replicating the artist’s own ‘street style’.

He said:

‘We sold out, so next time round I was like: “Hmm, you know what guys? This is what I wear, what I’m wearing right now, so this is what I’d like us to do”… So, yeah, it’s something I’m proud of, and when it’s landed, it’s something I’ll be wearing all the time.’

Image Source: /Instagram @thebugzymalone

Who Is Bugzy Malone?

Bugzy Malone (real name Aaron Davis) is a 29-year-old British rapper and actor, born in Manchester. The grime artist has made no secret of his prior criminal record and has been open about the fact that he was involved in criminal activity from the age of just eleven years old.

After growing up in a poverty-stricken home and witnessing his own uncle being shot in the face, Aaron’s life of crime continued until he was expelled from school and arrested at the age of 16, missing his GCSE exams as a result.

In a bid to get his life back on track, the rapper took up boxing as a hobby and to keep him from returning to a life of crime.

Image Source: /Instagram @thebugzymalone

He told The Evening Standard:

‘I took up boxing when I needed something to ground me a bit. It taught me discipline. This whole thing I was involved in, this culture, revolved around violence and anger.

‘Boxing was a way of participating in that but in a controlled environment, where you don’t get in trouble afterwards. I don’t think it was anger in me. I was just frustrated with my life and where it was up to.’

‘The whole thing I was involved in, this culture, revolved around violence and anger’

He added:

‘I’ve been in a couple of times to talk to them and they’re nice kids. You don’t get a choice what home environment you’re gonna be born into. Their homes are violent and domestically abusive and stuff like that, so it’s hard to sit in a classroom full of fully functioning people whose parents are normal, whose issues are quite simple. 

‘When you’re from a background where you’ve seen your mum beaten up in front of you, you’re a dysfunctional human being. You deal with humiliation different. You deal with not understanding different. School is a hard environment and you get squeezed out of it.

‘That’s what happened to me.’

Image Source: /Instagram @thebugzymalone

How Did He Rise To Fame?

Inspired by the ‘Risky Roadz’ DVD series that also inspired the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Skepta and Wiley, Bugzy began rapping with friends he would usually meet up to commit crimes.

He began his journey to fame by freestyle rapping to instrumentals of popular songs.


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How Did Bugzy Malone Get His Name?

When he was 13 years old, the rapper was given the nickname ‘Bugz’ when he was part of a gang. He later developed this into ‘Bugzy Malone’ whilst serving time in prison.


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He Doesn’t Want To Let Fame Get To His Head

In spite of his success, Bugzy has stressed that he doesn’t want to take advantage of his new position of power:

I remember getting upset in front of one of my friends, at a time when I had a C63 Mercedes. He said, “How can you be upset when you’ve made it?” What’s ‘made it’? A 50-grand car? ‘Made it’ must be different for a lot of people.

‘I see people who start drinking champagne, dressing fancy, getting the big chains, quite quickly, and they’re the ones who go bankrupt in the end. That is not my intention.’


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My old uniform. 🎓

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Bugzy Malone Recently Starred In Guy Ritchie’s Action-Comedy Film The Gentlemen

The rapper has not only established himself as a popular grime artist but also made his Hollywood debut after securing an acting role in Guy Ritchie’s action-comedy blockbuster The Gentlemen as Ernie. Not only does he act but he also raps of course, releasing the single ‘Boxes of Bush’.

He shared his excitement at the opportunity to be e apart of the project on social media:

‘My debut acting role in one hell of a film!! Thank you Guy Ritchie for the opportunity to star in your new masterpiece of a movie @TheGentlemen_UK the fact that I made a track for the film still blows my mind. Out cinemas now!!!’

Image Source: /Twitter @TheBugzyMalone

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