What Is Bugzy Malone's Net Worth? 

By Amelia Slater

31st July 2019

What Is Bugzy Malone’s Net Worth?

From popular grime artist Bugzy Malone’s Net Worth to his poverty-stricken upbringing, this is how a young juvenile delinquent from Crumpsall (a town with a reputation for being deprived) transformed into one of the biggest rap artists in the UK!

Bugzy Malone (no, not the character from that 70’s gangster spoof movie) proves that the sky is the limit if you truly want want something and have the determination to succeed! After discovering a love for the grime genre, this dreamer wasn’t about to give up…

Bugzy Malone’s Net Worth 2020

Bugzy Malone (Aaron Davis’) net worth is a whopping $2 million! He released his first single at age 19 and he started gaining global recognition five years later.

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Bugzy (real name: Aaron Davis) Is Born On December 20 1990 In Manchester, England

Aaron Davies is born in December 1990 in Crumpsall, Manchester. Raised in a poverty-stricken household, most of his family members are involved in criminal activity.

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He Grows Up In Poverty

Growing up, Aaron has no contact with his biological father and his mother and step-father get divorced as a result of domestic abuse.


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Aged 11 – He Is Influenced By ‘Criminal’ Family Members And Gets Involved In Criminal Activities

At this time, Aaron copies his ‘criminal’ family members and it isn’t surprising that at the age of just eleven years old, he heads down the dark path himself.

Additionally, he witnesses his uncle being shot in the face at a young age. Now, that is enough to scar a grown man for life – let alone a child!

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Aged 13 – He Joins A Gang And Is Nicknamed ‘Bugz’

At 13, Aaron joins a local gang and is given the nickname ‘Bugz’ which subsequently develops into his stage name ‘Bugzy Malone’.


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Aged 14 – He Is Expelled From School

Aaron continues to take part in criminal activities and is expelled from school when he is just fourteen.


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Aged 16 – He Is Arrested And Sent To HMP Stoke Health

Not long after being expelled, Aaron is later arrested and sent to a young offenders institution – HMP Stoke Health – at sixteen years of age. Consequently, he misses his GCSE exams as a result.

He told Big Issue North about his experience behind bars:

‘At the time I was a little bit wild. It just felt like a big youth centre. I was only a kid and in that respect I enjoyed the break from the streets because they were getting scary at that point. People were getting shot or killed and I was in the firing line.

‘Prison gave me a place to go away and get back to who I actually was before all the bravado. I remember being in solitary confinement and thinking if there was an earthquake no one is going to come and save my life. I just thought to myself: ‘I’m not supposed to be sat in this room. I’m smarter than this.’


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Aged 17 – Bugzy Is Released From Prison

After serving time for a year, Aaron is released from prison at seventeen and needs to decide what he’s going to do as a career.

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Aged 17 – He Takes Up Boxing

In an attempt to change his life around (and keep him from getting into trouble), the future star takes up boxing as a hobby.

In spite of wanting to pursue it as a career however, he believed that he lacked the ‘mental toughness’ to properly make it:

‘My coach saw me as a good prospect but emotionally I wasn’t stable enough at the time to give a consistent account of myself. It served its purpose in my life, which was just to keep me on the straight and narrow.’

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Aged 19 – He Releases His Debut Mixtape: ‘SwaggaMan’

Nevertheless, after being inspired to start rapping after the release of the influential ‘Risky Roadz’ DVD series, Aaron starts to rap with friends.

He recalled:

‘When I was out on the streets I wasn’t getting used up to my full potential. It’s not very creative out there. So when this grime thing [blew up] that wasn’t looked down on by people from the streets and was an opportunity to be creative, I was all for it.’

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Not only does he release a debut mixtape but also goes on to release two other mixtapes: Why So Serious and Lost in Meanwhile City.

Aged 24 – He Gets His First Million Views On YouTube And Starts Gaining Global Recognition

As Bugzy’s career is starting to take off, he continues to release albums and even calls himself the ‘King of the North’.

Undoubtedly, the ambitious artist reveals that his dream of success drives him to do everything:

‘In the early days I think people might have found me a little bit obnoxious, but I had to do what I had to do to get their attention. I wasn’t going to be ignored. I believed I was one of the best artists to have come out of Britain and that I deserved a shot. ‘


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Aged 28 – The Only Way Is Up

Bugzy Malone has continued to release successful singles with millions of views on his music videos. In spite of his success, the rapper has admitted that only time will tell what he decides to do in the future:

‘Do I still want to be making music in five years’ time? I don’t know. I’m interested in other mediums and other ways to express myself. I take the responsibility of being an artist very seriously, so there will be creation coming from me. What that is, I couldn’t tell you right now.’


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We can see Bugzy Malone’s net worth increasing…Watch this space!

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