Skepta Net Worth: How Much Is The Grime MC Worth?

By Cara Dudgeon

28th June 2019

Skepta Net Worth: How Much Is The Grime MC Worth?

Skepta is the grime artist whose music is played on EVERY night out – looking at you ‘Shutdown’ –  but what is the record producer‘s net worth?

Skepta net worth

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What Is Skepta’s Net Worth?

Skepta, who was born Joseph Junior Adenuga, is reportedly worth £4 million.

Where did it all begin?..

Skepta was born to Nigerian immigrant parents who had moved to Tottenham, north London shortly before they started a family. He is one of four children, with his younger brother, Jme, (Jamie) also being a famous artist and sister, Julie, is a radio presenter.

Their other sibling, Jason, has stayed out of the limelight, but has said this about their upbringing:

‘Our parents always made sure we kept our feet on the ground. […] Growing up in Tottenham was not that glamorous but we’ve always been a close family and that has always got us through’.

Skepta and his family when he was young

Image Source: The Sun

How did Skepta’s net worth get so much?

Skepta started his career as a DJ, making instrumental accompaniments to lyrics written by the Meridian Crew.

The Meridian Crew were a grime crew that are believed to be the best that there’s ever been! The majority of its members came from the Meridian estate in Tottenham. However, the crew didn’t last for long and people decided to go their own ways in 2005.

It was during this time that Skepta started to MC, and he and brother JME joined another grime entourage, Roll Deep. The siblings didn’t stay there long, instead, they created grime collective and record label, Boy Better Know in 2006.

In 2007, Skepta released his debut album, Greatest Hits, on his record label.

Over the years, Skepta continued to go from strength to strength, but that came with some controversy. The biggest example of which was when he released a hardcore pornography music video for’All Over The House’.

2011 was another big year for the grime artist as he released his first ever album with a major record label: Doin’ It Again. The album featured the tracks, ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Cross My Heart’ and ‘Rescue Me’ which peaked at number 14 in the charts.

From strength to strength…

After a bit of a wobble with his music in 2012 with the singles ‘Make Peace Not War’ and ‘Hold On’, Skepta came back bigger and better than ever in 2014 with the single ‘That’s Not Me’ featuring, Jme. The single was such a hit that it was the winner of MOBO Awards ‘Best Video’ category in 2014. When he went up to receive the award, he stated that it only cost him £80 to make – and £10 was on petrol getting to the location!

In 2015 he was named one of GQ’s 50 Best Dressed British Men. That wasn’t Skepta’s only 2015 credibility.

He debuted his acting skills in the movie, Anti-Social alongside Meghan Markle of all people!

In 2016 he released the hit album, ‘Konnichiwa’; which won the Mercury Prize Album of the Year!

That’s not the only award that Skepta has been nominated for or even won! He has been nominated for NME awards and Brit awards as well as winning MOBO Awards and BET Awards.

What does the future have in store for Skepta and his net worth?..

In 2018 Skepta announced that he was going to become a father for the first time! He confirmed this by posting a picture of an ultrasound scan on his Instagram, in December of that year he also posted a photo of him feeding the child and then in his song, ‘Greaze Mode’ he wrote the lyrics,

‘Rivers’ dad, super swag (Yeah)’.

skepta and daughter river

Image Source: Capital XTRA

We all know it takes two to ‘tango’ though, so who is the mother of his baby?

That remains unknown. For many months fans thought that the baby mama was supermodel, Naomi Campbell; especially after THAT British GQ cover.

However, as you’ve probably noticed, there is no baby from Naomi, so the mother of baby River remains unknown…

His latest music…

He’s just released his latest album, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’.


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He recently did an interview on Good Morning Britain talking about the future:

Wonder if this will increase Skepta’s net worth?

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