Roman Kemp Girlfriend: Who Is the I’m A Celeb Star Dating?

By Nancy Hargreaves

28th December 2019

Roman Kemp Girlfriend: Who Is the I’m A Celeb Star Dating?

Roman Kemp was this year’s I’m a Celeb heartthrob, but he’s only got eyes for one woman! Find out who Roman Kemp’s girlfriend is, how long they’ve been together, and what their post jungle reunion was like.

Roman Kemp

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Who Is Roman Kemp’s Girlfriend?

Roman Kemp’s girlfriend Is Anne-Sophie Flury. The couple have been together since 2018. Anne-Sophie is Swiss. She’s from the city of Bern, says Roman:

“My missus is Swiss and is from Bern in Switzerland. She’s got brains and beauty – really intimidating.”

Roman Kemp

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How Did They Meet?

Roman and Anne-Sophie met online. About their meeting, Roman said:

“She is 25 and beautiful. To be honest I don’t know how I landed her.”

“We met when she posted a pair of shoes on Instagram. I liked them and then a week later I was on Tinder and it was the same girl.”

“And I was like: I’ve got to message her! So I messaged her on Instagram and within a week we met. It was fate.”

“I think we live in a world now where everyone meets digitally I think.”

What Does Roman Kemp’s Girlfriend Do For A Living?

Anne-Sophie is a product manager. She also has a background scientific research and psychology, being both a neuroscientist and entrepreneur.

She’s launched a product called Shu Gum, a product to keep your shoes fresh and reduce wear and tear.

How Did Their Relationship Handle The Jungle Separation?

Roman’s time in the jungle isn’t the first time the couple have been apart. Previously, Anne-Sophie was working in Hong Kong and the couple had to go long distance. About this time, Roman said:

“I am hanging onto her. She moved to Hong Kong last year for a job for six months. So I went back and forth from Hong Kong.”

“I got the Airmails up. It was okay doing long distance. I got time off so I could visit her.”

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All About That Jungle Letter

One of the most emotional moments for Roman and Sophie in the I’m A Celeb jungle was when she sent him a letter saying:

“I miss you so much, it’s ridiculous.”

“It’s made me realise just how much I love sharing the boring, everyday aspects of life with you.”

“All the silly conversations we have and laughing together at things that probably aren’t even that funny. I am so excited to have those moments back. Keep doing me proud and keep being wonderful. All my love.”

An emotional Roman later said in the Bush Telegraph:

“That letter was one of the best moments I’ve ever had in my life and one that I’ll never forget.”

Their Post Jungle Meet Up

Roman Kemp came in third in this year’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! As he left the jungle after three weeks away, girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury was there to see him after their time apart.

Roman Kemp’s girlfriend said on Instagram that she was there to meet him as he crossed the bridge, but the scene was cut so we didn’t get to see the moment they were reunited.

The couple went to stay at the Versace hotel, where Roman got to enjoy a hot shower and some pampering. The couple then enjoyed some alone time in bed.

Anne-Sophie shared a snap of the two of them snuggled in bed, which she captioned “Best day ever”.

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What Does Roman Kemp’s Girlfriend Think About All The Attention He’s Received?

I’m A Celebrity 2019 star Roman Kemp’s girlfriend Anne-Sophie has been taking all the attention he’s been getting in her stride.

While being interviewed by Lorraine Kelly, she asked her about their romance, and what she thinks about other celebs tweeting about her beau.

Anne-Sophie shared that the attention hadn’t affected their relationship, saying:

“I have no qualms about it, were are pretty confident in our relationship.”

“This has been a lot harder than I expected. I thought I’d be fine with the distance, I love my time alone but this is hard.”

“But the comments don’t really…”

And then she laughed.

On seeing him on the show and the attention he’s been getting, Anne-Sophie added:

“It’s so nice to see him in there doing so well.”

“It’s so nice he’s coming across as the person he is, all the attention is warranted and I’m so proud of him.”

“I’m not surprised, I’ve been with him for two years. There’s a reason for that, he has a huge platform now to showcase himself.

“It’s normal, it’s justified, it’s totally warranted. I’m super happy for him.”

“He’s not single, I think everybody knows this by now. I’m happy, I’m confident, and 0% worried. Keep fangirling and keep voting for our baby RoRo.”

Love Islander Amber Gill posted a photo of a shocked meme alongside a tweet that said:

“Me when I see that Roman Kemp has a girlfriend.”

What’s Next For The Couple?

While marriage isn’t yet on the cards for Roman and Anne-Sophie, Roman has said:

“We’ve been dating two years. Is she The One? Who knows. You never know! But it’s love, 100 % and I am committed to it.”

Roman looks up to his parent’s relationship – and cares what they think about who he dates. His parents are former EastEnders actor Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman.

Apparently his parents are big fans of Anne-Sophie – Roman said:

“My parents’ marriage has made me know when a relationship is worth working on.”

“They love Anne-Sophie. Yeah, yeah. It’s very important for me for my family to like my partner.”

“My Dad is happy with anyone but my Mum is hard to please and she loves Anne-Sophie as well.”

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