Remember Minty From Eastenders? This Is What He's Up To Now!

By Cara Dudgeon

31st May 2019

Minty (Eastenders) – This Is What He Is Up To Now!

Who could forget the character Minty (Eastenders)? He was the lovable bachelor who always got himself into some sort of trouble.

Minty from Eastenders outside of the garage

Image Source/ What’s On TV

A recap on the character…

Minty Peterson – really called Rick – was introduced to the show as a guest character, but audiences loved him so much he was made into a permanent character!

Actor Cliff Parisi was told to audition for the role in from his good friend, Steve McFadden – AKA Phil Mitchell.

However, Phil didn’t end up being the other half of Minty’s double act; instead, this role was given to fellow mechanic Garry Hobbs (played by Ricky Groves).

They always got up to mischief in Albert Square!

There wasn’t a friendship that compared to Garry and Minty’s! The pair were loyal to each other – with Minty even telling Garry that his girlfriend, Dawn Swann was having an affair with Phil! However, we still saw that Garry, Dawn and her daughter Summer still lived happily ever after when they went travelling on Garry’s boat.

Minty Eastenders Garry and Dawn boat

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

However, that wasn’t the end of the road for Minty. One of his storylines included going to the FIFA World Cup (it’s a good job it wasn’t the Europa League final!), however, his housemate Darren (Charlie G. Hawkins) ended up washing the tickets by accident!

After his will-they won’t they relationship with Heather Trott – how could you forget THAT kiss with Sam Mitchell and him seeing Heather in THAT wedding dress – ┬áMinty and Heather were so close to being a couple, but Heather changed her mind last minute. Hence, Minty decided that it was time to leave Walford, and went on to meet Garry, Dawn and Summer on the boat.

Cliff had stated his hopes to stay part of the show for a long time, but new executive producers decided to cut Minty and five other characters! So Cliff had to agree to the terms of his contract and leave!

However, it would appear that the public would have liked Minty to stay as in 2015, Minty placed in 70th position in The 100 Greatest Eastenders Characters of All Time!

After leaving Minty behind, what was next for Cliff…?

Cliff left Eastenders in 2010, but waited until 2012 to start acting again. He had a guest appearance in the Channel 4 soap, Hollyoaks. Cliff had the role of Walt, a friend of the Savages.

Later that year, he starred as Arnie in the hit TV series, Hustle.

Despite rumours that he might be moving to rival soap opera Coronation Street. or that he had plans to do a show with fellow Eastenders co-star, Perry Fenwick, Cliff ended up joining the BBC show Call The Midwife as handyman Fred Buckle in 2012.

Minty Eastenders in Call The Midwife

Image Source/ Vision TV

Fred does odd jobs for those who live at Nonnatus House. He is a great friend to everyone, and Chummy even names her son after him!

Fred’s storylines include: taking care of his cousin, Reggie, who suffers from down syndrome; a new relationship with Violet; and, finding Sister Evangelina after she had died in her sleep.

What about his personal life?

Cliff has five children – two with his current wife, Tara, and three from previous relationships. We know that his four eldest children are called Mandy, Dean, Jack, Arthur yet the name of his youngest son is yet to be revealed!

Tara, a BBC production assistant, and Cliff met whilst he was still at Eastenders and have been together since 2010.

Minty Eastenders (Cliff Parisi and wife Tara)

Image Source/ Daily Mail

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