By Lucy Cooper

4th June 2019

Love Island’s Amber Gill: Everything You Need To Know

Love Island’s Amber Gill is the curly haired bombshell who is already rustling a few feathers with Love Island viewers and in the villa. 

Now Britain Got Talent is over, the whole Nation are back to being hooked on the show of the summer (even though we all hate to admit it). Love Island 2019 is set to be a BIG one, even from the first episode…

The beauty therapist from Newcastle has gone in all guns blazing and coupled up with aircraft engineer Callum Macleod (aka the Dr. Alex of this series), only to then drop herself in it, calling him ‘old’ and ‘not funny’. She’s got a way with words, that’s for sure…

The big personality made it clear that her ‘type on paper’ was a gym go-er who could make her laugh, as she had no fear in announcing to her fellow islanders that ‘people think I’m funny’. We’re going to have to keep our eyes on this one…

love island's amber gill and callum

Image Source/ Mirror

1. She Rates Herself As A 10/10 For Looks

If you can’t already tell, this girl is bursting with self- confidence. As they say though- if you can’t love yourself, no one can- as Amber expressed before entering the villa:

“You’ve got to love yourself. What’s the point if you don’t?”

We’re all for a bit of self- love but we just hope she doesn’t take it too far as we’re sure that won’t go down well with her fellow Islanders. Nobody has time for a big- head…

2. She Was Forced To Deny She’s RACIST

This might sound surprising, given that her own Dad is from Trinidad and Tobago- you would think ‘racist’ would be the last thing pinned to her.

But, in an Instagram story posted back in December, Amber was seen to be posing with a man, alongside the caption “I don’t date black guys anyway”. She was asking for it really…

love island's amber gill racist insta

Image Source/ Daily Mail

Not helping herself, the picture was also stamped with another caption:

“Look at my face u know I’m about to boot off.”

Giving an insight in to her ‘fiery’ nature that she talked about in her pre- island interview- we can see that Amber is going to be a HANDFUL (and we can’t wait)…

love island's amber gill

Image Source/ Mirror 

Giving some context to the picture, her rep explained:

“The guy was pestering Amber all evening, and she said he was old enough to be her Dad, so was referring to “I don’t date black guys” because he reminded her of her own Father.”

We will give her the benefit of the doubt (for now), but we’ll definitely be watching her closely…

3. She Knows A Couple Of Ex- Islanders

Of course she does! It seems the islanders these days all have some kind of connection to the Love Island circles. Love Island’s Amber Gill revealed that she has mingled in the same groups as former islanders and fellow Geordies Adam Collard and Ellie Brown.

“I know a few of the former Islanders from Newcastle, like Adam Collard and Ellie Brown. Everyone knows everyone in Newcastle!”

love island's amber gill and ellie brown

Image Source/ Daily Mail 

4. Her CELEB Crush Is Tom Hardy

Let’s hope the producers have taken note of this one- and give us a Tom Hardy lookalike ASAP.

Confessing her love for the actor, Amber gives an insight what it is she loves about him (and it might not be what you’d expect):

He’s just nice and he loves dogs as well and I love dogs. He takes his dog on the red carpet and I just love that so much.”

Unfortunately for the boys on the Island, they won’t have the advantage of woo-ing Amber with their pets, but they might just be able to promise her one when they leave…

Video Source/ Youtube 

5. She Doesn’t Have A SET Type 

Talking more about what her ‘type on paper’ is, Love Island’s Amber Gill adds:

“I like tall guys who are muscly and athletic, I like people that go to the gym because that’s what I like.”

To be honest, she’s on to a winner then, as we’re guessing most of the Islanders have put in a good few shifts in the gym knowing they’re going to be filmed half naked all summer!


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Operation: Move to my Miami☀️

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“I want someone who is funny and that I can have fun with and doesn’t take themselves too seriously because I am daft.”

She revealed she has never cheated in a relationship, but has been cheated on a few times. She says her experience has made her more loyal and adamant that she won’t have a wandering eye (like Anton has diagnosed himself with).

With the bombshell, Tommy Fury, parading in at the end of the first ep, we have a feeling eyes (including Amber’s) might well wander…

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