Who Is Luis Ortiz, The Boxer? Everything You Need To Know

By Tharmini Kenas

9th October 2019

Luis Ortiz: Everything You Need To Know About The Boxer

Touted to be the world’s most dangerous heavyweight boxer, Luis Ortiz ‘King Kong’ has more to him than his titles and boxing ring. The Cuban professional boxer made his way to the US for an endearing reason and continues to fight for the same reason…

Well-known for his power-packed punching and counter punching skills, Luis Ortiz has a painful story that fuels his ferocious presence in the ring.

From his net worth to the story behind Luis Ortiz the boxer, we have got everything you need to know.

Who Is Luis Ortiz, The Boxer?

Luis Ortiz is a Cuban boxer known as King Kong

Image Source/Yahoo Sports

The 40-year-old boxer made his debut into the world of international professional boxing a decade ago against American boxer Lamar Davis. He won the fight via technical knockout in around 80 seconds. 

Before, Ortiz was a member of the Cuban national team. Unfortunately, he was not recognised in the international arena.

Despite all that, his record today stands at 31 out of 34 fights won and only one was lost.

Why Is He Fighting Like A Beast?

For his daughter, Lismercedes.

He left his family in Cuba in 2009 and made his way to America to fight and save his daughter. Lismercedes suffers from a rare skin condition known as epidermolysis bullosa.

Luis Ortiz daughter

Image Source/Yahoo News

Unlike others who have multiple layers of skin that protects the body, his daughter has only one layer of skin.

This condition causes her fragile skin to tear or blister upon the slightest of touch and causes her pain as painful as third-degree burn. He decided to aim for the United States despite the risks and sacrifices he knew he had to make due to lack of options back home and being helpless. 

For the first few years in the US, he was only able to contact his family infrequently. But, in 2012 they made their way to California and visited the doctors at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Luis Ortiz daughter

Image Source/EB Research

He was ready to relocate to California from his current residence in Florida for his daughter’s well being. Do you know that he said the boxing title is secondary to his family? 

The Heart-Wrenching Episodes In Luis Ortiz’s Journey To The US…

  • Facing his fear of ocean waters, Luis Ortiz hopped on a small watercraft for a trip across the Gulf of Mexico marking his journey towards a better life for his family. He, then walked across the desert with only one shoe for two days.
  • Two and a half years after Luis Ortiz reached the US, his wife Lisdey Ortiz who was eight months pregnant, hopped on a flight to Mexico and walked all the way to US border. Ortiz welcomed her with a large pot of soup (some couples do give us #relationshipgoals!)

Luis Ortiz with his family

Image Source/Los Angeles Times

  • Truly remarkably, Luis Ortiz was willing to end his boxing career for his daughter. Lismercedes was born with a black thumb and the doctors suggested amputating it. But, Luis wanted the doctors to amputate his thumb too to show his solidarity to his daughter.

However, Luis and Lisdey Ortiz stood their ground for more tests to be taken before resorting to amputation. It could have been the end of the boxing journey for Luis Ortiz. 

Luis Ortiz Caught Doping Twice

The heavyweight contender failed a drug test not once, but twice- in 2014 and 2017. In 2014, he tested positive for Nandrolone which is an anabolic steroid after his first-round knockout with Lateef Kayode, from Nigeria.

Luis Ortiz boxer

Image Source/Boxing Scene

In 2017, prior to his highly anticipated heavyweight title match with Deontay Wilder, Luis Ortiz failed another drug test. His result was positive for the diuretics chlorohaizide and hydrochlorothiazide. The fight was cancelled. 

In November 2017 following Ortiz’s failure to request a ‘B’ sample, the WBA suspended Ortiz. Ortiz received a one-year suspension. He was also removed from his mandatory status and rankings. 

He could not fight for any WBA title during his suspension period.

However during the final ruling, Ortiz was fined US$25,000 and was given a pass to remain in the rankings. 

Within a few days, Luis Ortiz returned to the ring to fight against Daniel Martz and knocked him down in the first round, getting the knockout win in round 2.

Luis Ortiz And His Ferocious Fights

Ortiz and Wilder are set to fight in Las Vegas on November 23, 2019

Image Source/Boxing Scene

In the highly anticipated Wilder vs Ortiz match that gathered a crowd of 14,069, Ortiz was knocked out in round 10. 

The scorecards showed 85-84 favouring Wilder. In the match, Wilder landed 98 out of 346 punches thrown and Ortiz landed 87 of his 363 punches. That’s a lot of punches!

In other matches against Razvan Cojanu, Travis Kauffman, and Christian Hammer, Luis Ortiz won the fight via knockout in round 2, via TKO in the last round, and with scores of 100-90, 99-91 and 99-91, respectively.

Fights Scheduled For The Rest Of 2019

Ortiz vs Wilder rematch

Image Source/Boxing Scene

In an announcement on September 7 2019, Boxing Scene.com revealed that another Wilder-Ortiz match will happen on November 23 2019 in Las Vegas. Determined to claim his title in a rematch, Ortiz said,

“I want to avenge that loss. I want to show Wilder what it’s like to take an ‘L’.”

World Boxing Champion?

King Kong has not claimed the WBC title despite being known as a ferocious fighter. YET. 

But, he seems to be focused on being a WBC heavyweight champion:

“I’m here for my world title. I’m here to win the heavyweight championship of the world. Winning the belt is the only thing on my mind.”

There you go!

Net worth, Instagram, Twitter And Interesting Facts

Luis Ortiz Boxer Instagram

Image Source/Information cradle.com

  • His Twitter handle is @kingkongboxing.

Luis Ortiz Twitter

Image Source/Information cradle.com

  • He made a record of fighting three times within 18 days in the Dominican Republic
  • According to Dillian Whyte, Luis Ortiz is the seventh best heavyweights in the world after Andy Ruiz, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua (thanks to the mastermind who made him successful), Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury and Joseph Parker. Following him are Oscar Rivas, Alexander Povetkin and Adamn Kownacki.
  • When Anthony Joshua was left without an opponent for his fight in June this year and his handlers turned to Luis Ortiz. However, Luis rejected the US$5 million offer and demanded twice the amount.
  • Tyson Fury recently mocked Luis as being 147 years old and way past his best. (Really?!)

Luis Ortiz boxer

Image Source/Fight Sports

Building himself from scratch and making an impact in the American boxing scene, Luis Ortiz has successfully made his mark as King Kong and the lander of powerful punches. Luis Ortiz seems to be clear of his goals and priorities in the ring and his life.

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