Remember Emma Chawner? She Looks SO Different For Losing 12 Stone

By Nick

12th February 2019

What Is X Factor’s Emma Chawner Up To Now After Losing 12 Stone?

One of the most memorable X Factor rejects, how could we possibly forget Emma Chawner‘s X Factor audition?

Originating in the UK, the X Factor has now been around for nearly 14 years, providing us with endless entertainment, laughs and emotional experiences all round.

Created to replace Pop Idol, music mogul Simon Cowell designed the TV show as a singing competition to find the freshest talent in the country…and boy did it do that.

Since the UK version started in 2004 it has now become a massive franchise with over 50 other countries creating their own version of the programme, due to its overwhelming popularity.

X Factor has produced artists from Leona Lewis to Lucy Spraggan to One Direction. And – of course – Emma Chawner.

She was famously called a ‘flump’ by Simon Cowell but now she has managed to drop a massive 12 stone.

2007: Emma’s First X Factor Audition

We all remember Emma from back in the day. We could tell from the start that she was fame-hungry and was willing to go to extreme lengths to get her 15 minutes of fame…

She starred on the X-Factor in 2007 and then two years later in 2009 and was brutally rejected both times.


2009: Emma’s Second x Factor Audition

In 2009, Emma returned to the X Factor, ready for a second chance to make it as a singer, but this time with her sister Samantha. The siblings named their group: ‘Sister Act’.

Emma claimed:

“I’ve learnt I can sing better with my sister than on my own.”

Emma Chawny


Clearly undeterred after her rejection two years previously, she returned to sing Whole Again by Atomic Kitten.


Simon Cowell judged:

“People who’ve won a rosette at a donkey derby don’t go on to win the Grand National. You cannot sing.”

After being rejected for a second time, Emma said:

“You are not going to stop me. I just think you should give us a chance to improve.”

To which the music entrepreneur replied:

‘We have weeks not decades.’

That was before insisting that she ‘never, ever audition again.’

2008: Emma Was Evicted From Her House

In an interview, Emma claimed:

“I auditioned in 2007 wearing a dress and Simon didn’t like that. Since then it’s been bad and good really, we got evicted from home because our neighbour made up that I sing on the streets at 3am, we had to live in the car for 7 weeks with the cat, the dog and a bird.”

Emma Chawner Family


Her family came under fire after her appearance on X Factor, as it emerged that neither Emma, her sister, nor her parents worked due to their obesity and poor health, instead claiming £22,500 in benefits!


2009: Emma And Her Family Appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Challenge

In 2009, the Chawner family decided to do something about their poor health and appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Challenge, after the family gained the nickname: The Telly Tubbies.

Emma Chawner and family


2015: Emma Chawner Appears On The Jeremy Kyle Show

In 2015, Emma appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show with sister Samantha and mum Audrey who reportedly abused her two daughters.

Samantha recalled:

“I was ill and you were pinching me and hitting me.

“It just made me feel sick, the way she’s treated me, my sister and my dad.”

Mum Audrey later abandoned the family.


When appearing on the show, Audrey appeared unmoved by her daughters’ testimony as she sat and listened without any emotion.

She responded:

 “One thing I’m going to ask you for, Emma, is I want my Man Utd scarf please.”

Most shockingly, Emma and Samantha claimed that when their mother abandoned them, they were suspected of murdering her.

Emma said:

“We got blamed for murdering you by the police!”

Emma, Samantha and their dad ended the show claiming that they didn’t want her back in their lives.


2019: Emma Loses TWELVE Stone

Emma Chawner now looks incredibly different after 2 years of weight loss and a 30-day detox last month.

In a Facebook post, the 29-year-old said:

“Two years and a half ago I weighed 28 stone. I am now 15 stone 9. Thank you everyone for your support.”

Emma Chawner loses 12 Stone
Emma Chawner weighing 15 stone 9 after losing 12 stone.


She said her secret has been not snacking and drinking plenty of fluids.

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