'A League Of Their Own': Is James Corden Ever Going To Return?

By Ciara

28th June 2019

A League Of Their Own: Is James Corden Ever Going To Return?

A League Of Their Own is the comedy panel show with a sporting theme that we all love… mainly for its presenters. Is there trouble ahead, though?

The game show has team captains ex-cricketer Freddie Flintoff, ex-footballer Jamie Redknapp and regular panellist comedian Romesh Ranganathan (who recently replaced fellow comedian Jack Whitehall).

The show is USUALLY presented by James Corden, however due to his filming commitments in America (it’s a good job we love ‘Carpool Karaoke’ as much as we do!) the show will have guest presenters for a few of the shows in the upcoming thirteenth series.

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We all know that James‘ late night show is very popular. But he’s also very loved on this Sky show!

Who is going to present the show?

The producers of the comedy game show have got a wide variety of celebs to present the show. How do you feel about Amanda Holden as the A League Of Their Own presenter? Or maybe David Walliams, Clare Balding, Dina Asher-Smith or would you prefer the familiar faces of Romesh Ranganathan and Jack Whitehall?

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Will James Corden return to A League Of Their Own?

James has presented every episode for the past twelve series. This is the first time he will not present the show!

A representative has stated:

‘James loves A League Of Their Own and has always ensured he’s been able to appear while his career booms in the States. But this summer, work commitments mean he cannot make all of the shows. Hopefully next year he’ll return to normal as he misses everybody involved’.

As much as this indicates that he will be returning to future series, what is to stop work commitments from always popping up?

James has said:

‘When I got offered the show in America, the first thing I said was, β€˜I have this show in the UK that I love doing and as long as I’m working in America, I’d love to keep doing this show. It’s an absolute luxury to do something I love and I’m rewarded for. A League Of Their Own has been incredible to me’.

Lord knows he is going to miss the A League Of Their Own shenanigans! Maybe…

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Potentially another US road trip?

Any fans of the show will be well aware that the A League Of Their Own boys love a road trip. There has already been two in the US and one that just team captains Freddie and Jamie took part in across Europe.

However, is a third US road trip in the cards? It would be an easy way for original presenter James Corden to stay involved…

The first two US road trips had LOTS of CRAZY challenges and was full to the brim with laddish pranks:

If you think that is bad, avid watchers of the show will probably know that those activities were NOTHING in comparison to the 720 feet bungee jump that James organised as a forfeit for Jamie and Freddie on their European road trip.

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And these guys call each other ‘friends’…

Some of the best bits from the show…

Back when Jack Whitehall was still a regular panellist, he used to stir the pot. No more so when he sent messages from Jamie’s phone…

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The show does love to take the mick out of Jamie, but sometimes he brings it on himself…

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Occasionally the show becomes truth telling hour, Freddie decided he’d share this ‘lovely’ memory…

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You have to admit, a little bit of you wanted to join in too…

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They keep getting better!..

This is exactly the reason why Brits have a bad reputation abroad…

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Well, you have to admit, this is just p-anter… (sorry not sorry!)

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Even watching this I feel like I could be sick…

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If it’s too much for you Alan, we’ll take one for the team and switch places with you…

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Now if that isn’t a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is…

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Let’s hope that the new series will be just as full of laughs!

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