Jonathan Ross' Wife Has Written The Game Of Thrones Prequel

By Ciara

11th March 2019

Who Is Jonathan Ross’ Wife Jane Goldman?

Most Friday nights, we plonk ourselves down on the sofa, switch on the television and flick over to the Jonathan Ross Show. He has been hosting the comedy chat show for 14 years and whilst he’s become a familiar, friendly face, just what do we know about Jonathan Ross’ wife, Jane Goldman?

You might not have heard the name before but you will definitely recognise some of her handiwork.

Jonathan Ross at the Downsizing premiere
Jonathan Ross And Jane Goldman at the Downsizing premiere.

Image Source/Zimbio

What Does She Do?


Living in London, while her husband spends his life making a living in front of the camera, his wife spends hers behind the scenes. They do say opposites attract.

Jane Goldman is a screenwriter and a highly successful one at that.

It was 2001 when Jane decided to try her hand at screenwriting and she became part of the writing team for the sitcom Baddiel’s Syndrome.

After that she co-wrote the screenplay for Stardust which was released in 2007 and starred Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Cox and Sienna Miller.

The film received an abundance of praise and even won a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form.

Jane continued to work on adaptations, most notably the comic book adaptations of Kick-Ass and X-Men First Class. Both the films enjoyed high praise and Jane went on to co-write The Debtbased on the 2007 film HaHov. 

Her first solo screenplay was adapting Susan Hill‘s The Woman in Black and 2013 she won the Empire Award for Best Horror.

Jane Goldman - Jonathan Ross Wife

Image Source/Wikipedia

Away from horror, Jane also co-wrote for Kingsman: The Secret Service before writing the script for Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

Upcoming Projects

There is absolutely no slowing this woman down as she has several projects in the pipeline.

Disney’s live action remakes have been all the rage recently and whether you think they’re necessary or not, they’re happening. And they’re taking us right back to the 90s.

The project has been in the pipeline for a while and in 2017 it was announced that Jane has been put in charge of the newest adaptation. So it’s sure to be incredible.

Melissa McCarthy is rumoured to play Ursula as the actress is reportedly in talks for the role.

It is unknown who will play Ursula but Twitter seems to hope Ariana Grande or Zendaya. Production and filming is not expected to start until 2020.

Jane Has Finished A Game Of Thrones Spin-Off Script

If you were one of those on the Game of Thrones hype – let’s face it, who wasn’t – then you’ll pleased to hear that the show has FIVE spin-offs planned.

Jane Goldman with Baby Pink Hair

Image Source/Allociné

And in 2017, Jonathan Ross confirmed that his wife has completed the script for one of the projects. HBO is moving ahead with a Game of Thrones prequel.

No release date has been given but filming has begun so fans are hoping to see the pilot by 2020.

Mr Ross let it slip that:

“I’m not going to say anything apart from the fact that [Jane] has just finished it! She’s written it all around me, I’m a dragon in it!”

Jonathan is actually a massive fan of the show but even he remained tight lipped on the matter. One thing’s for sure: it’s going to live up to expectations.

We told you Jonathan Ross’ wife pretty successful and it doesn’t stop there.

Big Fat Quiz Of The Year

Jane Goldman is also the brains behind one our favourite quiz shows.

She is the Executive Producer of Big Fat Quiz of the Year which has been running since 2004.

Jonathan Ross and wife Jane at the Music Industry Trust Award
Jonathan Ross and wife Jane at the Music Industry Trust Award

Image Source/Purepeople

Hosted by Jimmy Carr, the panel-style quiz show has seen Simon Pegg, Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and of course, Jonathan Ross.

It was so successful, we’ve even seen spin-offs including The Big Fat Quiz of Everything, The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz and The Big Fat Quiz of the 80s, 90s and 00s.

How Did They Meet?

Jonathan Ross’ screenwriter wife was born in north London. She is the only child from a Jewish father and a Buddhist mother.

Jane and Jonathan met in 1986 when Jane was just 16 years old and Jonathan was 26.

The pair got married two years later and have been together for the last 30 years, together having three children, Betty Kitten 27, Harvey 25 and Honey, 22.

Jonathan Ross, Emily Dean, Joney Kinney and Jane Goldman at the Jameson Empire Awards 2016.
Jonathan Ross, Emily Dean, Joney Kinney and Jane Goldman at the Jameson Empire Awards 2016.

The Secret To Their Relationship

Talking about his marriage earlier this year, Jonathan revealed the secret of their success as being:

“Nice to each other and talk.”

The TV host praised his wife for her hard work and success.

He said:

 “My wife has had a very strong and success career and she continues to do so… 

“And she’s certainly worked in films that aren’t usually seen in the domain of women writers, she’s done superhero movies and action films… 

“But as someone like me who’s an observer, [gender inequality] does appear to be the case, it would be nicer if there was a greater degree of equality.” 

Jonathan Has Described Himself As A Parent Figure To Jane

Jane was just 16 years old when she met Jonathan who is ten years older than her.

The chat show host has spoken about how he became a parent figure to her as she came straight from her parent’s house.


He continued to explain how their relationship has evolved over their time together.

“When we first got together, she was very young… I wasn’t that old but I was considerably older and she came straight from home with her parents.

“And I think the relationship carried on, I was sort of a parent figure as well as a husband.

“Now that we’re both getting older, she has an incredible career of her own and I think she got a bit tired a few years ago of me making decisions without telling her which I would do.

Jonathan Ross Tweet


“I would be like, ‘We are doing this’ and, ‘Oh, I’ve done up the spare room’ and she’d be like, ‘Why?’”

The Ross Family

The public will never know all the goings on inside celeb houses. But their neighbours certainly do and Jonathan Ross’ neighbour has seem some bizarre things.

Most families have pets. But not like this… The Ross family have sheep, miniature pigs, ferrets, goldfish and several dogs.

Jonathan and Jane regard themselves as having a pretty relaxed and modern household.

A family friend described:

“They are a family who regard themselves as being very bohemian and very open with each other.

“The children are more like friends than kids — and the only rule there appears to be in the house is that they take it in turns to walk the dogs.”

Jane has been known spend the majority of her days in bed, staying in her pyjamas and doing work.

When she’s not working, she plays World of Warcraft with Jonathan being known to complain about the amount of time she spends on the game.

Jonathan Ross Wife Jane Goldman at Christmas
Jonathan Ross and Jane Goldman at Christmas

To allow their household to remain online, the couple installed wireless internet connections in every room, including the toilets and shed! What a dream.

They even installed a remote-controlled toilet seat.

Jane Spoke Out About Her Assault

In 2017, Jane spoke out about how a member of a rock band took advantage of her as he stuck his hand down her dress while she waited for a taxi.

Jane explained how she had never thought much of the incident until she retold it to her daughters who expressed their outrage.

She explained:

“Women who grew up in my generation were conditioned to look back at things that were bad and say: ‘Well, it was a different time.’

“A lot of the reason why things continued being not great for women were because we were all conditioned to say: ‘Ah well, shit happens.'”

Jane Goldman

Image Source/Stylist

After her daughters expressed their disgust at the assault, Jane explained how seeing things through their eyes made her realise that she had a right to be angry.

The screenwriter went on to say:

“I had anecdotes that I thought were funny, about stuff that had happened to me, but my daughters responded to them by saying: 

“What, you mean you were sexually assaulted?”

Now, Jane feels like she has a role to play in changing women’s perceptions.

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