Hardest Jobs In The UK. Is Yours On The List?

By Nick

14th February 2019

The Hardest And Most Dangerous Jobs In The World: Top 10!

Some of the hardest jobs out there can be the most rewarding! Some of the hardest jobs out there can be the most rewarding! Whether the pay is low or high, these jobs can be highly dangerous and stressful…

Someone has to do them regardless of the stress or hazard and in many cases, people are actually forced to do them to put food on the table.

Day by day, people continue to do the hard jobs that need doing.

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10. Soldier

Being a soldier is obviously very dangerous since they’re always going to be the front line in our defence. Even before then, the training process is very tough.

hardest jobs soldier

Image Source: /War on the Rocks

This isn’t higher on the list as being a soldier hasn’t been too dangerous in recent years with a low casualty rate for the UK.

9. Manufacturing

Working in food, metal, rubber, plastic, furniture and machinery manufacturing requires intense concentration to avoid accidents.

hardest jobs manufacturing

Image Source: /CNBC Africa

This job has resulted in 111 deaths over the last 5 years.

8. Civil Engineering

Collapsed excavations, crashed vehicles, out of control electricity wires are some examples of what civil engineers have to deal with every day.

hardest jobs civil engineering

Image Source: /Seneca College

20 civil engineers died last year alone!

7. Police Officer

Working in the police is obviously very tough and stressful as you know people are depending on you and it often goes without much gratitude.

Every day there’s a range of things you could be doing from chasing down criminals to fighting thugs with the risk of being seriously injured.

hardest jobs police officer

Image Source: /The Telegraph

It’s hard to relax even off duty as you’re probably always on call!

6. Roofing and Scaffolding

Another job that’s very physically intensive and dangerous. These guys spend all day on roofs so it’s no surprise that so many accidents and deaths occur.

hardest jobs roofing and scaffolding

Image Source: /Ground Control

69 roofers and scaffolders died last year.

5. Oil Rig Worker

Oil rig workers work 12 hours a day dealing with highly combustible materials on a platform where cranes swing heavy equipment constantly overhead.

It’s incredibly dangerous with an average of 108 deaths a year.

hardest jobs oil rig worker

Image Source: /Pinterest

They rarely see family while they work either since they live off land and conditions are usually pretty bad with constant freezing rain beating down on them.

4. Miner

Working as a miner has a bad reputation and rightly so in my opinion. Who would enjoy working the long hours and physically demanding job with little sight of the sun that a miner does?

hardest jobs miner

Image Source: /ft.com

Although it’s safer nowadays, there’s always the risk of explosions and tunnel collapse.

3. Construction Worker

Construction as a whole is very physically demanding and takes a lot of skill. Mainly though, it’s tough because of how dangerous it is with the risk of falling from height and falling objects.

hardest jobs construction

Image Source: /Simple Wikipedia

Deaths reached a horrifying 196 last year.

2. Firefighter

Being a firefighter is both physically and mentally demanding and they often end each day exhausted.

hardest jobs firefighter

Image Source: /Air Force Space Command

They are often running towards the danger and putting their lives on the line to try to save people.

1. Farmer

Finally, farming is the number one hardest job because it’s demanding in every way. Farmers work a physically demanding job from sunrise to sunset for very little money.

It’s also very dangerous as a result of operating heavy machinery (logging), working from heights and being around potentially dangerous animals.

hardest jobs farmer

Image Source: /Civil Eats

This profession resulted in 152 deaths last year.

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