By Kirsty Bachor

25th February 2019

It was a series that really got under the skin; the characters were colourful – and the fact that amateur actors were cast gave the whole thing a more raw feel. Some of the players from the teen comedy-drama moved on to great things – (all hail Game of Thrones) – but others took a different path…

Michelle Richardson (April Pearson) – THEN

I’ll be honest – I had a love/hate relationship with Michelle. She was Queen Bee – popular, pretty and girlfriend to the main man, Tony. Her primary function seemed to be an object of desire and her primary concern was looking good; but, despite being more interested in her appearance than her grades, she was talented in languages at school. Yet Michelle did inspire some sympathy in the way Tony often treated her, and through the course of the series, Michelle and Tony broke up/got back together. After Tony was involved in an accident, Michelle went off the rails a little bit, frequenting bars instead of visiting Tony. Due to problems following the accident, their relationship disintegrated, but Michelle’s future looked bright after gaining a place at university during the end of the series.

After being written out of Skins, actress April Pearson went on to star in Casualty and made her film debut in slasher Tormented. She also returned to the stage to star in various productions, and even made an appearance in a music video for The Wombats.

April Pearson (Michelle Richardson) – NOW

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