By Nick

13th February 2019

Celebs Caught Smoking Weed: You’ll Never Guess Who!

Celebs caught smoking weed? Scandalous – even Snoop Dogg? Say it ain’t true! It’s 2019 and people have finally started to catch on…

As we know, smoking does nothing but bad things for you – yes? No? We would like to think so, anyway….It rots your teeth, clogs up your lungs and gives you bad breath.

Over the years people have called for the legalization of marijuana and even Seth Rogan has even decided to launch his own cannabis company! Famous actresses such as Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz have also confessed to a love of weed.

It might be looked at as a dirty habit and not one that you openly air to the world, you might find yourself discretely shuffling off to the smoking shelter to quickly get your fix, you might even find yourself feeling ashamed at your habit…But when you’re a high profile celeb, you unfortunately don’t have the luxury of keeping the habit under wraps. As soon as you spark up, so do the paps.

With high times a flowing, sit back and enjoy this list of celebrities who smoke weed (which you maybe didn’t know about…) whilst feasting your eyes on some unsightly pictures because- let’s be honest – nobody (except Audrey Hepburn) can possibly look good whilst taking a drag.

Lady Gaga

She’s known for her outlandish style (that meat dress) and behaviour, and apparently also her smoking habit…

Where’s the pap, paparazzi?

Speaking of her marijuana habit, Lady Gaga admitted to smoking saying that:

“I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I’ve really cut down on drinking. It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music”

Miley Cyrus

She tried her very best to shed the girl next door image painted of her by the Disney Channel series: Hannah Montana…

She’s a wrecking ball…

celebs caught smoking weed miley cyrus
Image Source

And boy did she do just that! You’ll all remember the days when Miley could rarely last a performance without lighting one up…

But, she recently came back on the rails; in June 2017 she admitted her smoking marijuana days were over. Phew!

Cheryl Cole

celebs caught smoking weed cheryl cole
Image Source

Ex Girls Aloud-er Cheryl has always been partial to a cigarette, even before she found fame.

The Geordie lass might be one of the most glamorous ladies on our screens, but this is the side we don’t see as often!

Katy Perry

celebs caught smoking weed katy perry

Image Source

Gotcha! Not Katy’s best look- a far cry from her ‘California Girls’ squeaky-clean music video looks!

Barack Obama

The former President has actually smoked for more years than he’s not, but when his wife allowed him to run for President…

Being President can take its toll…

celebs caught smoking weed barack obama

Image Source

…He agreed to kick the habit in return. But it seems the new job role was even more demanding than imagined, and despite chewing Nicorette chewing gum, he still has the odd puff.

To our surprise, Obama also used to enjoy a joint in his college days and still sticks by his opinion that it’s less harmful than alcohol:

“In terms of its impact on the individual consumer.”


celebs caught smoking weed rihanna

Image Source

Riri is a symbol of her native roots, being open about her love for marijuana.

The Rastafarian community, which was popularised by icons such as Bob Marley, made the the smoking of weed culturally symbolic.

Prince Harry

You could say that Harry is the most relatable royal of them all, especially back in this youth…

Anything for you, Princess

celebs caught smoking weed prince harry

Image Source

The Prince’s smoking and drinking habits were plastered across front covers- the tabloids never gave him a break!

But, it seems Megs has persuaded her man to kick the habit before she’d start a family with him. And he must have done just that, judging by the happy news recently!

Holly Willoughby

celebs caught smoking cigarettes holly willoughby

Image Source

Holly Willoughby smoking…surely not?! National sweetheart Holly and ‘This Morning’ presenter might seem the image of health with that youthful complexion of hers.

But what you maybe didn’t know is that she has a filthy habit, which defies her clean- cut image. Naughty Holly!

Justin Bieber

He might be good at singing, but word on the street he’s also very god at smoking…

Like a chimney…

justin bieber smoking weed

Image Source

Having all the money in the world, from finding fame as a baby faced teen, he’s bound to have picked up some bad habits along the way…

Biebs is known for his rebellious attitude and is often pictured partying and smoking. Maybe his new wife Hailey Baldwin will calm his antics down…

Mila Kunis

Mila can pretty much pull off any look with a face like hers! But we think this one might be pushing it…

Not her best look…

celebs caught smoking cigarettes mila kunis

Image Source

We wouldn’t expect to see her lighting one up sat on the curb, that’s not very A- list of her…

We wonder if she thought those bigger-than-her-head shades would fool us all. It was worth a try…

Angelina Jolie

celebs caught smoking cigarettes angelina jolie

Image Source

Miss Jolie is thought of one of the most beautiful women in the industry – oozing elegance and sophistication.

You would think she only smokes if its required for for a role, but – in fact – Jolie engages in it in her own time too.

Emma Roberts

celebs caught smoking cigarettes emma roberts

Image Source

The star of ‘Wild Child’ really got in to character here. It’s never a good look for these stars is it!

Jennifer Aniston

Image Source

Actress Jennifer Aniston quit for a short period back in 2011, and had to squash pregnancy rumours following it…

After quitting the cigs, the actress admitted:

“I’ve gained a couple of pounds”

It’s better than a few more dead lung cells though Jen!

Ant McPartlin

The taller half of the dynamic duo ‘Ant and Dec’ has been dragged through the headlines recently, following scandal after scandal.

Long way from the jungle…

ant mcpartlin smoking

Image Source

From his prescription drug and alcohol addiction, to his infidelity…he’s had a tough few years.

The ‘I’m a Celeb‘ presenter is working to tackle those demons, but we hope he can nip this habit in the bud while he’s at it!

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