BBC's Casualty: This Is What Your Fave Characters Look Like Now!

By Cara Dudgeon

31st May 2019

BBC Casualty Cast: Your Favourite Characters Then & Now

It’s the medical drama series that our parents ALWAYS used to watch! BBC Casualty is the world’s longest-running emergency medical drama.

It first aired in 1986! By managing to maintain its prime time TV slot – Saturday evenings – it has also broken the record of the longest enduring medical drama show in a prime time slot.

The characters sure did have a hard time of it and this is what they look like NOW!

Josh Griffiths (Ian Bleasdale) – THEN

BBC Casualty's Josh THEN

Image Source/ BBC

Before he was an actor, Ian was a teacher!

Josh was originally supposed to be a guest role but BBC bosses found that audiences liked the character and hence kept hiring him for extra episodes, before finally offering him a permanent contract.

We saw Josh save numerous lives but also saw him lose those closest to him, including his wife and two children.

Since leaving the show in 2007, Ian has gone on to star on Celebrity Masterchef, Law & Order UK and is the presenter of the show, Hospital Heroes.

Ian Bleasdale (Josh Griffiths) – NOW

Maggie Coldwell (Susan Cookson) – THEN

BBC Casualty's Maggie THEN

Image Source/ Casualty Wiki

Maggie was originally a nurse on the show before retraining to become a doctor. Despite having a husband in prison, Maggie still had a romantic interest in Charlie.

Susan had been on the show before, from 1998-2000 she played Julie Day, an anaesthetist. However, Susan is remembered more for her role of Maggie.

She nows lives in Sheffield with her children, Ruari and Dan. Sadly, her husband Malcolm passed away in 2016.

Susan Cookson (Maggie Coldwell) – NOW

BBC Casualty's Maggie NOW

Image Source/ AsianLite

Lara Stone (Christine Stephen-Daly) – THEN

BBC Casualty's Lara THEN

Image Source/ Casualty Wiki

Lara was the Senior House Officer from 2001-2004. She was the kind of person who knew what she wanted and was brilliant at her job.

She wasn’t lucky in the love department though – Patrick died in a motorway crash and she discovered that Simon had been unfaithful on their wedding day!

The last thing Christine is known to have starred in is Doctors in 2018, she starred as Lou Marwood.

Christine Stephen-Daly (Lara Stone) – NOW

BBC Casualty's Lara NOW

Image Source/ BBC

Fin Newton (Kwame Kwei-Armah) – THEN

BBC Casualty's Fin THEN

Image Source/ Casualty Wiki

How could anyone forget Fin?! He may not have had the most patience, but his humour made up for it!

We were all rooting for him and Comfort – their proposal was perhaps the cutest thing on TV EVER!

However, his death was one of the saddest scenes to grace television screens! We still don’t know who committed his murder…

Kwame has gone on to bigger and brighter things since his role of Fin. He is the chancellor for the University of Arts and is the artistic director of the Young Vic.

Kwame Kwei-Armah (Fin Newton) – NOW

Image Source/ Twitter

Comfort Jones (Martina Laird) – THEN

BBC Casualty's Comfort THEN

Image Source/ Casualty Wiki

As hard as it was it see Comfort upset after her divorce from Rob, we were all (not so) secretly obsessed when her and Fin got together.

Since starring in Casualty, Martina has gone on to star on stage and the bigger screen, including the movie Blitz (2011) with Jason Statham!

Martina Laird (Comfort Jones) – NOW

Nick Jordan (Michael French) – THEN

BBC Casualty's Nick THEN

Image Source/ What’s On TV

Nick first appeared in Casualty’s sister show, Holby City, before transferring to Casualty.

He is calculated, manipulative and isn’t afraid to step on toes to get to the top.

Michael’s last on screen role was in 2014, as a guest appearance of his infamous role of David Wicks.

Michael French (Nick Jordan) – NOW

BBC Casualty's Nick NOW

Image Source/ BBC

Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) – THEN

BBC Casualty's Connie THEN

Image Source/ WhatsOnTV

Connie is the takes no nonsense clinical lead that has appeared in both Holby City and Casualty. Despite giving up her role as Connie on Holby City in 2010, she was asked to come back in 2014, but this time in Casualty.

Just ONE DAY after giving birth to her youngest son, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now in remission and was applauded for her work regarding Connie’s cancer.

Amanda has been with her husband, Richard Sainsbury (a screenwriter) since 1998; the couple have two sons, Otis and Milo. The boys have Paul O’Grady, a close friend of Amanda’s, as their godfather!

Amanda Mealing (Connie Beauchamp) – NOW

Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) – THEN

BBC Casualty Charlie Fairchild THEN

Image Source/ Twitter

Charlie is the longest running to be on the show – he has continuously starred in the series since its very first episode!

However, fans of the show may have noticed that Charlie is absent for a few episodes each year, that is because BBC Casualty bosses allow Derek (who plays Charlie) to have two months off every year.

Derek might his wife, Dee, on the set of Casualty! She played ‘Maggie’ – a lady who was rescued from a cave before being brought to the hospital. The pair have been together ever since!

Derek Thompson (Charlie Fairhead) – NOW

BBC Casualty's Charlie NOW

Image Source/ The Sun

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