Charlene Married at First Sight: What Happened To Her After The Show?

Charlene Married at First Sight: What Happened To Her After The Show?

What Happened To Charlene Married at First Sight

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She was a fan favourite on Married at First Sight Australia series five, and viewers loved watching her find love with operations manager Patrick Miller.

The brand manager appeared to have struck gold with Patrick, and the pair stayed together even at the final decision. However, things changed once the show stopped filming.

But where is Charlene Married at First Sight now?

What happened to Charlene Married at First Sight?

As the show wrapped up, Charlene from Married at First Sight was happily married to Patrick Miller. They had a beautiful honeymoon in Tanzania and agreed that they were going to stay together.

However, it didn’t take long for things to take a turn for the worse. According to rumours, after the series Patrick ‘ghosted’ Charlene.

However, Charlene from Married at First Sight later confirmed that the reason for the breakup was because the pair “were at very different stages.”

Charlene MAFS Engagement

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However, the 37-year old has since found happiness with a new man. In an Instagram post, Charlene revealed that she’s now engaged to her fiancé Jonathan Byrne.

She captioned the photo: “Then in July, this special thing happened…..My very clever Mr. Byrnes.” 

In the pictures, she posed for funny shots with Jonathan while holding a glass of wine and showing off her glitzy engagement ring.

She has had other flings since Married at First Sight, including with fellow Melbournian Marcus Tanti and even MAFS co-star Mathew Lockett.

Her Boyfriend

Charlene from Married at First Sight has been dating Jonathan Byrne for over a year. They met on the dating app Bumble.

Things got serious between them this year, as they moved in together in January. While things moved fast, Charlene said that she was very happy with her new beau.

She said: “If I’m a mile-a-minute, he’s two-and-a-half miles a minute.” 

Charlene MAFS Boyfriend

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She has also revealed that she has been freezing her eggs, expressing a desire to have children in the future.

Luckily, new man Jonathan is on the same page – according to Charlene, he’s a career-focused man who also wants children.

She explained:

“We’re both career people. We’re in different industries, but the same industry, so we understand each other at every level.

He’s a little bit older than me, 41, and I think that’s really great. I think dating someone slightly older than me was a good option.”

Where is Patrick now?

So Charlene from Married at First Sight found love, but what happened to Patrick Miller?

Sadly, the operations manager still seems to be single. From his Instagram, he seems to be loving life hanging out with friends and family and visiting Melbourne restaurants.

He did have a short turn as an actor, though. In 2019, he appeared in an X-rated music video for Australian singers Xposed Xotics.

At the time, Patrick said: “What an amazing project this has been working with Xposed Xotics.

I’m no longer a reality TV cast member, I’m now a wannabe actor now. That’s gotta be an upgrade haha.”

Patrick Married at First Sight

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Patrick and Charlene did reunite after the show, but things were strictly friends-only.

He said: “I haven’t caught up with Charlene for a bit but it’s just like seeing an old mate, it felt normal.”

Married At First Sight Series Five

On the whole, the couples on Married at First Sight Australia series five didn’t manage to make it work.

The couple that finished the show the strongest, Melissa and John, ended up splitting not long after the show ended.

In a statement on Instagram, Melissa said that their relationship “wasn’t going anywhere.” 

Married at First Sight Series Five

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There was also drama this season. Couple Sarah and Telv also stayed together after the show ended, and it looked like things were looking good for the pair.

However, not long after, they both appeared in court to take out an Apprehended Violence Order. This meant that they couldn’t speak about each other in public.