George Lineker: All You Need To Know About Gary's Son

By Caitlin Tweddle

28th August 2020

George Lineker: All You Need To Know About Gary’s Son

Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker has four children. His eldest son George, is a down-to-earth man who prefers to stay out of the limelight. However, he has not had the most ordinary life, even discounting his famous father who appears on our television screens every weekend. Here is everything you need to know about the 28 year old.

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Surviving Leukaemia…

When George was a few months old, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Leukaemia can be fatal, especially in infants. On one occasion, George was given one night to live but he battled the odds and survived.

He was treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Gary Lineker described it as a “mini miracle”, which gave him a “greater perspective on life”.

George regularly receives check ups to ensure he is still fit and healthy.

The two now passionately raise money to aid other families who experience similar tragedies. Gary has spoken about his experiences as a parent for Stand Up To Cancer and supports CLIC Sargent, and other cancer charities like Leukaemia Busters.

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George also cycled from London to Paris to raise money for Cure Leukaemia.

What He Does Now…

According to his Instagram, Lineker is the co-founder of an app called Flipper App. The app provides people with a second mobile number which enables them to “communicate without compromising your private number”.

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Sundays with the elites

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It appears George likes to go out with his friends like any other 28 year old. His Insta is full of photos of him socialising, and he often has a beaming grin on his face. It is apparent that family is important to Lineker as his feed frequently shows photos with his brothers and parents.

He has a large following on his Twitter account. He tweets regularly, and comes across as a ordinary guy in his late twenties, tweeting about The Chase, football, and films. You wouldn’t necessarily know he was the son of a famous footballer and sports presenter if it weren’t for the Instagram photos!

Possible Battle With Coronavirus…

In March both George and Gary quarantined for two weeks after they suspected George contracted Coronavirus. Although he was fit and healthy in himself, he lost his sense of taste and smell, which at the time was thought to be a possible symptom of the virus. Now it is understood that it is indeed a symptom.

Tests were not regularly carried out in March, so it is unknown for certain whether he had the virus. Having recovered from the peculiar symptoms, George recently signed up as a volunteer for the NHS to help them find a cure for the deadly illness.

Lineker went to extreme measures to showcase just what Coronavirus can do. He took to his Twitter, posting a video of him doing a ‘taste challenge’ to his 87 thousand followers. He downed a glass of vinegar with lemon without even flinching, highlighting just how little he could taste.

Video Source/Twitter

His dad was also vocal about their time in quarantine. On Twitter he said:

‘In self isolation as @GeorgeLineker has symptoms. They’re not the regular ones, but complete loss of sense of taste and smell.

Odd these have not been pointed out much. Been nearly a week and has spent time at mine. I’ve been vigilant, hand washing/distancing but isolation it is.

Worth being careful if you lose your sense of taste and smell. You could unknowingly have the virus. I checked all this with a doctor before sharing the information. Stay safe.’

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