Recliner Chairs Argos For You To Rest, Relax, And Recharge

By Tharmini Kenas

13th July 2020

Recliner Chairs Argos For You To Rest, Relax, And Recharge

Home is synonymous with comfort. After a long day at work, comfortable home is always a pleasure to go back to shake off the frustrations of the day and just relax. Hence, it is very important to set up a home that is heartwarming and welcoming. 

Moreover, staying at home during the lockdown for the past three months would have shown you that a home is where the heart is. So, it is absolutely necessary to fill it with furniture that are functional, long-lasting and make you happy. 

From shelves and bedside tables to drawers and storage, Argos got you covered!

Recliner chairs are one of the furniture that shout comfort any time of any day. After waking up, after lunch, after work, to read, to snuggle, to relax and to binge-watch your favourite series, recliner chairs are the best. Here are fantastic recliner chairs Argos deals for you! 


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Argos Home Elliot Leather Mix Power Recliner Chair – £480.00

This recliner chair is as comfortable as it looks! Apart from scoring high for its elegant look that will add to the vibe of your space, the Elliot Leather Mix Power Recliner Chair is also built to last. 

It is upholstered in a combination of materials. You will find real leather on the hardwearing parts and faux leather on other parts. As the name suggests, all you need to do is hit a button for the power recliner that will bring you to a whole new level of relaxation and comfort. 

It comes with pocket sprung seat that is comfortable and will help to retain the shape of the chair for a very long time. Hence, it will look as good as new even when you have had it for years. 

What’s more, there is also free fabric swatch available. So, you will be able to see if it suits the decor of your living room, reading room, or bedroom before you hit the purchase button! 

Recliner chairs argos

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Argos Home Blake Fabric Manual Recliner Chair – £350.00

Settle back into this fabric haven after a long day! The cool grey linen fabric exudes a modern vibe that will uplift your home the moment you place it there. If modern, contemporary, and elegant are what you are looking for, you found your deal. 

Appealingly, the recliner chair has gently curved padded armrests and headrest that makes it look inviting. When it comes to recliner chairs, inviting is what you want. It also comes with a manual recliner.  

All you need to do is grab a cup of hot coffee, a book or a new movie, lie back and enjoy the rest of your day with this perfectly designed recliner chair from recliner chairs Argos collection. 

Recliner chairs argos

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Argos Home Warwick Leather Power Recliner Chair – £500.00

This special chair from recliner chairs Argos collection comes with two very interesting features. It reclines into any position you want and it will also lift you to your feet when you want to get up! 

This chair is practically a lifesaver for those who have trouble getting up after sitting for an extended period of time. 

Amazingly, this chair is hand-crafted in corrected grain leather on the seats, arms, and back cushion making it comfortable and looking great in any space in your home. The design of this recliner chair is thorough and meticulous to ensure maximum relaxation when you sink into it. 

For instance, the seat cushion is filled with foam, the arms of the chair are firm enough to assist you to get out of the chair, and the back provides extra support for the lower back, shoulders, and neck. 

Recliner chairs argos

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Argos Home Carmilla Fabric Manual Recliner Chair – £175.00

If you are not a fan of leather or dark colours, you will love the Argos Home Camilla Fabric Manual Recliner Chair. The recliner chair is made from 100% polyester and wrapped in a mix of premium fabric, making it comfortable and highly practical. 

Apart from that, the chair comes with a fancy finish, all thanks to its accent stitching. The reclining chair’s tasteful fanciness will add to your decor and enhance the mood of your space. 

Fascinatingly, the fixed seat and fixed cushions come with pocket sprung foam filling and free fabric swatch is available if you want to make sure it fits your space the way you want it to. 

Recliner chairs argos

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Argos Home Santos Recliner Chair And Footstool – £250.00

Now, put your hands together for the recliner chair that comes with its own footstool! The Argos Home Santos Recliner Chair and Footstool is comfortable, elegant, and stylish. The chair prioritises your comfort above all else. 

Having said that, it does not compromise on the looks. Upholstered in rich dark brown leather-effect fabric, you would be surprised to see how well it blends into your decor while uplifting the mood at the same time. 

The chair comes in three colours which are black, brown, and ivory perfect for any types of decor or vibe. It stands on wooden feet and comes with padded armrests. It is tastefully designed to cater to the needs of the user and its surrounding. 

Recliner chairs argos

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Recliner Chairs Argos: Here’s How You Can Make Your Way To Ultimate Comfort 

Getting out and about might not be back to normal yet, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get comfortable at your home. Purchase your recliner chairs Argos online and treat yourself to some tasteful comfort. 

Visit Argos’ website, browse through the amazing Argos recliner chair collections and choose one that feels like home to you. The website enables users to explore by touch on their phones. Touch or with swipe gestures, you can add the items to your basket, review, and enter to select to pay. 

Finally, make your payment and wait for your recliner chair to arrive at your doorstep! 

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