Argos Drawers: Classy Home At Affordable Prices

By Tharmini Kenas

12th June 2020

Argos Drawers: Classy Home At Affordable Prices

Staying at home for a long stretch of time without having any outdoor plans would have made you creative to come up with indoor activities. Especially if you have kids who need to be entertained at all times, you must have spent a lot of time spring cleaning your house after each play session!

What’s more, you must have realised that you need to organise your home once and for all before you get back to business in the new normal. 

We have an easy yet affordable solution for you: Argos drawers that will help you to sort out your home from being messy to classy without leaving a hole in your wallet. 

Argos Drawers

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Argos Home 4 Drawer Storage Unit – £20.00

Let’s start with sorting out your bathroom. A cluttered bathroom is sore to the eyes as well as highly hazardous. If you have a bathroom counter that is overflowing with bathroom essentials, it is time for you to take a look at Argos Home 4 Drawer Storage Unit. 

Besides helping you to store your essentials such as personal care products, towels, tissue rolls in their own drawer space, this product will add elegance to your bathroom. It comes in three colours which are white, black and grey which means you can choose the colour that best fits your bathroom decor. 

A bathroom drawer can be elegant as it is functional! What’s more, it requires minimal assembly and comes with the manufacturer’s one year guarantee. 

Argos Drawers

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Argos Home Seville 3 Draw Chest Of Drawers – £40.00

Petite, simple, elegant and real value for money is what Argos Home Seville 3 Draw Chest Of Drawers is all about! This product is suitable for small places and compact living. Since it comes in white, dark oak and oak colours, it will blend right in with your decor. 

Interestingly, it is made from FSC certified timber making it a sturdy product. Weighing just 13kg, you can assemble it yourself with the help of one other person quite easily. 

If you are looking to organise your student apartment or your children’s bedrooms, this drawer chest is perfect since it would not take up a lot of room. But, you will be able to organise the space and give it a classy makeover at one go!

Argos Drawers

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Argos Home Scandinavia 4 Drawer Chest – £75.00

If you are tired of one size fits all drawer, the Argos Home Scandinavia 4 Drawer Chest is what you need. It comes with two narrow drawers where you can arrange small items, one wide drawer for larger items such as clothes and toys and most importantly, one extra deep drawer for bulky items that you will usually shove under the bed. 

This drawer chest is perfect for bedroom storage where you can store a wide range of products and it adds a Scandinavian vibe to the bedroom with its solid wood look made of pine and MDF. 

Fascinatingly, this drawer chest comes in a natural unpainted finish. You get to decide if you want to stain, paint or varnish it to suit the decor of your bedroom. Otherwise, if you are all in for a natural look, just leave it as it is!  

Argos Drawers

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Argos Home Scandinavia 7 Drawer Tallboy – £112.00

Just like the name suggests, this drawer is tall and perfect for small and limited space. If you are trying to optimise your already limited space, Argos Home Scandinavia 7 Drawer Tallboy is the perfect solution. 

What’s more, it comes with deep drawers and gives you generous space to organise your belongings. From clothes and blankets to files and art supplies, this drawer will cater to your needs without any issue. 

The drawer is made up of solid wood, making it sturdy and adds value to your money. Interestingly, the tallboy will also add a quirky vibe to your space! 

Argos Drawers

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Argos Home Jenson 5 Drawer Chest – £155.00

Tend to your minimalistic nature with the Jenson collection. Firstly, it comes with five drawers giving you more space to declutter your home. However, this minimalistic product will not appear bulky or look odd in your living room or bedroom. 

It has a matte finish and a handle-less design giving it a clean and neat look. Instead of standing out and going against your decor, it will take your decor up a notch with its subtle elegance. More importantly, it functions as sleek as it looks. 

Each drawer comes with a subtle lip for opening and glides out easily on smooth metal runners. Hence, no creaks every time you or your kids pull it open or push it close. It is perfect for your living room and bedroom where you can store all the essentials inside the drawers and ornaments on the top surface. 

Argos Drawers

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How To Get Your Argos Drawers Right Away? 

Although the lockdown restrictions are being eased, it might not be easy or very safe for you to go out and about to shop for your Argos drawers. 

However, you can get Argos drawers delivered right to your doorstep! 

According to Argos, 

“Following government guidelines, we are now able to safely deliver large items to your doorstep. Click here for more details.”

“Argos stores in Sainsbury’s supermarkets are also open, for the collection of pre-paid online orders. We would encourage you to order items for home delivery and to only collect whilst doing your essential food shopping at Sainsbury’s.”

Argos Drawers

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Argos Drawers: Get Them Online In Just A Few Steps! 

All you have to do is visit Argos’ website, browse through the drawer collections, and choose the drawers that suit your needs the best! Add the items to your basket, review, and enter to select to pay. 

While you are at it, you should also take a look at Argos Shelves, Argos Cabin Bed, and Argos Storage for more home organising ideas!  

Voila! All you have to do is wait for your delivery from Argos.

If you need more info, 

Click here for our latest updates on our stores, website, and contact centre. Thank you for your continued patience and support.” 

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