TOWIE Star Danielle Armstrong's Baby: All About The New Mum

By Caitlin Tweddle

11th June 2020

TOWIE Star Danielle Armstrong’s Baby: All About The New Mum

The wait for Danielle Armstrong‘s baby to arrive is finally over! Her daughter, Orla Mae Edney was born on May 26th. Becoming a first-time mum is hard enough at the best of times, never mind during a pandemic. Is she adjusting to the new lifestyle well, and does she love being a mum to a baby girl?

Danielle armstrong baby

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Who Is Danielle Armstrong?

The blonde beauty joined the TOWIE cast back in 2013 for its tenth series. She filmed with the crew for nine series, leaving in 2016. But she could not stay away for long, as she appeared in the 21st and 25th series in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

She was known for her turbulent relationship with co-star James Locke (nicknamed “Lockie”) who is still a cast member on TOWIE.

Since leaving the show she has settled down with the love of her life. She recently made a YouTube channel which features videos of her beautiful new home, makeup tutorials, and lots of baby content.


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Miss Armstrong also has a huge following on Instagram with a whopping 1.3 million followers. She uses the platform to document her life, as well as promote her nutrition plan.

Who’s Her Baby Daddy?

Orla’s dad is Danielle’s fiancé Tom Edney. The pair became a couple 22 years after they had first met, although they had a brief relationship when they were 18. She introduced her new beau to her followers on Instagram back in September 2019 saying:

“Life has a funny way of working out just when I decided to give up on love my friend of 22 years swept me off my feet. You don’t find love it finds you, it’s got a little a to do with destiny & fate, and what’s written in the stars #mybestfriend#love#happiness

The couple were together for two months when they decided they wanted to make the relationship serious. Tom moved in with Danielle, and they found out they were going to have a baby when they had been together for four months. Armstrong announced the news on Instagram in November 2019.

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The Best Part Of Us Will Be You 👶🏼💗💙

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The pair bought their first home together back in February and not long after that Tom popped the question while on holiday in Dubai. The couple documented some of these incredible moments and uploaded them onto Danielle’s YouTube channel to share with the world.

What Kind Of Content Has She Been Sharing?

The reality star has been giving us what we want and shared her entire pregnancy on her YouTube channel. It is called “Danni Keeping It Real” and she certainly has been doing just that. Her videos are full of humour, energy and are down-to earth in style.

Most of the videos she has shared have been about her pregnancy. She tried hypnobirthing, filmed regular pregnancy updates, as well as life updates. She filmed a video with Tom about their engagement, and has given a tour around her new house which they bought just in time for the baby.

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The channel showcases Danni’s relationship with Orla’s dad Tom a lot. He was originally kept as a mystery before the announcement of their pregnancy, so it has been great to be able to see the two together. Their dynamic is definitely a fun one, and it is obvious that they are totally loved up.

When Was Orla Born?

The birth of Danielle Armstrong baby was announced on Instagram. She shared the cutest photo of Orla wearing a white bobble hat wrapped in a beautiful pink blanket to announce her arrival.

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She also shared an Instagram Story of her breastfeeding her daughter shortly after the birth. She told fans:

‘Orla kept us waiting. I’m not even going to talk about the labour, I’ll save that for another day. She’s here and that’s all that matters.

‘I am exhausted. I think all women who have children are superheroes. And the midwives.

‘I literally feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.

‘I’m so pleased she’s here, I feel like the happiest girl in the world’.

She has hinted that she will talk about the labour at some point in the future. Hopefully it won’t be too long until she gives us all the details, but the most important thing is that she seems to be incredibly happy with her new family of three.

How Is She Adjusting?

It seems that everything is going too quickly for Danielle’s liking. Last week she posted a gorgeous set of photos of Orla saying:

“How Are You Already 1 Week #babygirl

She has been incredibly candid about her journey into motherhood. Alongside the beautiful pics of Orla, Danni has maintained her sense of humour, posting pictures of her yawning, or looking frazzled. Even so, she is still glowing.

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Using the hashtag #justwingingit, Miss Armstrong is not scared to be honest about her experience at motherhood. That kind of honesty is definitely a breath of fresh air. We can’t wait to see what else she has to say about the lessons she has learnt as Orla grows.

Who Else From TOWIE Have Recently Become Parents?

Danielle is not the only TOWIE star to have given birth recently. Earlier this year, Lydia Bright also gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Loretta Rose. She was born in February, and Lydia has not disappointed us as she has been posting tonnes of baby content on her Insta.

Lucy Mecklenburgh has also had to adjust to motherhood in lockdown. Her gorgeous baby boy, Roman Ravello Thomas arrived in the beginning of March. She has spoken candidly about her struggles with being a new mum, which may well be heightened because of the current situation. But it is clear that she is absolutely besotted with her son.

Shelby Tribble also announced a couple of weeks ago that she and Sam Muckloware expecting a baby of their own.

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They found out that they are having a baby boy, due later on this year, and seem ecstatic. The pair have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, but it is nice to see them settled down and happy together.

Other TOWIE stars who are expecting their own bundles of joy are Maria Fowler, and Lauren Pope.

Maria and husband Kelvin Batey are expecting a second daughter. She told fans the brilliant news back in March, just as the UK was entering its period in lockdown.

Lauren announced her good news only a couple weeks before Maria. She is now in her 3rd trimester, so it won’t be long until she gets to meet her son or daughter.

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I now understand why pregnant women always touch there bump, we just can’t help it lol! 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼 Pregnancy is tough work thats for sure but I’m told that once the bump has gone you miss it so much, anyone found this?⠀ ⠀⠀ ➡️ On another note…To any other mums or expectant mums you are welcome to come & join @themumspace Facebook Group, a safe space we chat about just about everything & ask each other Q’s& advice! ❤️⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ We host free expert live chats every Tues at 1pm with @yahoouk where you can ask your questions direct to a whole host of amazing people including midwives, doulas, sleep experts etc and then every Thursday we have a different ‘how to’ video for you, last week was bump painting & baby massage! 👼🏼

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Clearly love is in the air in Essex at the moment!

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