Lucy Mecklenburgh Baby & Relationship With Hubby Ryan Thomas

By Amelia Slater 3 years ago

Lucy Mecklenburgh Baby & Relationship With Hubby Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh's baby has been the talk of the town since the couple announced they were pregnant with their first child.

CBB winner and former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas and the glamorous reality star Lucy Mecklenburgh have been dating since 2017. The pair celebrated their engagement last year and discovered a baby was on the way shortly after.

Lucy first gained fame after appearing on reality show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) from 2010 to 2015, which documented her relationships with both Mark Wright and Mario Falcone.

How did reality and soap worlds collide? Well, it all started on an uninhabited Pacific island...

lucy mecklenburgh baby

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May 2017 - Dating Rumours Begin To Circulate

After Ryan, 35, and former The Only Way Is Essex star Lucy, 28, both took part in reality survival show Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls, the two appeared to get close and sparks flew. There was an obvious attraction from the start and a source told the Daily Mail:
'There's definitely a mutual attraction which is getting everyone excited.'

June 2017 - The Two Posted Pictures Of The Same Hotel Room In Panama

Lucy got hearts racing after sharing a sexy black and white naked shot of herself perched on the edge of a bath overlooking the scenic views of Panama. Then, to add more fuel to fire, Ryan Thomas posted photos of the same hotel room.

One fan asked:
'Take it you're with @ryanthomas84 given he's in Panama also????'


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What a view 💦☕️ #panama #bath #viewgoals #booty

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Ryan Posted A Snap Of A Suspiciously Similar Looking Tub...


ryan thomas panama shot

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July 2017 - The Pair Make It Official

The couple finally make it Instagram official in July. Lucy posted a shot of the pair embracing in Ibiza, captioning the cute snap with a love heart. She also told Fabulous magazine that:
'It's no secret that we've been on holiday together, and I've had a really lovely time. Life's good. It’s really early days. If it’s OK with you, I’d like to leave it at that.'


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August 2017 - Bear Grylls' Celebrity Island Airs, Showing The Pair Get Close And Romance Blossom

The pair were shown getting up close and personal on Celebrity Island as contestants looked on. Contestant Iwan Thomas remarked:
'Look at these love birds.'

lucy mecklenburgh ryan thomas bear grylls

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Ryan later told Lorraine in an interview that Lucy's presence on the island had helped him with his own journey, saying:
'It was amazing to have Lucy there with me. Someone of the same age, a companion. It was a real pleasure.'

lucy mecklenburgh baby ryan thomas

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The pair took things to the next level when Ryan introduced the ex-TOWIE star to his ten-year-old daughter Scarlett.

October 2017 - Break-up Rumours Begin

After posting a scathing photo of a frog on her Instagram story captioned 'I seem to attract frogs/toads', fans were certain that the couple had split.

However, it turns out the reality star wasn't trying to slate her beau but had travelled over to Melbourne to support Ryan whilst he was working on Australian soap opera Neighbours.


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Clean shaven he looks like my toyboy 🤣😅🤦🏽‍♀️ ❤️ @ryanthomas84

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August 2018 - Ryan Enters The Celebrity Big Brother House

Ryan took part in the twenty-second and final ever series of Celebrity Big Brother, entering on Day 1. He went on to find himself embroiled in a massive domestic abuse scandal following an incident with fellow housemate and former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett.

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Roxanne Pallett Accused The Former Soap Star Of Abuse In The House

Roxanne Pallett, who starred as Jo Stiles on ITV's Emmerdale from 2005-2008, falsely accused Ryan of assaulting her during a playful altercation where Ryan accidentally caught her arm.

The actress then refused to even sleep in the same room as Ryan, branding him a 'woman beater'.

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Roxanne made the decision to leave the house following 25,000 Ofcom complaints from viewers. Ryan went on to win the series and Roxanne made a public apology to him and his family over the ordeal, claiming she 'got it wrong'.

'...Watching the person you love go through hell. It’s been extremely upsetting and uncomfortable to watch'

Over social media, Lucy stuck by her man, telling followers:
'It’s been the hardest couple of days. Watching the person you love go through hell. It’s been extremely upsetting and uncomfortable to watch.

'I still can’t imagine how painful this all must have been for him, I really can’t. I’m trying not to to be honest as every time I do I burst into tears and want to get into my car to drive to Elstree to get him out!! But finally it’s over. Thank you for all the kind supportive messages u have sent me and Ryan's family. P.S Karma.'


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My 💙

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June 2019 - Ryan Pops The Question On A Romantic Getaway In Italy

Whilst holidaying in Italy, Ryan proposed to Lucy after two years of dating. Sharing a picture of the loved up moment, Lucy excitedly told followers: 'I said YES'.

In spite of the romantic photo, Ryan told OK! magazine that the moment wasn't as fairytale perfect as we might have thought...
'Lucy kept me waiting before she said yes... then she threw up!'



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I said YES 💍❤️ @ryanthomas84

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In the interview with OK! following their engagement, the couple revealed that they weren't planning on starting a family any time soon.

Lucy said:
'At the start of our relationship, Ryan told me that he couldn’t see himself having any more children. It wasn’t something I pushed at the time because I wasn’t ready to have kids and I assumed that he would change his mind one day.

'It’s something we’ve since had to have an adult conversation about and we’ve agreed we will try for children when the time is right.'

Hubby Ryan agreed:
'I definitely want children with Lucy but I don’t think it’ll happen for a few years.'


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Can we do it all again please @ryanthomas84 😭💍❤️🥰

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August 2019 - Ryan Thomas And Lucy Mecklenburgh's Baby Joy

It looks like the plan for children wasn't far into the future after all!

In the summer of 2019, just two months after getting engaged, Lucy announces that the couple are expecting their first child, sharing a picture of her impressive baby bump.


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Best birthday present I’ve ever had 👶🤰 love you @ryanthomas84 ❤️🥰

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Lucy's BFF and former TOWIE co-star Lydia Bright is also expecting a baby and the two have been excited to share their pregnancy journeys with one another.

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Last month, a very pregnant Lucy Mecklenburgh and fiancé Ryan Thomas shared a picture of her ever-growing bump in anticipation of their baby boy, captioning it: 'see ya soon mate'.

With the due date of their unborn son just around the corner, the yummy mummy has never looked more gorgeous!

Time to get the hospital bags ready.

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