Shelby TOWIE Pregnant: All About The Mom-To-Be

By Tharmini Kenas

26th May 2020

Shelby TOWIE Pregnant: All About The Mum-To-Be

The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) stars, Shelby Tribble and Sam Mucklow used to be friends before hooking up on the reality television show. Later, they left the show to focus on their relationship and to build a family.

Around a week ago, the reality star couple made an exciting announcement. Shelby Tribble is now pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Sam Mucklow. 

More about Shelby and Sam expecting their first child, the baby’s gender, their relationship, and Shelby’s troubled past.

The Grand Announcement From The Parents-To-Be! 


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Shelby and Sam both posted their announcement on Instagram with an almost similar note. The mom-to-be was glowing and showed off her baby bump while the dad-to-be was hugging her. They shared that,  

“Something fantastic is making us glad, we’re changing our names to Mum and Dad.”

The couple received heaps of congratulatory messages from their co-stars such as Demi SimsFerne McCann, and Chloe Meadows as well as fans and followers. 

The parents-to-be have been excited and it shows through their social media posts. In a very recent video, they revealed the gender of their baby. Opening a wardrobe full of blue baby boy clothes and balloons, the excitement hit the roof for Sam and Shelby. 

Sam And Shelby’s Relationship Before Shelby TOWIE Pregnant News! 

Shelby TOWIE pregnant

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The couple hit it off during TOWIE and wanted to take their relationship to the next level. Hence, Sam decided to leave the show. 

Ostensibly, juggling with filming and tied up with other work commitments became harder and he decided to leave the show. 

According to Sam, 

“Me and @shelbytribble have never been happier and we are continuing our little fairytale away from the pressure and anxiety from the show.”

Surprisingly, he was confident about his drastic decision to focus on the things important to him. 

“I really feel I have made the right decision to focus on the things that are truly important to me!”

“I’m walking away with a smile on my face and a beautiful girl on my arm 🥰 Thank you, everyone, at @towie @limepicturestv & @itvbe ✌️.”

What About Shelby And What Are Her Thoughts About Their Relationship? 


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Interestingly, their sex life was off the meters. Apparently, they have the best sex life and Shelby even claimed that it is the best sex she had ever had. 

Apart from steamy sex life, the couple also made plans for a life together. Shelby was sure that Sam will be her husband. It helped that he came from a big family and Shelby wanted to be a part of a big family. 

Shelby Fell Hard For Sam Before The Whole Shelby TOWIE Pregnant Chapter…


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Shelby revealed that she trusts Sam whole-heartedly. Admiringly, he makes her feel good about herself and brings out the best in her. Both of them bring the best out of each other and feel secure about each other. 

However, Sam has a flirty personality but Shelby takes it sportingly as, at the end of the day, he goes back home to her. 

“The thing with me is me and Sam we were friends initially. I already know what Sam is all about so for me it’s a very different relationship.”

And Here’s Why She Thinks He Would Be An Amazing Dad…


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The couple was quite outspoken and straightforward about getting married and having babies. 

Shelby TOWIE pregnant found her match made in heaven since Sam got so many qualities that she loves in a man. She figured out that he would make a great partner and dad with the way he is with her. 

Apart from that, Shelby was greatly impressed with Sam’s work ethics, hardworking nature, his ability to make her laugh, his caring and supportive nature. 

“To me, he’s an amazing man so why would I not see myself marrying and having kids with him.” 

Fun Fact: Sam Wanted To Have Kids With Shelby All Along Too! 

Not only Shelby was thinking of building a family with Sam, but Sam was also thinking the same. 

“I want to have kids soon and I see that with Shelby. She will be such a good mum. She’s great with my nephews, you should see her with them.”

Fascinatingly, Sam and Shelby spent a summer together in Spain. More interestingly, Sam’s family, sisters and everyone at his home now love her! 

But, All Was Not Well Between The Sweet Couple

Shelby TOWIE pregnant

Image Source/The Sun

The couple had their fair share of problems in the past. Before they hit it off, Sam went a tad too far when he kissed Shelby when they were just friends. 

The unexpected kiss worsened the situation and strained their relationship. 

Understandably, Shelby felt disrespected and was disappointed in him as a friend. 

Intuitively, she felt that it wasn’t a nice gesture from a friend and they even stopped talking for a while. Shelby was reluctant to be friends with Sam again.

“I don’t really trust him anymore, you should be able to trust your friends.”

But, the couple graciously overcame the misunderstanding. Shelby started trusting Sam again. Now, they are looking forward to welcome a baby boy into the world together. 

Shelby’s Heartbreaking Past…

Shelby TOWIE pregnant

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Shelby TOWIE pregnant story comes with happiness but behind the happy mom-to-be, there is a horrible past that she struggles to forget. 

Shelby was bullied by her classmates for her flat chest and moles when she was studying at Notre Dame in Plymouth leading her to boob job, Botox, and lip fillers. 

Sadly, she didn’t stand up for herself and her bullies kept on bullying her. Worse, someone even hit her once and she found out that her own friends egged her on to do it. 

Unable to deal with it all, she used to cry to her mum constantly. It is heartbreaking that she is affected by the bullying even now as an adult. Every time she looks in the mirror she thinks that she is not good enough. 

“Being flat-chested used to really bother me. As a teenager, I used to put fillers in my bra.”

The New Shelby TOWIE Pregnant Has Moved On From Her Past With A Brave Decision…

Shelby TOWIE pregnant

Image Source/Plymouth Live

Shelby went through procedures that caused her great pain and she decided to not go back for more treatments. 

Originally, she intended to take her lip filler out and put some back once it settled down. 

Ostensibly, Sam loved her new look after taking out the lip fillers and was suggesting that she should not put it back in. 

Apart from Sam’s positive affirmations regarding her look without fillers, Shelby also received messages from other girls in similar boats. 

“I’ve had messages from girls saying they had filler as they thought it would make them feel more confident but now I’ve inspired them to realise they don’t need it anymore.” 


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Triumphantly, Shelby started embracing her natural look and love herself more. She ditched her fake lashes, toned down her hair to soft brown and removed her hair extensions. 

“Even now I am still learning to really love myself and not care what people think.”

Undoubtedly, Shelby is all set to be a wonderful mum to her baby boy. 

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