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By Dan Strayer

5th May 2020

Stephen Mulhern Partner and Dating Life

Today we’ll explore Stephen Mulhern’s partner and his dating life.

Stephen Mulhern partner? In the early days of his successful TV career, it was none other than Holly Willoughby.

Who is Stephen Mulhern?

Stephen Mulhern, age 43, is one of the top-earning broadcast presenters thanks to an extensive workload.

Now for a quick rundown of his career. Starting out as a magician as a youth, Mulhern, who turned 43 in the first week of April, now serves as a TV presenter for several long-running programmes on ITV. He’s often recognised for presenting and/or appearing on popular television shows like Britain’s Got More Talent, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, In For a Penny, Big Star Little Star and Catchphrase.

He forged that career through regular appearances in children’s programming, with Holly & Stephen’s Saturday Showdown and Tricky TV.

Mulhern doubles down on his presenting work through weekly reps as a radio host on Sunday morning show Stephen Mulhern & Emma Willis on Heart network from 9 am-12 pm. His closeness on air with the veteran game show/reality show host will come up again shortly.

Stephen Mulhern Partner? Apparently, it’s Emma Willis?!

Well then: that was quick! Now for some background information on why the Big Brother host is the object of his eye.

A hard worker

Stephen Mulhern partners with a variety of hosting starlets, including Emma Willis on Heart.
SOURCE: Wikipedia

Firstly, Mulhern is often cheeky about his personal life, as documented previously. As he himself puts it, Willis is the “one woman” in his life.

In 2018, he admitted to Celebs Now that his workaholic lifestyle severely affects his dating life. So much so that he says at that time that he had not dated in four years.

“That makes me sound really sad! I need a life. I need to stop working so much.”

ITV bosses appear to be pleased with the results. As a result of all the TV shows he appears on, Mulhern is reported to have earned £3 million for his work in 2018, surpassing the likes of Phillip Schofield and Piers Morgan.

That figure marks nearly a £1 million raise from his £2.2 million 2017 salary. So busy is Mulhern that he has ruled out online dating altogether.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby surround our friend on the set of This Morning.

No magic tricks: Mulhern knows about Matt

Secondly, Willis is married to McBusted’s Matt Willis, so Mulhern and Willis both know what he’s doing here.

“There’s only one woman in my life and that’s Emma Willis! She’s so nice. There’s no nonsense: you want any advice, she’ll bring it.

“I was at her husband Matt’s McBusted concert with her recently and she said: ‘By the way, if the camera comes on us, we’ve got to kiss.’

“She swears she never set this up, but the camera did come on us and we went for it ­when you see the pictures, it’s really funny.”

Emma Willis and Stephen Mulhern host a Sunday morning radio show

Thirdly, Stephen himself has been through the relationship ringer. EastEnders actress Emma Barton was his girlfriend for several years. According to Mulhern, the former couple met when they starred in pantomimes together in 2008, and dated for three years.

The story holds that they first met doing pantomimes like Snow White in 2008. Sadly, Mulhern says their romance reached its “natural end” in 2011. Interestingly, Mulhern returned to take part in a Crawley-based panto performance of Snow White in 2017.

Another EastEnders crush? Sort of

Finally, there are some hints as to who his, ahem, “type” is. Once again, we return to a 2019 episode of a little ITV show called Britain’s Got More Talent to find out who. And, the ideal Stephen Mulhern partner is…

“My 80s crush was Michelle Fowler, and I also know her real name, Susan Tully.”

You heard right: Michelle Fowler (really, Susan Tully) on EastEnders. What is it with this guy and the EastEnders-fuelled love life?

Does he believe in magic?

Mulhern does – at least in the practising sense. He is an on and off-member of The Magic Circle and got his start performing magic tricks at a local Butlins. Such is his popularity for magic tricks on the small screens these days that he has earned suspensions from the Circle. It seems that he has a knack for revealing a bit too much about how a trick works.

Mulhern’s Phoenix-like rise as one of the UK’s top-earning presenters originates from a 1997 appearance as a magician on The Big Big Talent Show featuring Jonathan Ross as host.

From there, Stephen earned a shot at appearing on the Royal Variety Performance for 1997. Consequently, Mulhern’s on-screen presence expanded to children’s hosting gigs for CITV, including this stint on The Quick Trick Show in 2001.

Influenced by his family

So who is the real Stephen Mulhern partner? In many ways, you need to look no further than his father.

Born in Stratford in 1977, Mulhern is the son of Christopher and Maureen Mulhern. He has a younger brother named Vinny. Vinny has previously been snapped aboard cruise ships with Stephen.

Stephen’s love for magic stems from father Christopher, who taught young Stephen several of the magic tricks that would help him forge the career he maintains.

Mulhern on Instagram and Twitter

Outside of work, Mulhern isn’t shy on social media. With over 300,000 followers on his official Instagram account, he uses IGTV to share his gifts in magic to a delighted audience.

No word yet on how these kinds of posts go over with The Magic Circle.

However, Mulhern’s go-to social medium is Twitter. Posting more frequently to his nearly 650,000 followers, Mulhern once again goes on and on about his television work.


…old habits…


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