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16th October 2019

Eye-Opening Details of Emma Willis’ Net Worth

Emma Willis net worth has been buoyed in part due to her accomplishments as a TV presenter, particularly for The Voice.
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Emma Willis’ net worth is clearly heading in a positive direction. Here is a list of accomplishments that clearly owe to a good juggling act between career and family.

Many Different Gigs for The Voice Kids Presenter

It can be dazzling to analyse just how many roles the former Emma Griffiths assumes these days. Emma takes on a variety of roles, both paid and unpaid:

  • The Voice Kids presenter.
  • The presenter for The Voice UK since 2014.
  • The presenter for Celebrity Big Brother since 2013.
  • Mother of three – to Isabelle, 8, Ace, 5, and Trixie-Grace, 2.
  • Wife to husband Matt Willis, vocalist for Busted.
  • Weekly appearances on Heart FM’s Sunday Morning Breakfast show.
  • She’s a brand ambassador for Eylure range of eyelashes and several other brands.
  • Contributor and guest presenter to other shows including This Morning, Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, her documentary series Emma Willis: Delivering Babies and more.

Overcoming a Career Setback

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Emma has come a long way as a television host since being let go by MTV in 2005, according to Cosmopolitan:

“In 2005, not long after I met Matt, MTV decided not to renew my contract…It meant that I didn’t have a job or any money. We lived together (in London) and he supported me because I had nothing. At one point I thought I was going to have to move home to Birmingham.”

A presenting role on Big Brother’s Little Brother came up shortly after, meaning Emma didn’t have to uproot and go back home.

Nearly 15 years after her contract was not renewed, Emma Willis’ net worth reflects confidence and on-screen presence that would rival any of the UK’s leading television presenters.

What is Her Net Worth?

It has been reported by Spears this month that Emma is estimated to be worth £2 million for all her hard work. As one of the UK’s most visible TV presenters, the Birmingham native is currently not at risk to return home or count on support.

In fact, the role of the main provider in the Willis family is changing. Matt has taken up acting as Emma Willis’ net worth has taken off:

“At the moment Busted are taking a break and he’s focusing on doing acting classes, so he’s not earning.”

“We have savings and I’m working, so it works. I say, ‘Go to your acting class and get really f*cking good, because one day I won’t have a job and you’re going to have to support me!’”

“That’s marriage and a relationship. I want him to do what makes him happy, and if that means studying for a little while, then great.”

More About That Marriage

Emma Willis net worth has been buoyed by husband Matt Willis, vocalist for Busted
SOURCE: Daily Express

Close inspection shows that the Emma-Matt dynamic is one of work-life balance, but also for keeping the romance alive. They’ve been married since 2008 and held a vow renewal ceremony in July. The ceremony was memorable in several different respects:

  • The impromptu reunion of the band McFly.
  • A service conducted by magician Stephen Mulhern.
  • The female attendees had the option of wearing their own wedding dress.

The celebrity couple decided to renew their wedding vows in front of their famous friends on Saturday, and the service was conducted by (sic) non other than magician Stephen Mulhern.

Guests in attendance included Rochelle Humes and her husband Marvin, as well as a shock reunion from McFly – who performed at the wedding reception for the first time in two years.

To make the day even more special, all of Emma and Matt’s female friends and family members wore wedding dresses to the ceremony, as did Emma, and it was an idea that went down a treat with everyone.

Emma Willis net worth has been supported by husband Matt Willis, a musician. They renewed their vows in 2018.
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Keeping It Fresh

Additionally, Emma told Hello that her relationship with Matt is one that stays fresh. To that end, the two like to use both spontaneity and the dependability of family members.

Emma (talked) about how she and Matt keep the romance alive, admitting that their date nights are often spontaneous.

“Matt was at a gig the other night and I had been at meetings, so we went along to [a friend’s] party. Sometimes my mum will say, ‘We can look after them tonight,’ and you ask, ‘If that’s alright?’ and then peg it!”

Emma Willis’ Charity Work

Emma Willis starred in a documentary series covering her training to become a midwife.

Another thing Emma has pegged is a commitment to charitable works.

That said, with Emma Willis’ net worth comes to a dedication to helping those less fortunate than she.

She has been in the spotlight since she was 17 years old when she first began her modelling career. Her dedication to a variety of causes dear to her and to her friends have been many, tackling causes close to her heart.

In January, Emma collaborated with Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby and Gok Wan in support of The Orchid Project. The Orchid Project is a charity dedicated to ending female genital cutting (FGC).

Emma Willis Net Worth Comes With An On-Air Salute to Midwives

Emma Willis rocking a bleach blonde haircut
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This charitable approach has extended into Emma’s television career. As a mother and person concerned for the well-being of mothers and childbirth, Emma developed the programme Emma Willis: Delivering Babies in 2018. The 10 episode show on W showed Emma training as a midwife, the realisation of a passion project for the mother of three. She announced in on social media originally in May 2018, complete with a promotional photo from the show.

“I’ve been so excited to announce this!!!! Experiencing what it’s like to be a midwife is a dream come true!”

“If I wasn’t doing my current job, I would have loved to work in a hospital. Blood, guts and the workings of the body have always fascinated me.” 

Emma has said that delivering a baby was on her “bucket list.” As she told TV Life just before the programme first aired:

“I want to deliver a baby, or at least see a delivery. I think it would be incredible to witness.”

A positive fan response

Accordingly, fans of the show have responded positively to Emma’s training. For mothers who are broody for a new baby, and those considering (or wishing they had considered) a career in midwifery alike.

What’s Next for Emma Willis Net Worth?

As The Voice UK is a year-round franchise, the 42-year-around Emma won’t be leaving our Saturday night television screens anytime soon. With daily commitments to the Celebrity Big Brother schedule, it’s difficult to anticipate any breaks in the schedule.

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