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By Dan Strayer

12th November 2019

Stephen Mulhern Net Worth: Britain’s Lovable TV Host

Stephen Mulhern Net Worth placed around £x million
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Stephen Mulhern’s Net Worth is a direct correlation with his rise as one of the UK’s busiest television presenters. Yet holding a high profile TV presenter job like Britain’s Got More Talent also correlates with being well-liked.

And, as it were, it also correlates with good compensation. Judging from three different sources who have made estimates, you’ll find a mean net worth for Mulhern hovering above £2 million. Those sources include Celebrity Net Worth, who placed Stephen Mulhern’s value at USD 3million (£2.35million). Born in April 1977, the life of Stephen Daniel Mulhern has included:

  • being a member of the Magic Circle;
  • Royal Variety performances, and;
  • various gigs on both radio and tv shows.

So what is driving the rise of the 42-year-old presenter and host from Somerset?

Stephen Mulhern's Net Worth of over £2.35million shows how popular he is as a television personality
SOURCE: Reality Box

Do you believe in magic? Stephen does

Born in East London, Stephen grew up in Somerset with father Christopher and mother Maureen Mulhern. Stephen developed an affinity for performance through a love of magic. He and his father had an interest in magic. Through practice, he made his first public appearances while on holiday in a Butlins resort doing magic tricks.

Stephen’s career as a youth performer led to appearances on Blue Peter and a Michael Barrymore fronted family programme. Shortly thereafter came the biggest break of his career: winning The Big Big Talent Show (fronted by Jonathan Ross). The victory earned him a spot performing before Queen Elizabeth II on the Royal Variety Performance.

Stephen Mulhern is busy beyond his Britain's Got More Talent responsibilities
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A Stephen Mulhern fun fact

For revealing too much information about one trick on the children’s show Finger Tips, Stephen’s membership in Magic Circle was revoked. Here’s how Stephen explained it in 2015:

“The trick was to put a box on your head and turn this ratchet so it looks like your head is spinning, so I did it on Fearne, and then showed them how to make it.

“Well, The Magic Circle deemed it too good to reveal, so they suspended me.”

Although he regained membership to the Magic Circle, reruns of the show continuously land Mulhern in hot water with the group.

“Every time they repeat it, I get suspended. I’m suspended [as of when he spoke in 2015]. It’s ridiculous. You couldn’t write it.”

Early Stage and TV credits

Stephen Mulhern used to appear with Holly Willoughby regularly on CITV in the early 2000s.
SOURCE: Metro, stopping only to say that

Stephen’s career took flight in the late 1990s together with the early 2000s. These heady days included various gigs on both regular and later seasonal television shows, including:

  • Various roles on children’s networks, such as Disney Channel and CITV (with Holly Willoughby);
  • The Quick Trick Show;
  • Tricky TV;
  • Finger Tips;
  • Presenter & executive producer on Freaky for Channel 4;
  • Performing a magic routine on The Slammer;
  • Mulhern’s 2010 entertainment show Magic Numbers showed off magic and illusion tricks during a phone-in process.

Also, Stephen performed regularly on stage, in roles ranging from:

Mulhern is a frequent collaborator with Ant & Dec, amongst many other leading UK presenters
SOURCE: TwitCelebGossip
  • Pantomime roles (which Ant & Dec spoofed on an episode of Saturday Night Takeaway);
  • Danny Zuko in Grease;
  • Idle Jack in Dick Whittington;
  • Aladdin;
  • Robbie Williams on Celebrity Stars in their Eyes;
  • Britain’s Got Talent live tour.

Hitting the Big Time for Stephen Mulhern Net Worth

ITV2 spin-off series Britain’s Got More Talent first hit TV screens in 2007. Stephen has been the natural choice as host and holding down the position ever since. This marks just one of many different hosting gigs he has held on both radio and television.

Long-running series appearances also include:

  • Saturday Night Takeaway;
  • Big Star Little Star;
  • Catchphrase.
Emma Willis and Stephen Mulhern host a Sunday morning radio show

Stephen’s popularity on the small screen has also meant opportunities on one-off specials this decade. Accordingly, those shows include

  • Emmerdale Live – The Fallout;
  • All-Star Mr & Mrs: Text Santa Special;
  • The Illusionists;
  • The Magic Show Story, and;
  • The Nation’s Favourite Disney Song.

He’s also found a home on radio, hosting a Sunday morning show on Heart network with Emma Willis.

Stephen Mulhern Net Worth goes hands in hand with his time on Britain's Got More Talent
SOURCE: Entertainment Daily

No time for a love life?

Stephen long maintained a relationship with EastEnders actress Emma Barton, which ended after a 2011 split. As a result of the rumours, Mulhern said only that he felt the relationship should come to its ‘natural’ end. Barton was also recently a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.

In general, Stephen has publicly remained quiet on his personal life and relationships.

“Last time I went on a date was about four years ago. That makes me sound really sad! I need a life. I need to stop working so much.”

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