Martin Lewis Net Worth – Exploring the Deep Pockets Of The Financial Journalist

By Lynda Keleer

22nd May 2020

Martin Lewis Net Worth – Exploring the Deep Pockets Of The Financial Journalist

No one understands money quite like Martin Lewis.

As a financial journalist and founder of the website, you would imagine him to have deep pockets.

Martin Lewis

Besides being a financial guru, Martin is also a television presenter. If you have been wondering where you’ve heard his name or seen his face, it’s probably because he appears quite often on telly.

You have probably also turned to him for financial advice. But how much do we really know about Martin Lewis, and how much is his net worth?

Keep reading as we learn more Martin Lewis and reveal his impressive net worth.

Martin Lewis before his Net Worth

Before we discuss Martin Lewis and his net worth, let us first get to know the TV personality. Martin Steven Lewis was born on May 9th, 1972 in Manchester, England. (Manchester is also boxer Tyson Fury and rapper and entrepreneur Bugzy Malone’s hometown!)

While he was still young, Lewis’ family moved to Cheshire where his father was headmaster of the Delamere Forest School. His mother, unfortunately, died in a car accident while Lewis was still a child.

While in Chester, Lewis went to a private school called the King’s School. And when he grew up, he went to the London School of Economics to study government and law.

After this, he even went on to continue his postgraduate studies for broadcast journalism at Cardiff University.

After graduation, Lewis worked at the LSE Student’s Union as a general secretary, and after that, he went on to work for a financial communications consultancy in London called the Brunswick Group.

Interestingly, the money saving expert Martin even tried his hand in stand up comedy, but that didn’t work out quite as well.

Martin Lewis Net Worth

We’re one step closer to finding out Martin Lewis and his net worth. But before that, let us learn about how he built his Money Saving Expert reputation.

Today, Martin Lewis is a notable English financial journalist and TV presenter. Martin Lewis’ no nonsense attitude and interesting personality makes him good television material.

He got his first gig as a producer for BBC’s Business Unit after graduating from Cardiff University. Lewis worked on the BBC Radio Five Live business programmes, and he also edited the BBC Radio 4’s Today business programme.

Then, he joined Angela Rippon on the satellite channel Simply Money. It was during this time when Lewis started building his ‘Money Saving Expert’ stature.

Unfortunately, the show did not do too well, and Lewis eventually lost his job.

Undeterred, Lewis continued to find his footing such as writing the ‘Deal of the Week’ column for the Sunday Express. He also started presenting ‘Money Saving Expert’ slots on Open House with Gloria Hunniford.

Then in 2005, Lewis began presenting for ITV’s Make Me Rich and also a programme on Five called It Pays to Watch!.

Lewis continued presenting for ITV’s Tonight for their money special editions. During this time, his ‘Money Saving Expert’ reputation also had him featured in notable magazine programmes like Lorraine and Good Morning Britain.

Then finally in 2012, The Martin Lewis Money Show began, where Lewis co-hosted alongside Saira Khan. Lewis was so good at giving financial advice that he got his own show!

Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert

So, how much has the financial guru saved over the years? Does Martin Lewis have a big net worth?

The Sunday Times Rich List reveals that Martin Lewis has a net worth of £128 million.

This might not seem like an impressive net worth, but it is if you consider the fact that Lewis is not a celebrity.

Martin founded in 2003, a website where he gives fellow Briton citizens advice on consumer finance.

Martin Lewis net worth
Source/business insider

If you are in a financial pickle, you can probably find some help on his site!

Lewis’ website has also won several awards and acknowledgements, with The Times naming the site as ‘one of ten that stun with sheer insight or inspired rich media’.

In 2012, Martin sold his site for £87 million to the group but remained as editor-in-chief.

This was a lucrative deal for the financial advisor, as he received £35 million in cash, £27 million in future payments, and £22.1 million in shares.

Then in 2015. Lewis sold off nearly over half his shares in for another £25.2 million.

While you would think money saving experts are stingy, Lewis donated a total of £2 million to several charities including the Citizens Advice, The Trussell Trust, and the Personal Finance Education Group.

Martin Lewis Financial Expert

As you can see, the financial advisor and money saving expert does live up to his name.

After the success of his site, Martin became the go-to person for Britons to seek financial advice whether it’s on the papers, on his website, or on the telly. You have probably seen him on This Morning and Good Morning offering his expertise as Financial Editor.

Besides television and radio, Lewis also writes and contributes articles to The Sunday Post, The Yorkshire post, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, and many more notable newspapers.

On top of all this, Lewis campaigns major issues such as issues in student finance, energy bills, bank charges, and even mental health and debt.

In 2014, Lewis was appointed as Officer for the Order of the British Empire for consumer rights and charitable services.

Martin Lewis Today

Today, Martin Lewis is still building his net worth while advising citizens on financial tips and tricks.

He is happily married to long-time partner Lara Lewington, who is also former weather presenter for 5 News.

The couple have been happily married since May 31st, 2009, welcoming their first daughter in late 2012.

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