Michael Jackson Net Worth

By Lynda Keleer

17th April 2020

Michael Jackson Net Worth

The legend of Michael Jackson spans across international borders and generations.

The King of Pop has graced us with his captivating and unique music, as well as his eccentric personality.

Michael Jackson net worth

From his Neverland ranch to his mysterious death, there are many controversies surrounding the well-known pop star, even after his tragic death.

Michael Jackson has no doubt accumulated a lifetime of net worth from his music and special appearances while he was alive.

Today, we will explore the captivating journey of Michael Jackson and find out his astounding net worth.

If you have been wondering about the celebrity’s life leading up his sudden death, keep reading!

Michael Jackson Before Net Worth

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29th, 1958. He was an American songwriter, singer, and dancer.

If you do not know Michael Jackson, then you’re probably Gen Z and below.

Michael’s music career kicked off together with his brothers Jackie, Jermain, Tito, and Marlon as they were part of the famous Jackson 5 in 1964.

Then shortly after in 1971, Michael left his brothers to pursuit his solo career with his album Off The Wall catapulting him to fame.

By the 1980s, Michael Jackson became a household name. During this time, he released his iconic tracks including Billie Jean, Thriller, and Beat It.

His specialities also included releasing controversial and thought-provoking music videos intending to break racial barriers.

We are sure most of you can memorize at least one of Michael Jackson’s many biggest hits or at least his iconic dance moves.

Michael Jackson Net Worth

Fans were crying at the sight of his performances and even just at the sight of the legendary pop star.

Dubbed the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and his astounding net worth comes from being one of the most significant culture figures of the 20th century.

When he died in 2009, Michael Jackson had a net worth of a whopping $500 million!

Unsurprisingly, 100 million of Michael Jackson’s net worth was from the copyright value of his own songs.

At the time of his death, the King of Pop was still at the peak of his career.

Despite making millions of dollars, the pop star was the opposite of humble as he spent and borrowed more money to fund his luxurious lifestyle.

Although he had such an astounding celebrity net worth, he unfortunately also left $400 million in debt.

Thankfully even after his death, the legend remained one of the most popular and profitable celebrities globally, selling 35 million more albums on the year following his passing.

Michael Jackson’s estate called the Neverland Ranch also continued to generate income for his family and relatives.

Imagine being so famous that you continuously earn money even after your death! This is the level of stardom everyone hopes to achieve.

Fans were obsessed with his music, while the media was obsessed with the conspiracies surrounding his peculiar character.

Conspiracies surrounding Michael

It was during the late 1980s when the conspiracies surrounding the King of Pop. It started to circulate as he started changing his appearances, relationships, and lifestyle.

In 1993, Michael went to court for sexual abuse of the child of a family friend, which was settled out of court leaving Michael not indicted.

You might think he would stop there, but unfortunately for the pop star, his weird behaviour continued.

In 2005, Michael was tried and acquitted for further child molestation charges.

Michael Jackson died suddenly on June 25, 2009. And at the time of his death, Jackson was 50 years old.

His personal physician Conrad Murray claimed to have found the pop star with a weak pulse and no breathing. Paramedics arrived and tried to treat him but he was later pronounced dead.

In an interesting turn of events, the Los Angeles County Coroner ruled Jackson’s death as a homicide. Jackson’s physician Murray was convicted of overdosing the dead celebrity with a mixture of harmful drugs.

Despite passing away 10 years ago, just last year, a documentary called Leaving Neverland was released. Where two of Jackson’s accused sexual abuse victims came forward to detail their traumatic experience.

Going through the dramatic life of Michael Jackson and his impressive career and net worth, it sounds like a far-fetched story.

Nonetheless, his life unfolded in the public eye as we all got to witness everything leading up to his abrupt death.

Fans all over the world still love Michael Jackson’s music to this day and probably many more years to come.

Other celebrities whose interesting lives unfolded (and currently still unfolding) in the public eye include the famous Caitlyn Jenner and Taylor Swift.

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