Tyson Fury's Net Worth: How He Became One Of The Richest Sportsmen

By Ciara

30th May 2019

Tyson Fury: Net Worth – One Of The Richest Sportsmen Today

When you hear Fury, you think: tall, boxing and Tommy! The nation might currently be obsessed with the younger Fury brother, but what’s Tyson Fury‘s net worth?

Tyson Fury net worth in the ring

Image Source/ Metro

The heavyweight champion recently hit the headlines after he signed a contract with ESPN (a television network in the United States) that is said to be worth £80 million!

The deal is rumoured to broadcast Fury’s next five fights – including his upcoming fight against Tom Schwarz. Tyson’s promotional team believe that the deal is a great way to get Tyson known to an American audience, even going as far as saying:

‘This ESPN situation for him is probably one of the biggest things to happen to a British sportsman. It’s something special’.

Tyson’s rivals Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder are signed to rivalling networks – which are arguably not as well known as ESPN. However, this does make any future fights that more difficult to schedule. However, that isn’t going to stop Tyson:

‘It’s the Tyson Fury show now. I’ve got the biggest TV platform in the world. I call the shots […] I still want the biggest fights and that includes Wilder and Joshua’.     

Will we see a fight between Fury and Andy Ruiz Jr AKA the man who managed to defeat Anthony Joshua and become heavyweight champion earlier this year!


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Great sparing today with young @trboxing guy @sonny_conto keeping me sharp for @tomschwarz_official June 15 Vegas.

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This contract makes Tyson the third wealthiest sportsmen; only Lewis Hamilton and Rory McIlroy are ahead of him!

So what is Tyson Fury’s celebrity net worth?

His new net worth is $120 million!

This one contract has tripled his net worth, which is surprising, considering that Fury only came back to boxing in June 2018. He took a three year hiatus after defeating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

Forever the poor, gypsy kid from Wythenshawe, Manchester, Tyson shocked many when he announced that he was on the dole!

Yes, Tyson Fury’s net worth in 2017 was shockingly different.

An interview in 2017 had Fury claiming:

‘To be honest, I’m skint. I don’t have any money in the bank […] I’m on Jobseeker’s Allowance at the moment. I’m not winding you up – I’m being truthful. Seriously, I didn’t make any money out of boxing at all. Don’t feel sorry for me – it’s not a bad thing.

‘I give my promotional team half of the money and I donate the other half to charity or give it to people in need because I don’t think people should make money out of punching other people in the face. I fight because I love to fight.’

He went on to state:

‘I help a lot of people with my money from boxing. I create homes, take homeless people off the streets, I give it to children’s charities. You can’t take money with you.

‘What goes around comes around, I believe. A greedy man doesn’t enter the kingdom of heaven’.

Tyson Fury net worth charity work

Image Source/ talkSPORT

However, not everyone believes that Tyson donates his money to charity, especially promoter Eddie Hearn who says that ‘he obviously never did’ give it to others in need.

It would answer how the celebrity net worth of Tyson Fury has gone to $120 million despite being on benefits just two years ago…

Mental health issues…

During his benefits era, Tyson was battling depression as well as a drug and alcohol addiction. He was even tested positive for cocaine days before he was supposed to fight his rematch for the World heavyweight title!

He was stripped of his titles and it is this that heightened his mental health battles.

However, he vowed that he would get better and in early 2018 he came to an agreement with the British Boxing Board of Control that he could have his boxing licence back as long as he sent frequent medical reports and saw a psychologist to check that he is mentally fit to come back to the sport.

From then on he has been stronger and faster than ever. He challenged Sefer Seferi on his first fight back with Sefer quitting after the fourth round!

He continues to discuss his mental health issues, going as far to state:

‘If I can come back from where I’ve come from, then so can you!’

Heavyweight boxer @Tyson_Fury discusses his battle with anxiety and depression

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