James Argent Gemma Collins Paris: Relationship Timeline

By Lucy Cooper

19th May 2020

James Argent Gemma Collins Paris: Relationship Timeline

James Argent Gemma Collins Paris trip might have been the city of Love, but they looked anything but in love…

Arg and Gemma have had quite the turbulent relationship- I don’t even think they can keep up with themselves. Let’s remind ourselves of their complicated love story…

2011- James ‘Arg’ Argent And Gemma Collins Meet

The reality TV stars first met on The Only Way Is Essex, back in 2011. Since then, Lydia Bright’s ex boyfriend and the GC have had quite the journey.

James was casted in the original series of TOWIE, so has been there since the very start. Gemma went on to join the year after, which is when they first set eyes on each other.

james argent gemma collins paris 2011

For a long period of time, the couple’s relationship was purely platonic as Arg was in an on-off relationship with long term girlfriend Lydia Bright.

2012- Iconic ‘Candy’ Scene

This is when Arg and Gemma’s story really began- when Arg and Lydia split.

Gemma and Arg went on to date, but it wasn’t long before their romance came to an end; and if you’re an OG TOWIE watcher, you’ll never forget it!

Video Source/ Youtube

The GC really earned her title whilst the cast were filming in Marbella, telling Arg: “You’re never going to get this candy.”

2015- Arg And Lydia Reunite

A few series past without any action between Arg and Gem. Then in 2015, Arg got back with ex Lydia.

The reunion was short-lived, though, with the pair FINALLY calling time on their relationship in 2016.

arg and lydia

Image Source/ Daily Mirror

During this time, Gem showed Arg he really wasn’t getting that candy, as she had began dating Rami- who had made a number of TOWIE cameos back in 2013.

2017- Arg Declares His Love

A Christmas miracle finally came during the TOWIE Xmas Special, with Arg finally admitting his feelings for Gemma.

He confessed:

 “You treat me with such respect, you’re kind to me and you make me laugh so much.”

The pair kissed, but nothing actually came of Arg’s declaration.

arg and gemma

Image Source/ OK!

I hope you’re keeping up, because I’m not…

2018- Gem Appears On Celebs Go Dating

The Dancing On Ice star had a few misses on the show, but ended the show looking smitten with her final match, Laurence Hearn.

BUT, would you believe, it was only a matter of a few months later, and Gemma had made her way back to Arg.

Things between the pair finally started to seem serious this time round, with talks of marriage and kids.

Arg spoke of his plans:

“I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve! I can’t tell you when but I’m definitely asking Gemma to be my wife next year.”

gemme and arg engaged

Image Source/ TheSun

They had a few locations up their sleeves, from Essex to Italy.

2018- Pair Split (And Get Back Together) AGAIN

Gemma and Arg split AGAIN, after it was reported Gemma was growing tired of Arg’s partying.

But after releasing her show ‘Diva Espana’, the reality star tweeted:

“Thank you for all the amazing comments & support for my show!” she wrote on Twitter, adding: “I love Arg very much. He is working so hard. We’re back together & happy!”

Image Source/ OK!

Rumours circulated that Arg was receiving professional treatment for his issues with drugs and alcohol, Gemma showed her support for her man .

2019- Things Turned Nasty

Things were going well, before Arg caused uproar by sharing a video of Gemma snoring. She was so unimpressed with the incident, that she kicked him out!

This is when things turned nasty. James made some very personal digs at his ex, including ones regarding her weight!


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A post shared by Gemma Collins (@gemmacollins1) on

Image Source/ Instagram

It was that bad, that it even earned him a telling off from Piers Morgan:

 “Yes you mentioned her weight, but you’re not really one to talk mate.”

Arg responded:

“I struggle with my weight, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been, Gemma’s the smallest she’s ever been. We were both were cussing each other, it didn’t mean anything.”

2019- James Argent Gemma Collins Paris

The pair were then spotted in the city of Love, looking anything but in love…

It seemed their make-or-break trip wasn’t a success, pictured looking glum as they walked the Parisian streets together.

gemma and arg paris

Image Source/ Mirror

The trip came after Gemma admitted on The Johnathon Ross show that she was only ‘sort of in love’.

She went on to confess:

 “I’m sick of blokes. I’m sick of them. I’ve just had enough to be honest…”

2019- Things Are Back ON

Would you believe that not long after, the pair were back together, with more wedding bells in the air:

“Things are better, I love Gemma to bits, if we remain stable, it’s [marriage] something I’d consider.”


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The King & Queen of the desert! 🇦🇪 ❤️

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They finished the year together on a romantic trip to Dubai.

2020– Arg Returned To Rehab

At the start of this year, Arg jetted to Thailand to embark on another retreat to help beat his ‘recent addiction issues’.

He made everyone aware he was very much still with Gemma, with a Valentine’s social media post:

Video Source/ Instagram

NOW: Together, But Apart

Whilst the coronavirus lockdown continues, the pair remain separated whilst isolating apart. Probably the right decision for these two! Arg, however, is struggling without Gem:

“Lockdown absolutely sucks without you GC but I understand you have to entertain the nation & put a smile on people’s faces at this difficult time! #imissyou #wellmeetagain.” 


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James refers to his girlfriend’s new show: Diva On Lockdown- following the GC on her now stripped back lifestyle.

In the show, Gem admits the’s been openly flirtatious with other men, but candidly revealed that she’s ‘only ever fancied James Argent’. Awwwww.

Arg has been working on his weight loss for the past few months, and recently gave a glimpse of his progress.


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I’m making progress, Inside & Outside 🙏🏽 One day at a time ❤️

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Having time to work on himself and his health, it seems it’s done the world of good for his relationship with Gemma. We hope it’s the real deal this time round, after such an on-off journey!

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