By Ciara

16th May 2019

Former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ diva Gemma Collins has teamed up with fast food company Burger King to launch Chicken Fries on Just Eat.

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The former ‘TOWIE’ diva has joined forces with the fast food eatery to test out its latest menu item – which is now available to order on Just Eat – and she admitted she had “no idea” what to make of them.

After initially biting into the fries like a chicken leg and then overloading them with sauce, Gemma – who often refers to herself as “The GC” – settled on eating her BK food with a knife and fork.

She said:

“Just Eat gave me the challenge to set the record straight on Burger King’s Chicken Fries.

“I had no idea what Chicken Fries were at first, were they a chicken shaped like a fry, a fry shaped like a chicken or a chicken and potato combo.

“But all is well as I do now, and they are delicious, perfect for lunch or dinner.”

Chicken Fries will be available for delivery across the UK from May 13-19 before launching on both Just Eat and in Burger King stores across the UK on May 20, and Gemma shot a promo clip pondering the different way to eat them to mark the occasion.

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