Sam Gowland Fight: Details And Interesting Things

By Tharmini Kenas

28th April 2020

Sam Gowland Fight: Details And Interesting Things

Sam Gowland is a television personality who came into the spotlight after being cast in Love Island and Geordie Shore

Hailing from Middlesbrough, England, the Love Island star is 25 years old and used to work on an oil rig before he ventured into the glamorous world of reality TV.. 

Recently, he decked his television rival in a FAME MMA fight and caught the attention of more fans and followers. Rumours have it that he and his rival were fighting for Chloe Ferry. More about Sam Gowland fight and his turbulent relationship. 

What’s The Story Of Sam Gowland Before The Sam Gowland Fight? 

Sam Gowland fight

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Sam Gowland has 1.3 million Instagram followers and 265.1k Twitter followers. Evidently, he has come a long way since he first joined Love Island. Describing himself as multiple business owner and property developer, Sam proves that he is much more than the guy on television. 

Sam Gowland had big connections even before he made his way to stardom. His cousin, Jonathan Grounds is a professional player and Sam was close with Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan even before he set foot on the show. 

Not only he has a footballer cousin who plays for Birmingham City, but Sam is also a good player and he really loves the game! 

“I was pretty good at football as a kid and I maybe could have turned pro…but then I broke my jaw in three places!”

The Highly Anticipated Sam Gowland Fight…

Sam Gowland and his rival Marty McKenna fought it out in FAME MMA’s first show in the UK in Newcastle. The reality TV stars had an online feud over Chloe Ferry who was their ex-girlfriend.

Fun Fact: Other celebrities who fight in FAME MMA include Dapper Laughs, Georgia Harrison, Mike Fox, and Joe Henderson! 


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Prior to his fight with Marty, Sam was known to be a fan of martial arts and boxing as he always keeps his fans up-to-date with photos of all the matches he attends. 

Interestingly, prior to the Sam Gowland fight against Marty McKenna, Sam had been training hard. Once again, his Instagram followers got front row seats to his training pictures. 

Apparently, Sam trains with a solid crew comprising another Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers, who is a professional MMA fighter. Aaron left the show to focus on his fighting career. 

The Pre-Fight Jitters Between Sam And Marty…

Reportedly, during a press conference, Sam and Marty engaged in a foul-mouthed exchange, threw drinks and hurled chairs at each other. It got out of hand that security was called to diffuse the tension between them! 


Apparently, Sam slapped Marty and things escalated rather quickly and they didn’t bother to hide their contempt. 

According to Sam, 

“This is a fight we’ve both wanted and I can’t wait to knock him out in front of his friends in his home city… warm-up for a big year next year.”

On the other hand, Marty said, 

“This is a fight I’ve been wanting to have for a long time. I have so much motivation.

“December 14th it’s going down in my City Newcastle and he won’t be welcome back after. Come and see me smash this muppet.”

Bitter trash talk right before the fight might have added fuel as they were completely charged during the Saturday night fight at Utilita Arena on 14 December 2019! 

What Happened During The Sam Gowland Fight Against Marty McKenna? 

Sam Gowland fight

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Live updates went crazy as the two celebrities started off with a bang! Sam set the momentum of the fight when he started the first round with a takedown. He looked to choke Marty but Marty defended himself against the cage. Exhausted but determined, the duo charged into the second round. 

Unfortunately, Marty was too knackered to beat Sam’s takedown. Amazingly, Sam locked Marty in a choke and Marty tapped. Sam Gowland won the fight!

“I’m over the moon I called first round but in fairness to Marty fair play a lot stronger than I thought.

“I said before the fight I’m far too technical, I’m fitter and stronger and I f***ing won baby, up the Boro.

“FAME MMA, English or Polish person, I’m not bothered, I’ll fight anyone.”

Sam Gowland fight

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Expectedly, the win made it to top stories and he quickly shared the great news to his massive following saying, 

“No feeling like it. Absolutely buzzing, massive thanks to my team for all the hard work with me over the last six months.”

Sam Is Ready To Fight Again!

Looks like Sam was really charged from his win against Marty McKenna! He is all set to get back to fighting this year! 

“We go again early next year, keep your eyes peeled.”

So, Did They Really Fight For Chloe Ferry?

Sam Gowland fight

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Since they practically had a fight before stepping into the ring, it looks like they were frustrated with each other about something and chances are high for it to be their ex-girlfriend Chloe Ferry! 

However, Marty said the contrary. 

“I just want to get it across that it’s not about Chloe. It couldn’t be further from Chloe.

“The opportunity arose to me. I was getting 20 grand for this straightener. Why wouldn’t I take it?”

The Turbulent Relationship Between Sam Gowland And Chloe Ferry

The couple got together in 2017 after meeting in Geordie Shore. They even set off to Thailand to welcome 2018 together. The love birds started talking about marriage and what’s more, they even got matching tattoos of each other’s names!

However, the couple broke up as Chloe Ferry accused Sam of cheating with Love Island star Amber Davies

Apart from that, Sam had also started following other girls on social media very soon after their break-up. Naturally, Chloe was heartbroken. 

“I cannot get over that I have nearly been with Sam for two years and we haven’t even been broken up for 24 hours and he’s already done that. I can’t think of doing anything worse than that to him.” 

Sam Gowland And Chloe Ferry Finally Called It Quits Early This Year 


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After a series of on and off relationship status for 17 months, the celebrity couple had finally decided to end their relationship and go separate ways. 

“It hurts me to say this but me and Sam have gone our separate ways. We are still friends.”

Determinedly, Chloe moved into a new home and is all set for a new life. 

Rumours Have It That Sam Was Jealous Of Chloe’s Fabulous Career

Sam Gowland fight

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Apparently, the couple bickered a lot about their work and Sam may have been a little jealous at the speed with which Chloe’s career was taking off. 

A source revealed that, 

“They’d constantly row about work. He wanted to make as much money as he could and retire in two years time, so was constantly looking for ways to monetise their relationship.

“Chloe just got sick of it and ended it.”

Relationship Apart, Here’s Some Interesting Things About Sam Gowland! 

  • His comfortable movie night set up at his home is amazing and has gotten the attention of his fans and followers. 


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“What a setup.”

“Serious setup brother.”

“When I get my new house I’m having one of these like…”

“Wow, some room that is.”

  • He has more than one house. In July last year, he bought his third house and was proud of it! 


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  • He has some serious talents when it comes to football! 


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  • He loves his family members especially his mum and it shows! 


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  • Sam loves adventures and travel. Having visited more than ten countries, he is on a roll! 


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  • Sam is heavily involved in charity work every year. As the UK death toll due to COVID-19 pandemic is increasing, Sam has pledged to raise money for NHS UK whose front liners are saving the lives of many including the recently discharged UK Prime Minister. 

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