By Juliet Smith

14th February 2020

Chloe Ferry Instagram: Before And After Surgery

We’re taking a look at Chloe Ferry’s Instagram to tell the story of her ever-changing appearance – both before and after surgery.

Becoming famous doesn’t just change lives and bank balances, in the case of the Geordie Shore cast, it changes their entire appearance too!

And long-standing Geordie Chloe Ferry hasn’t been one to shy away from cosmetic surgery, openly discussing each and over procedure she’s had done – and trust us, there’s ALOT to talk about, she’s spent over £50,000 on procedures.

From cheek fillers to Botox, Chloe’s had it all – in a very short period of time. So, we’re taking a look at her face (and body) transformation over the last few years via Chloe Ferry’s Instagram as she’s gone from au natural to well, not so au natural…

What Did She Look Like Before?

When Chloe Ferry – then known as Chloe Etherington – first started out on Geordie Shore, this is what she used to look like…

chloe ferry instagram

Image Source/Metro

Chloe was just 19 years old when she first joined the GS pad and quickly followed in the older girls footsteps when it came to plastic surgery.

Five years later, here’s what she’s had done.

She Had Lip Fillers..

With giant lips, there’s no denying that Chloe’s had lots of filler – but she’s not embarrassed about talking about them.

Regularly getting her lips topped up at Mac Aesthetics clinic, she’s revealed that she’s addicted to altering her appearance.


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Image Source/Instagram

Then She Had A Nose Job

In May 2016 – at just 20 years old – Chloe has rhinoplasty surgery to alter the tip of her nose, which she’d always admitted to disliking. Fortunately, the surgery went well and Chloe said that she ‘loves’ her new nose.


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Anyone else waiting patiently for love island 🌴

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After, It Was Cheek Fillers…

Injecting into your cheek can give them a ‘pillowy’ appearance and that’s exactly what Chloe’s had done. But she doesn’t want to stop there, she’s previously expressed her desired to have muscles in her cheeks removed in order to give her a smoother jawline…

Tattooed Brows

We’re all about a cute set of HD brows, but Chloe’s taken things to a whole new level by getting a brow lift. It involves making an incision in the patients hairline in order to tighten to area around the forehead and lift the brows. To finish the look, Chloe’s had semi-permanent makeup inked on her eyebrows in order to make them fuller and thicker.

What About Botox?

Usually given to older people to tackle frown lines, eye bags and wrinkles, Chloe started using Botox at the young age of 19 in order to give herself a flawless complexion.


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Out again 🙈

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Teeth-whitening and Veneers

Because she was the face of a tooth whitening company, it only made sense for Chloe to get her own teeth whitened (well, sort of). In April 2015, she took went one step further and invested in veneers.

chloe ferry instagram
Image Source/Heat

Did She Get A Boob Job?

A couple of years ago, Chloe revealed that she’d never alter her boobs.

“I’d never get a boob job because I have nice boobs,” she said of her 34C chest.

“Besides, big boobs are out of fashion now.”

However, did she end up going ahead with a boob job?


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How incred is the new @billiefaiersofficial X @inthestyle range 😍 getting me in the Festive spirit! ✨ #ad

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The answer is a resounding (and unsurprising) YES – in fact, she’s had two.

Chloe revealed she that she’d gone under the knife because she’d been trolled about her apparently ‘saggy’ breasts.

Although she cried as she talked about the procedure, she did say she was excited to get a new pair of boobs.

Image Source/Instagram

Posting a video to Chloe Ferry’s Instagram story, she said:

“So I have got some exciting news to tell everyone.

“Tomorrow morning I am getting my boobs done.”I’m getting an implant and my scars, everyone knows how insecure I am about my scars. I did a Snapchat not long ago.”

She then turned the camera onto her boyfriend at the time fellow Geordie Sam Gowland and asked if he was looking forward to her getting her breasts altered.

To which he replied: “I can’t f***ing wait, my favourite thing in the world is fake t*ts. And you’re going to walk in the door tomorrow with fake t*ts.I hope they’re f***ing massive.”


She Said She Didn’t Want Her Bum To Change Either…

If you know anything about Chloe, you’ll know she was a figure skater in her teenage years, so she’s still got plenty of muscle tone on her legs and bum. Like her boobs, Chloe vowed never to change her bum – and she certainly didn’t need to.

“I wouldn’t have bum implants either – I don’t need them,”she said.


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This view😍

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Image Source/Instagram

Low and behold, a couple of years later, Chloe was left unable to sit down because she’d had surgery which transferred fat from her thighs and belly into her buttocks, part of a Brazilian bum lift.

The surgery gives people a Kimmy K-esque physique, but it doesn’t come without risks – unregulated practitioners have historically killed patients by using improper procedure to fill their bum cheeks.

But Chloe Says Her BF Sam Likes The ‘Fake Look’


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“Sam likes the fake look so he likes what I’ve had done,” she told Closer magazine.

“But he does worry about me. I’m always really scared before surgery but this time. I did say to him, ‘I won’t have any more done, this is the last thing.’

“Of course, it’s a bit addictive. But I can stop myself, I’m happy with myself now.”

She added: “I’ve spent a lot of money, it’s expensive. I’ve worked hard for my money and I want to spend it on this.

Her Ideal Look Is Big Boobs And Big Hips


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“My ideal body shape is a small waist with a big bum and hips … But I think people believe I’ve had more surgery than I have.

“I only had the second nose job because I couldn’t breath properly. I also have fillers in my face and anti-wrinkle injections but they’re part of being a girl.”

Weight Loss…

After going on a serious health kick, Chloe Ferry’s Instagram showed that she’d managed to lose around three stone – and she looked TOTALLY different afterwards.


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What’s Next?

Chloe’s admitted herself that when it comes to cosmetic surgery, it’s a downhill spiral. Next up, she’s hoping to have a jaw and chin ‘shave’. As well as some of her cheek muscles removed to make her profile appear slimmer.


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