Nicola Worsley – Who is Danny Miller’s Girlfriend?

By Lynda Keleer

24th April 2020

Nicola Worsley – Who is Danny Miller’s Girlfriend?

Nicola Worsley has been popping up social media since her boyfriend and Emmerdale star Danny Miller posted a picture of them looking stunning for a night out.

Nicola worsley

The pair have been dating for quite some time, but that was the first time a picture of them has been made public.

Since then, both Nicola and Danny have continued posting pictures of each other, attracting more attention to their relationship.

And we can just say that there were some Emmerdale fans, who did not approve of their relationship.

Unfortunately, Nicola became the victim of internet trolls.

Thankfully, her loving Emmerdale star boyfriend stepped up in her defence!

To see how it all played out for Nicola Worsley and learn more about our new favourite couple, keep reading!

Nicola Worsley and Danny Miller

Nicola Worsley is the gorgeous, bright blonde girlfriend of Danny Miller.

The pair have kept a pretty private relationship, and we don’t know much about the Emmerdale star’s girlfriend.

nicola worsley and danny miller
source/daily star

Nevertheless, Miller’s recent post has gotten her some unwanted attention.

Emmerdale, the popular soap opera franchise, has so many fans invested in their on-screen romance and drama.

Unfortunately for some of the actors and actresses, some fans who can’t seem to separate actor from character, tend to write mean things on the internet.

That was the case for Nicola.

Nicola worsley2

Nicola, who often posts about her boyfriend (like any normal person), started receiving abusive messages on social media.

A defensive Miller could not help but retaliate on Twitter:

“You know it sounds bad, yet clicked send anyway? I see you’re a fan of the show, well I’d rather have no fans that an insecure WOMAN like you, sending a tweet so Awful. You’re blocked anyway babes”.

On one occasion, the Emmerdale star even threatened to quit social media after Nicola received abusive messages while the pair were on holiday together.

Thankfully for us, he did not! Fortunately for the couple, the drama has also died down as the internet trolls have calmed down.

Danny Miller’s Recent Miscarriage Hinting Social Media Activity

In more recent news, the Emmerdale star has been posting a couple of alarming quotes that might suggest he and Nicola have just lost a baby.

One of Danny’s posts was of the quote “In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place, no one else will ever fill” – captioned with two baby emojis.

The other one was another quote “An angel wrote in the book of life my baby’s date of birth, then whispered as she closed the book, ‘too beautiful for Earth” with the caption: “With us forever…”

We’re not crying, you are.

A flurry of concerned messages came in from worried fans such as:

“Hope everything is OK Danny. Sending you love.”

Miller’s Emmerdale co-star Isobel Steele or Liv, as she’s more widely known on the soap opera, also commented a heart emoji with two kisses.

Nevertheless, there is no official confirmation regarding this news, neither on Danny nor Nicola’s social media.

For now, we can only hope the best for Nicola Worsley and Danny, and to see them back on social media surrounded by positivity!

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