Emmerdale's Bernice Blackstock Left For Good?

By Amelia Slater

23rd April 2020

Emmerdale’s Bernice Blackstock Left For Good?

Emmerdale’s Bernice Blackstock has officially hung up her apron and polka dotted scarf after a whopping 20 years on and off the Yorkshire Dales.

Viewers were left in tears when actress Samantha Giles bid a final farewell to the ITV soap back in November, after seven years of playing Bernice as part of the regular cast.

The quirky beautician departed from the village and called off her wedding to Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) after discovering that her ex-husband Charlie had been involved in a horrific car accident.

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Who Is Emmerdale’s Bernice Blackstock?

Emmerdale’s Bernice Blackstock initially joined the soap back in 1998. She landed a job at the Woolpack as a temporary barmaid but then became the manager.

She went on to have relationships with Gavin Ferris, Ashley Thomas, Carlos Diaz, Andy Sugden, Lawrence White and Liam Cavanagh.

Emmerdale Star Samantha Giles Made Her First Appearance Back In 1998

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Actress Samantha Giles Left Emmerdale In 2002 And Returned As A Regular Ten Years Later

In 2001, Bernice gave birth to a daughter, Gabrielle a.k.a. Gabby, but found motherhood too difficult and left the village, leaving her ex-husband and Gabby’s father Ashley Thomas to care for her.

Bernice later returned to the village, following an eight year break from the show, to resume her role.

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Why Did Actress Samantha Giles Decide To Leave The Dales?

Actress Samantha Giles announced on Twitter that she was leaving the soap, after having thought about leaving for a couple of years prior.

She sat down with Eammonn and Ruth on ITV daytime show This Morning and opened up about her reasons for saying goodbye to Bernice.

‘I just felt it was the right time, I’d been thinking about it for a couple of years. Like a lot of actors, I’ve got itchy feet and just thought, ”I need a change and want to play something a bit more gritty”.

‘I want to do other stuff. There’s so many things out there.’

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‘I need a change and want to play something a bit more gritty’

The actress added that she was relieved that ITV bosses had decided not to ‘kill off’ Emmerdale’s beloved Bernice:

‘I didn’t mind what they did [about my exit]. If you’re saying you’re going, you can’t say, ”Oh don’t kill me though”.

‘So I wouldn’t have minded that but they wanted to leave it open. That’s really nice that she’s not dead.’

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Bernice Was Set To Marry Local GP Liam Cavanagh

Fans couldn’t have been happier for the perpetually unlucky-in-love redhead when she landed herself the dream man in Dr Liam Cavanagh.

Bernice’s exit storyline is tied in with the sudden return of her youngest daughter Dee Dee.

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After Dee Dee reveals to Bernice that her father (Bernice’s ex-husband) Charlie may have brain damage following a tragic accident, Bernice decides that she has to move out there to help out.

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Emmerdale boss Kate Brooks revealed that they wanted Bernice to have a proper send out as she is such an ‘iconic character’:

‘We have storylined Bernice’s departure. Before she leaves, we’ll see Bernice run a gauntlet of emotions, because she is such an iconic character with so many connections in the village.

‘We wanted to make sure that we did her character justice, and make her exit feel very believable.’

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What’s Next For Samantha?

Although she hasn’t disclosed any future projects just yet, Samantha is excited to pursue other opportunities following her departure from the Dales.

She told fans on Twitter:

‘After 7 fabulous years I am shortly to be hanging up Bernice’s aprons and leaving the dales to pursue other creative projects.’

‘I will miss all the friends I’ve made on the show, but I’m very excited to be moving on to pastures new.’

Bernice’s Best ‘Comedy Gold’ Emmerdale Moments….


1. Thinking Liam Was A Killer And Calling Nicola And Jimmy For Back Up

‘Please spare me!’

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…

Jimmy King to the rescue!

Video Source: /YouTube

2. When She Tried To Give Andy A Spray Tan And One Thing Lead To Another…

Things got heated in the salon…and not in the way you’d expect!

Video Source: /YouTube

3. That Time She Gatecrashed Andy’s Wedding, Stole The Wedding Dress And Rocked Up Drunk At The Ceremony

We feel you Bernice, we feel you.

Video Source: /YouTube

4. That time She And Kerry Took The Tandem Bike Out And Crashed Into A Wall

The Chuckle Sisters are born.

Video Source: /YouTube

5. That Time She Went On A Drunk Rampage, Got Behind The Wheel Of A JCB Digger And Destroyed The Mill After Believing Her Husband Was Cheating On Her

*Cue music*

I’m a savage,
Classy, bougie, ratchet, 
Sassy, moody, nasty…

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It cannot be denied that the Dales never had a dull moment when it came to Bernice Blackstock. Her shambles of a love life, cringe-worthy blunders and quirkiness was certainly entertaining (and also painfully relatable).

We will miss you Bernice!

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