Emmerdale's Danny Miller: What He's Been Up To AND Everything You Need To Know

By Ciara

13th March 2019

Danny Miller: What He’s Been Up To AND Everything You Need To Know

Emmerdale star Danny Miller (or more well known as Aaron Dingle) has caused major controversy recently….taking to Instagram DRUNK to go on a foul mouthed rant!

Danny Miller at an award show

Image Source/ Entertainment Daily

He discussed his disgust at the fact he hasn’t ‘won a gong’ in quite a while and had a go at a fan – naming him a ‘boring little man’ and a ‘f*****g idiot’ with a ‘s**thouse’, finally telling him to ‘f**k off’. He also told other people in the restaurant to ‘get out the shot’ as he has ‘a British Soap Award’.

In 2016 he won two British Soap Awards for Best Actor and Best Male Dramatic Performance but in 2017 was only nominated and he didn’t even have that in 2018! Something he mentioned on his social media rant:

‘British Soap Awards, I remember when we used to be friends. I used to turn up every year and win something but now… Let’s talk about the Soap Awards nominees…’.

As can be imagined, Emmerdale viewers were outraged and were calling for him to be fired from the ITV soap. Many fuming fans took to Twitter to express their views on the matter:

Tweet expressing disgust at Danny Miller's instagram rant

Image Source/ The Sun

Fan tweeting her disapproval of Danny Miller's instagram rant

Image Source/ The Sun

However, other fans saw the discussion from another angle:

Neither Danny nor Emmerdale representatives have made any comments on the situation. Plus it looks like his job is stable for now!

So what else has Danny been up to? (We promise no Emmerdale spoilers)!..

His friends…

Danny likes to hang out with his co-stars outside of work, and has often referred to them as his ‘best friends’ He is especially close with the Thomas brothers: Ryan, Adam and Scott.

He’s a charity man…

You might not have known that Danny is the co-owner of the charity: ‘Once Upon A Smile’ with fellow actor, Daniel Jillings. The pair set up the charity in 2011 after Gavin Blyth – a former Emmerdale producer and assistant producer and story writer for Coronation Street – passed away from lymphoma cancer in 2010. They noticed that there was a lack of support for Gavin’s family after his death, so decided to change that.

The charity’s mission statement is:

‘Our charity is the only bereavement charity in the UK to offer a variety of support to families through such a difficult time, we understand that families are often left to grieve alone with no, or little support available and this can often have a devastating impact on family life and children

We identified many support agencies if a loved one was ill or had a terminal illness, but nothing for the family after the death. At this point we made our decision, the new charity was going to provide support to families that had suffered the loss of a loved one, and was going to specifically be an ‘after care’ for these families’.

The charity recently opened up a centre in Greater Manchester called Sidley House, where people can go for help; they even have a specially designed area for children to ‘understand and express their emotions in a fun and safe environment’.

His love life…

Danny is dating Nicola Worsley, and by the looks of his instagram they have been dating since last year.

It would appear that Nicola used to be/ is a model.


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The couple’s first public appearance together was when Danny turned on the Christmas lights in Leyland. They are known for keeping their romance out of the public eye, and hence many fans were thrilled to see them together!

However, it isn’t all fun and games. Nicola often receives backlash on Twitter – it got so bad that Danny admitted to Digital Spy that he has considered leaving Twitter due to all of the negativity!

Only respect and positivity from now on, yeah?

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