Joey Essex And Lorena: Why Did She End The Relationship?

By Lucy Cooper

28th April 2020

Joey Essex And Lorena: Why Did She End The Relationship?

Joey Essex and Lorena’s relationship has come to an abrupt end, after Joey was pictured leaving pop star Rita Ora’s house; Lorena ended things soon after…

Joey Essex And Lorena: How Long Were They Together?

The Essex-born star won over the Mexican model whilst filming MTV reality show Celebrity Ex On The Beach in summer 2019.

joey essex and lorena sheesh

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Model Lorena Medina is originally from Mexico, but had resided in Los Angeles until meeting the TOWIE star.

“I fell in love with him and moved to England right after the show. It was the craziest thing I have ever done.”

She moved in to Joey’s £3million Chigwell mansion, complete with a Tiki Bar and swimming pool.

Joey’s signature lingo and quarks took a bit of getting used to for Lorena, probably having never met someone like Mr. Essex before:

 “We’d watch his shows because I didn’t know who he was. We’d watch re-runs of Towie and Educating Joey Essex. I liked them.”


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Joey Essex And Lorena: Do Opposites Attract?

She confessed:

“I struggled to understand him. He would say, ‘Baby, you look reem’. I would say, ‘What does that mean?’”

Speaking to The Sun On Sunday, Lorena told The Sun that the pair soon realised they didn’t really know each other.

The model also went on to reveal a bust up the pair had during their Valentine’s trip to Turkey:

“We were a little drunk and I did a little five-second lap dance for him. He got very upset.”

She continued:

“He said, ‘Why would you do that? The woman I marry would not do that.’ I told him, ‘I’m dancing for you, you’re my man.”

Joey Essex And Lorena matching

Image Source/ TheSun

Making matters worse, the 28-year-old Playboy modelling ex of Joey suspects there was a proposal on the cards:

“He said: ‘You know what, get back with them.’ The worst thing is I’m pretty sure he was going to propose.”

Joey Essex And Lorena: Why Did They Split?

The TV star had told girlfriend Lorena Medina he was going out for the night, but hadn’t mentioned who with.

joey essex and rita ora

Image Source/ TheSun

Did Anything Happen?

Joey, 29, had joined Rita and friends for a night in London club, Laylow, before taking two separate cars to Rita’s house in West London, where he emerged from the next morning…

There is no suggestion that the The Only Way Is Essex star had bedded the singer while he spent the night there:

“He told me, ‘I had a crazy night and I stayed at my friend’s’ and that was fine. But he didn’t tell me it was a girl and he didn’t mention Rita Ora. I told Joey, ‘This s*** can’t happen. Are you crazy?”

Joey Essex And Lorena rita ora

Image Source/ TheSun

Speaking of the row that followed, Lorena argued:

“I don’t trust you. I don’t. We were crying, screaming and hanging up the phone so much I got eczema all over my body.”

joey essex girlfriend

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Following the bust up, Lorena reveals she dumped Joey:

“Joey was the love of my life but decided it was best if we didn’t talk any more.”


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Joey and Rita: Is Anything Going On?

According to Joey, the pop star is just a good friend of his; that old chestnut…

“We have known each other for years. She’s a nice girl but we’re just friends.”

joey essex and rita ora

Image Source/ DailyStar

On the other hand, the Ora had recently admitted to being ‘obsessed’ with Joey:

“I was obsessed with Joey and how he acts and talks and everything, that I was kind of like “I need to hang out with this guy” and literally that was it, that was the bottom line and I’m a friendly person.”

As for now, the pair remain ‘friends’…


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