Dan And Amber (TOWIE): A Look Back At Their Relationship 

By Lucy Cooper

27th April 2020

Dan And Amber (TOWIE): A Look Back At Their Relationship

Dan and Amber (TOWIE) have had one of the most turbulent relationships the show has ever seen; let’s take a look back at it…


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Dan And Amber (TOWIE)- The Pair Meet

Dan, 29, had already joined the reality show back in 2015, with Amber, 26, joining just two years later.

Dan’s on-off long-term relationship with ex Kate Wright was played out, before Amber joined the cast. During filming in Tenerife the pair met and instantly fell for each other.

amber turner jamie reed

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At the time, Amber was with long-term boyfriend Jamie Reed. On their return from filming in Tenerife, Reed accused Amber of cheating on him with Dan.

She later admitted that the pair did share a kiss in a room in the Canary Island.

They Get Together, Then Split (For The First Time)

Now both Amber Turner and Dan Edgar are out of their long-term relationships and decided to give it a go.

They were officially together for a month before things turned sour:

“Dan has been less than impressed by the way Amber has handled herself since going on the show.”

dan and amber bed

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It seemed as though they’d fell under the ‘TOWIE’ curse- one which a number of couples had.

Dan Moves Onto A Former Flame

Dan wasted no time hanging around, and decided to pursue a former flame- 36-year-old cast member, Lauren Pope.

Things didn’t end up working out, and Dan ended up drifting back in to Amber’s arms.

“Dan always liked Amber but he wasn’t up for having a serious relationship.”

dan edgar and lauren pope

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“Amber wanted more, which is why their break up affected her so badly.”Dan said he was “so happy being single and didn’t want anything to ruin that”.

During their break, Dan admitted to sleeping with other women, which didn’t sit well with Amber’s protective Mum, referring to him as a ‘little sh*t’:

“I don’t want you to have anything else to do with him”.

They do say Mums are always right…

And Then Gets Another…

Just months later Dan was with TOWIE newbie Clelia Theodorou- which, not surprisingly, went down like a lead balloon with Amber.

The series (much to the producers delight) ended with a massive showdown between the girls…

amber and clelia

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After filming wrapped, the reality star found himself drifting (AGAIN) back to Amber (hope everyone’s keeping up!)

Dan And Amber (TOWIE) Are Back Together (AGAIN)

The pair made things official for the second time, in May 2018:

“We both realised we can’t keep going round in circles and we’ve got to make our minds up. We both got bored of it and had to make a decision. It was all or nothing. But we’re very happy now.”


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It seemed things were more serious this time around, with Dan hinting at plans to move in together during an interview for Good Morning Britain:

“Amber is slowly leaving bits and pieces around the house”.

They were even hailed as Essex’s power couple (one of the few remaining on the show, anyway).

They Split Just Before Christmas

Then, the relationship came to another halt just before Christmas 2018:

“Amber does love Dan so it was a really hard decision, especially so close to Christmas but they both agree it’s for the best.”


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The split came within weeks of Dan’s ex’s engagement to Rio Ferdinand- which only added more fuel to the media fire.

Neither of the pair commented on the split, until after Christmas when Amber took to Instagram:

“I know lots of you have been speculation so I would like to confirm that YES me & dan have decided to split. Sometimes people have to figure out there own path in life before trying to bring someone on that journey with them. “

The Dan And Chloe Saga

So, fast forward a couple of months to March 2019. Yet another twist in the tale comes…

Dan begins dating friend and fellow The Only Way Is Essex star Chloe Sims. After filming in Thailand for TOWIE, the pair were rumoured to have really hit it off- despite having been friends for four years already.

dan and amber towie chloe sims

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The claims of a secret fling led to Amber’s refusal to return to filming. Making it quite clear she didn’t want to film with her ex, the producers had to let her sit out:

“She’s been a big character on a show but Amber has often struggled with having her personal life play out on screen. When she first joined, her break-up with Jamie (Reed) was filmed for a storyline and she dreaded having to do the same after her split from Dan.”

They did insist the doors were always open.

“She’s decided to take a break for now – but there’s still a chance she may come back once the dust has settled.”

dan edgar chloe sims

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Chloe confirmed the romance, telling The Sun:

“Me and Dan are making a go of it. We have grown close over four years of friendship. We’re just spending time together.”

Chloe VS Amber Showdown

Amber then made a dramatic return towards the end of the series for a showdown with her ex and Chloe.

Her claims that Dan had still been seeing her, at the same time as Chloe, rocked the show once again.

amber and chloe argument

made a dramatic return to the Essex reality show claiming Dan had been seeing her as well as Chloe. Dan and Chloe then reportedly got back together, but eventually split.

Dan And Amber (TOWIE): Is It For Real This Time?

Edgar and Sims’ fling quickly fizzled out before the summer. Yet again, in May 2019, Dan and Amber got back together.


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Just a month later they were spotted looking smitten on their way to Dubai. I just can’t keep up with these two…

Their relationship has caused quite the stir on social media, with constant backlash:

“People make mistakes and we all can live OUR lives however we want. Don’t need to be told what we can and can’t do. Everyone else is irrelevant and we are happy.”

dan and amber (towie) red carpet

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But TOWIE Amber Turner is never shy to shut them down!

Amber and boyfriend Dan Edgar have seemed to have quite the smooth sail since! The couple are currently in coronavirus lockdown together, in the flat they share.

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