Amber Turner: Her Instagram & Social Media Stints

By Tharmini Kenas

25th October 2019

Amber Turner: Her Instagram & Social Media Stints

The Instagram queen, Amber Turner is definitely taking her social media by storm! 

Yes, you take a picture, write a caption and keep your Instagram spic and span. But, Amber takes it to a whole new level! 

Amber Turner’s Social Media Adventures

amber turner instagram

Image Source/Closer Magazine

Amber has 748k followers on Instagram and 111k followers on Twitter! It definitely takes a lot of effort, dedication and creativity to keep her thousands of followers happy and entertained. And, Amber seems to be doing just fine…

From her business ventures and collaborations to her gym workouts, her personal life, her boyfriend, and her selfies… she is admiringly unstoppable! 

Who Is The Social Media Queen?

amber turner instagram

Image Source/Celebzz

Starting out as a fashion blogger from Essex, she came to the spotlight when she started dating Joey Essex. It was just weeks after Joey got together (again!) with Sam Faiers and it brought the controversy and centre stage she needed to shine.

A fun fact: She was a waitress at Masons Restaurant in Brentwood when she started going out with Joey Essex!

Her popularity snowballed when she appeared in The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) in 2017. Her debut to the show saw she and her bestie Megan McKenna flying to Tenerife to film series 20. 

From waitressing at Masons Restaurant to being cast in TOWIE, the Instagram celebrity’s net worth has shot up to £1 million! 

Her Collaborations In Instagram

Quite obviously, the Instagram queen had to put her sensational account up to some use. 

She promotes Juice Shots from Fuel Station UK, Nutri Buddy, and often poses with Envy Shoes UK. 

Amber is definitely a dedicated Instagram influencer! She even brought Nutribuddy and posted about it from her vacation in Marbella! Her heartfelt captions to promote brands could be what attract people to follow and like her posts! 

Her extensive caption for Nutribuddy:

“AD | Still obsessed with my @nutribuddyuk shakes! I like to have a supply of shakes for busy days, or when I just need something quick but healthy, and I doubt I’ll ever switch to a different brand – I love that Nutribuddy is vegan, gluten-free, made from 100% wholefoods and is free from nasty artificial ingredients 🙌 – ticks all the boxes ✔ 

And yes, you might think I’m mad, but I did take the Shake Complete to Marbella with me… 🙈 The pink tub means it’s really easy to travel with, and I like to have one when I’ve overindulged on all-inclusive food (trust me, that happened a lot 🍷🤤) and crave something light and healthy for a day on the beach 🌞. You can save 10% at with AMBERSEPT10”.

Here’s another one she tweeted about Juice Shots:

Who Is Dan Edgar And Are They In For The Long Haul?

Dan Edgar is also a TOWIE star. The couple started going out earlier this year after Dan broke up with Chloe Sims (who is also a TOWIE star!)

The love triangle caused quite a ruckus in TOWIE and may have resulted in Dan quitting the show. But, Amber saw that nothing of the sort happened!

Amber and Dan’s relationship had been rocky and there were certain moments that Amber thinks he is ‘dim’.

For instance, when his boyfriends arrived at the same club the couple were in and she felt ignored by Dan and his boys. 

The Tearful Conversation…

In a tearful conversation with her bestie Chloe Meadows, she said,

‘We’ve had such a nice week, it’s been so nice but I feel we take 10 steps forward…

“And then him being the dim brain dead man that he is, makes us take a million steps backwards just from one stupid thing.

“Him and the boys turned up to the same bar we were in and had a table separate which is fine…

“But he was there for an hour and didn’t even come and say hello and he knew I was there.”

But, they patched up soon after and she is now talking about moving in with him and having his kids!

Apparently, she is moving in after Christmas this year.

“It’s just when the time’s right. He lives with his flatmate at the moment and I’ve got my own little flat which is just around the corner so eventually, we will be looking for somewhere ourselves, maybe after Christmas.”

Talking about kids, she said,

“I want them to have my blue eyes and his brown hair.”

“I’m excited for that time in my life to come just not yet. I’ve still got living to do!”

Her TOWIE Adventure…

She definitely has got what it takes to be a TOWIE star through and through- drama, straightforwardness, loyalty and a little spice! 

When Olivia Attwood called her friend Shelby Tribble a liar, Amber didn’t wait for anyone! 

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