What Is Billie Faiers Net Worth?

By Juliet Smith

16th July 2019

What Is Billie Faiers Net Worth?

The 29 year old Mummy Diaries star – who started life on The Only Way Is Essex – has now built herself a whopping business empire, but what is Billie Faiers’ net worth?!

Billie Faiers net worth is approximately £3 million.

Like any well-versed TV personality, she’s everywhere you turn on social media and has even bagged her own reality show.

With a lavish wedding in the Maldives and a honeymoon to die for, the former TOWIE star is by no means struggling, but just how much money does she have?

What Is Billie Faiers Net Worth?

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What Is Billie Faiers Net Worth?

Her role as a reality star, as well as her own businesses outside of TV, mean that Billie Faires net worth is around the £3 million pound mark.

So, how did she get all that cash to splash (on designer handbags and luxury spray tans, of course)?

She Started Out On TOWIE

Let’s kick off with the obvious one. Billie started on the reality show alongside her sister, Sam, where she initially earned around £100 a day. Billie initially entered the reality TV show in its first series as a minor cast member alongside her sister, Sam, who played a more major role.

Having a long term fiancé (now hubby), Greg Shepherd, has meant that the reality star hasn’t ever been involved in love stories on the show, but she’s had her fair share of fiery rows while supporting her TOWIE gal pals *cough…Chloe Sims*.

Billie faiers towie What Is Billie Faiers Net Worth?

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In 2016 – after 6 years on the show and 18 series – Billie waved farewell to the programme that made her famous. She announced her departure during a circus themed party.

The clothes boutique owner was joined by her daughter Nelly as she revealed on camera to Lydia Bright that she planned to move on with her career.

She Landed Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries

In 2016, Billie’s sister Sam landed her own reality TV show- Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries. The show followed Sam’s pregnancy and her journey as a first-time mum with boyfriend Paul Knightly. Billie joined her sister on series two, bringing her fiancé (at the time) and her daughter Nelly onto the show.

billie and sam faiers

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Since her arrival, the show has evolved into Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries. Following the success of four seasons of the show, the sisters filmed in March for the fifth instalment of the popular reality TV show, as well as a one-off special featuring Billie’s lavish £229k Maldivian wedding.

Her Clothes Shop Minnie’s Boutique Added To Her Net Worth…

If you’ve ever watched TOWIE (and come on – admit it, we ALL have), you’ll probably have set eyes on Sam and Billie’s business venture – the pink plastered clothing boutique, Minnies.

The Brentwood clothing stores, which was next door neighbours to Gemma Collins’ boutique and was a regular spot for the Essex girls to get together and have a goss, a cry or (more likely) a full on argument.

Minnie's boutique

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You’ll be pleased to know it’s still going strong and Billie’s now got a range of kid’s clothes modelled by the adorable Nelly.

Collaborations With Beauty Brands

Following the success of her reality TV career, like all good social media personalities, Billie has had lots of paid collaborations with several clothing lines, beauty labels and brands aimed at mums, including InTheStyle. Billie and her sister Sam also collaborated with the luxury children’s products My 1st Years.


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Billie and Greg’s Wedding Proved An Expensive Affair…

Proving that she’s not exactly strapped for cash, Billie and her husband Greg tied the knot in March in a lavish ceremony in the Maldives. Although the pair didn’t disclose how much the luxury ceremony cost, after appearing on This Morning, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield cheekily asked Billie how much she paid for the wedding week:

‘You must be earning beautifully to be able to do this,’ said Phil. ‘We had a look, if you were to stay there from next Saturday 6 April, it would be £655 a night, that £4588 for a week with a superior beach villa, the whole week for 100 guests? £229,000 so you must have got a deal there,’ he added.

billie faiers and greg shepherd wedding

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‘It wasn’t quite that,’ said Billie.

‘So they did you a deal?’ asked Phil.

No because there was a large group of us, we had the beach houses but they split them in two. So, we had two families in one beach house which helped us out with the rooms,’ she replied.

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