Camilla Thurlow Age And Her Journey For Love

By Tharmini Kenas

2nd March 2020

Camilla Thurlow Age And Her Journey For Love

Camilla Thurlow age pales in comparison with her accomplishments thus far. She is a bomb disposal expert, a humanitarian, has a first-class degree, and a lacrosse player who represented Scotland in the junior world championships.

Fun Fact: She once dated Prince Harry. 

So, what was she doing in Love Island when she had so much going on in her life? What is she up to now? 

Most Importantly, What Is Camilla Thurlow’s Age?

Camilla Thurlow age

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Camilla Thurlow’s age is 31 and she is set to live her best life yet! 

From Explosive Ordnance Disposal To Love Island

That’s quite an abrupt change in plans!

Apparently, Camilla entered the villa in 2017 to spice up her non-existent social life and find love. 


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“I’m still young but I’m definitely at the age now where a lot of my friends are starting to settle down. I also want to put my personal life first, for the first time in a long time, and give myself the opportunity to meet someone.

“It will also force me to break down some of the barriers that I have built up doing the work that I do. I can be a bit cold and come across that way, but that’s because I’m quite independent and strong.

“A huge part of it is pushing myself out of my comfort zone and forcing myself to make a connection with someone.”

She Did Find A Connection With Someone On The Show…


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Camilla is now in a relationship with Jamie Jewitt, her co-contestant in Love Island. 

They remain among the handful who are still in a relationship after the show ended. 

What’s more, the sweet couple had also moved in together. After living together in Jamie’s parents’ house for a bit, they found their own abode and have moved their relationship up a notch. 

It looks like they are going pretty strong. 


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“I definitely trust Jamie, 100 percent. Any relationship has its challenges, mine and Jamie’s included. Everyone’s relationship has complexities. It can be tricky.

“We have a private life but in a public space. That can mean there’s often an information time lag.”

Obviously, the show did her good!

Fun Fact: Amber Davies and Olivia Atwood are some who have greatly benefitted from the show after Camilla! 

Camilla Thurlow’s Age Is Just 30…But She Had Battled Anxiety And Dealt With Suicidal Thoughts…


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After the shocking news of Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon’s suicide (both of them were part of Love Island), Camilla revealed that after struggling with her mental health for some time, last year she hit a low point when she considered ending her life. 

Apparently, the struggle with fame after the show can greatly impact mental health. 

“It’s difficult for the people around you, of course, if you’re a people pleaser as soon as you start disappointing the people around you because you’re feeling like that then you’re trapped in that, is just a constant negative spiral.

“You start to entertain thoughts about what not being alive would be like, even if it’s just letting that cross your mind or whether it becomes a more serious thought pattern…

“But then there’s just this constant feeling of unease, just in general, and it starts to become unbearable to be inside my own head all the time and I get completely trapped in it, trapped in a real sort of negative spiral.”

Camilla Thurlow Is A Feminist…

Before she started dating Jamie Jewitt on Love Island, she was with Jonny Mitchell who had skewed perspective about feminism. 

Jonny told her that he would feel emasculated if a woman offered to pay her share of the bill on a date and had the idea that feminism believes in almost inequality. 

Clearly, Camilla wasn’t having any of it. 

“I think it’s difficult for men to see that there have been several generations which have been preferential towards men and therefore to redress the balance, there has to be in some way an active movement towards equality.”

You go, girl!

Camilla Thurlow’s Fears…


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She was worried about people not liking her personality when she went into the villa. Asked about her fears, she said, 

“I think I have two – the first is people not liking my personality and the second thing is falling for someone and then that not working out or feelings not being returned.

“I don’t like people seeing me upset, so I would find that hard as it would upset me but I wouldn’t want to show it.”

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