Olivia Attwood Height - The Reality TV Star Revealed

By Lynda Keleer

6th January 2020

Olivia Attwood Height – The Reality TV Star Revealed

If you’re a fan of British reality TV shows, then Olivia Attwood is no stranger to you.

Loud, Strong, Volatile, and “a bit of a player” are words used to describe the hot blonde.

Olivia Attwood height

She made her debut on the big screen appearing in the famous ITV2 dating show, Love Island in 2017.

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Since then, she has made waves as a reality star, garnering a whopping 1.6million followers on Instagram.

If you’re not following her already, what are you waiting for??

But what do we really know about the tall blonde?

Besides her boyfriend Chris Hughes, why is everyone talking about Olivia Attwood’s height? Is she really that tall?

Keep reading as we learn more about reality star Olivia Attwood and her shocking height!

Getting to Know Olivia Attwood

Before we reveal Olivia Attwood’s height, let us first get to know her!

Olivia Attwood was born on 2nd May 1992 in Surrey, United Kingdom.

28 years old this year, she’s an English glamour model turned successful reality star after her appearance of Love Island.

Now, why has Olivia Attwood’s height been a topic of speculation?

Its clear that she appears tall on the screen next to her equally lengthy male co-stars.

Olivia Attwood has a shocking height of 5 ft 11 inches!

It’s definitely her unique look and height that has made her a success in the modelling industry.

With such a hot bod, you probably also wouldn’t be surprised if we told you that Olivia was a motorsport grid girl!

Olivia’s stunning appearance and chic fashion styles have earned her a loyal fanbase on social media sites.

She constantly interacts with fans via Instagram!

When asked what her biggest fear was about being in the villa, her response was:

“I’m addicted to my phone and the internet, so not having that will be really strange. I’m hoping that I won’t really notice.”

Olivia Attwood on Love Island

So, what did the leggy star get up to during her time on the famous reality TV show?

Olivia Attwood on Love Island

Love Island 2017 went on to receive Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay as winners of the show.

During the start of the show, Olivia coupled up with Sam Gowland.

However, Olivia went on to finish in third place with Love Island boyfriend Chris Hughes.

Was this the romance of the century? Not really!

The pair have argued more times in a rollercoaster of emotions!

But Chris eventually won her affection and the pair ended up as a couple.

Sadly, the hot couple broke up just seven months after the show.

Where is Olivia Now?

We’ve learned Olivia Attwood’s shocking height. But what has she been up to?

The tall beauty is going on to doing great things!

She recently made her debut on another famous reality television series, The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE).

The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)

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She’s started dating (again) her on again and off again boyfriend Bradley Dack, and now they’re engaged!

Who is Bradley Dack you asked?

He’s a professional footballer of the Blackburn Rovers.

Olivia’s fiance apparently can’t stand her rows on the show and doesn’t want to get involved.

If you’ve seen the recent episodes, you probably wouldn’t want to get involved either.

Olivia said to The Sun Online:

“Although he does watch Towie with me for me. He just laughs now and calls me mental. He hates drama or arguments or public fights.”

We’re glad Love Island gave us such a character to watch, and we’ll definitely be keeping tabs on the captivating reality star.

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